That Tequila Shot (A Triple Zappai)

I am kicking off August Scavenger Hunt with micro poetry called Zappai.

Zappai poems are like haiku, but not. Or maybe more appropriately, they’re like senryu, but not (or maybe they are). This poetic form definition may sound kind of wishy-washy, but zappai are poems that have a 5-7-5 syllable pattern that does not contain the seasonal reference expected of haiku.

In other words, zappai are all those haiku people write those haiku poets recognize as not being haiku. Again, senryu could fit this definition as well, but senryu also can have a looseness with the syllables, much like haiku, so that 17 syllables are not mandatory.

That Tequila Shot (A Triple Zappai)

my vision was blurred

i got obnoxious headache

that tequila shot


drove way past the lane

hit some road bumps and more trails

blame, another shot


knocked at the wrong door

my bad terrified someone

shame, third glass shot


Val, thank you for hosting August Scavenger Hunt…this is so exciting

For prompt #1 – Write a Zappai on drunkenness


Happy 1st day of August friends and poets💕💕💕
Today’s poem is from my 2nd poetry book “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter?”
August my dear, is the
eight month of the year
and in the Northern Hemisphere
there’s so much fun in the sun,
as they wait for summer to end
autumn approaches, with hope
just like you my dearest;
you are the summer of my life
warm, thoughtful, and caring
you are my lovely falling autumn leaves
going into a winter rest