On A Lazy Sunday Morn’

A Blessed Sunday friends and poets ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™
On A Lazy Sunday Morn’
if i could stop the clock,
i’d stop it at the exact moment
you made me laugh
i’d say “freeze”, and be on that point
where i’d laugh, wide open
‘cos baby, it feels so good
and in case you don’t know
it rarely happens,
not all that is funny
makes me laugh
not all that’s amusing
makes me smile
so trust me when i say,
you tickle the deepest of my core
you made me smile
you made me laugh
and sometimes
i’m not really sure why

and, on a lazy Sunday
all i wanna be is wake up
with you beside me
‘cos, damn i’d trade anything
to make it happen
if that’s the only way i’d smile
the sweetest
on a lazy Sunday morning



i thought i saw you, from a distance amidst the crowd
i could run to you and make you remember, all that we were
all that we probably never will,
nahh, it might never actually be you
i see you everywhere, yes everywhere
unforgotten, that’s what you are to me

i see you in the morning sky, as i give thanks for a new life
a new beginning, as every ray of sunshine, is your smile
your smile, how they made me giggle secretly
in my silence
how they made me nervous, in an oh, so silly manner
‘cos you to me is the sunshine
unforgotten, that’s what you are

i see you in every book, in every novel, in every poetry i read
for each page, each verse, each syllable, and each rhythm and rhyme
is your strong, regular, repeated pattern of speech
i do love to listen to over and over
‘cos you to me, is a lovely melody
unforgotten, that’s what you are

i see you in every little miracle there is
when a child begs for a piece of bread and she receives a bag full of food
when a teenage boy helps an elderly woman cross the street
‘cos you to me, is a miracle in itself
unforgotten, that’s what you are

i see you in the silence of the night where the world is asleep
the universe is at a halt, where there is complete
where there is total peace as the midnight moon appears over a dark starry sky
‘cos you to me is solitude
unforgotten, that’s what you are

i see you even in the sanctity of my dream
where the world is mine
and yours to live
where i can be yours and you can be mine
where “happily- ever – after” happens
where true love reigns
‘cos you to me is my “dreams do come true”
unforgotten, that’s what you are

baby, trust me when i say,
since i know of your love i have never
lived a day without thinking of you
unforgotten, that’s what you are


It Isn’t Winning If Without You

It Isn’t Winning If Without You
i cried the hardest cry,
swallowed the deepest trauma,
absorbed the most painful wound
i took on the biggest challenges,
the most enduring fights
the craziest conflicts
but, i too
dreamt the impossible
hoped against hope
wished against all odds
and nothing dear, no nothing
beats the feeling of winning
when you thought
you’ve lost all along
nothing beats the feeling of
coming home to you on a lazy evening
your body next to mine, in complete
loving silence, in perfect solitude
that my love,
is my biggest, greatest, grandest win
and i want the world to know, ‘cos
it’s not really winning if without youย 

What Am I To You?

Sending good vibes on a sunny Thursday morning from my side of the world๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒž

What Am I To You?
if stars were made
to light up the darkest of the night
flashing and flickering
shining and shimmering
as beacons of hope for
all the lost souls in heaven
all the star-crossed lovers on earth,
then, maybe it’s my time to ask
“baby, what am I to you?”
‘cos, you to me is the brightest star
among the scattered moondust in the sky
and i love you, for shining the brightest always
if the moon was made
to appear in perfect harmony upon a magical
starry night, to uplift the spirits of
all whose hearts have been
broken and shattered,
defeated and beaten,

then, maybe it’s my time to ask
“baby, what am I to you?”
‘cos, you to me is the most perfect moonlight
with a comforting beauty, melting my heart
and, i love you for looming charmingly always
if the sun was made
to bring a frisson of joy to
lonesome and desolate
forlorn and solitary hearts
and translates emotions into
a romantic rhythm and rhyme,
then, maybe it’s my time to ask
“baby, what am I to you?”
‘cos, you to me is the most beautiful,
most alluring sunlight my heart has ever witnessed, and i love you for glowing
intensely always 


how can i ever get over you?
how can i not think ’bout you?
i kept your memories
dearly in my heart for so long
and oh, how i can forget you
even for a while?
they say time and distance
will make you forget
but that won’t gonna work for me
it has been so long, oh, so long
i could clearly see your face smile over me,
i could hear you speak to me in your soft modulated voice, i could feel your
warm embrace and comforting touch
so much has happened, and there
has been so many changes
i bet you don’t even know anymore
the songs played on the radio
or that, sorry but you have to know
rock bands are popular no more
i know it’s sad, and i too am sad
believe me, i am sad
how can i ever forget,
the first time my heart has swooned
by your endearing voice,
soothing, perfect just for me,
i’d fall asleep easily, on your lap,
on your shoulder, and oh, please
i could trade anything, yes anything
just to hear your voice again
your voice, ah, your voice
is kept carefully in the
deepest recesses of my being
every beat of my heart is every
lullaby you sing, every breath i take
is every melody of your undying love
Papa, let’s sing together, one more time
“Michelle, ma belle
These are words
that go together well
My Michelle
Michelle, ma belleโ€ฆ” 

I Will Be

I will be among the butterflies and
the bees; lost, wandering
I will be an injured donkey, wounded
moving forward, taking small steps,
defying all odds even gravity
I will be a little bird,
witnessing its own silent death
I will be one of those forgotten souls
I will be one of those forgotten stories
I will be one of those artworks created
out of frustrations and disappointments
I will be an old photograph
taken carefully and skillfully
but never really served its purpose
I will be a forgotten poetry, a forgotten lullaby
I will be just a verse written carelessly,
thrown directly immediately into the garbage bin
I will be an old favorite book shelved for long
I will be just an old familiar love song

I sure am will be, when you are gone

What If

(I see a woman, wondering and pondering of “what if’s”ย  and “what might have been’s”.)

What If

what if we didn’t meet?
what if it didn’t happen?
what if our hearts did not collide?
what if our bodies did not unite?

’twas like a movie, in full production
i was the star, and you; just being you, in anticipation
you said your “hello,” i think i said “hi” in return
i felt butterflies in my stomach
i’m sure you felt them too, i bet you did,
don’t you contradict
that’s how we first met, but
what if we didn’t meet at all
that afternoon?

we were inseparable, totally connected
adjustment wasn’t needed, it was just a word
we had endless conversations and pointless arguments by the alley, on the bench,
in the street, and even in the silence
of the church where everybody’s head was bowed for meditation
that’s how we bonded, but
what if it didn’t happen,
that afternoon?

your “i love you’s” were in many different forms
sometimes it camouflaged as the meatiest, savory Filipino version of the famous spaghetti
at times, it was in the simplest form of a rock hard candy, fresh from your pocket
sealed with a kiss, or the sweetest, 
most romantic verse written
that’s how we fell in love, but
what if our hearts did not collide,
that afternoon?

remember that beautiful late afternoon?
framed by the doorway, against the dazzling sunset, you held my hand for the first time,
then, we kissed our first kiss, ’twas magic,
’twas love, ’twas pure bliss,
your kiss felt like heaven on earth
your lips on mine felt like forever
that’s how we became one, but
what if our bodies did not unite,
that afternoon?

what if we didn’t meet?
what if it didn’t happen?
what if our hearts did not collide?
what if our bodies did not unite?

will there still be, a promise of forever?

will i ever be with you in the twilight of my life
where i could lovingly lay my head on your shoulder, from dusk ’till dawn?

For Sadje’s WDYS


If You Were Not Made For Me, Then Why?

God on the sixth day of Creation
created all the living things,
โ€œin his own image,โ€

and from that day on God, has been
lovingly creating the perfectly imperfect man
and you my dear, yes you, was created and
designed for me, and me alone

for why else would you seamlessly,
smoothly with no apparent gaps
fits flawlessly into my being
as if every single cell of your body
was genetically made for me?

why else would my life find meaning in yours?
why would my tears fall endlessly
and my laughter be triumphant
only with you beside me?

why else would I write the best poetry,
most epic verses, most memorable
prose, and the sweetest love songs
with you as my muse?

why else would my heart cry out for you?
why would my mind desire for you?
why would my body long for you?
and why would my soul find peace in you?

if you were not made for me, then why?

I Thought We Lost It

i thought we lost it

that with which why we love

the most together

the endless conversations

the pointless arguments

the nonsense “sense of humor”

i thought we lost

who wouldn’t?

time and distance

made us strangers

life changes and perspectives

made us different people

or so i thought

i thought we really lost it

i really thought so, that

there wouldn’t be stories to tell

there wouldn’t be crazy theories to argue

there wouldn’t be silly jokes to laugh with

i thought we really really lost it

but i was wrong

for no amount

of time

or distance

can break

that crazy bond

that crazy connection

we have,

only for each other

For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt https://amanpan.com/2021/07/08/eugis-weekly-prompt-network-july-8-2021/