Happy Friday dear friends and poets…


i hope one day i can call you my own
my own, to love, and behold, and to honor
until then, i’ll do it in the best possible way
my poet heart could ever be
i thank God i found you
just as exactly as i thought i never would
just as the world seemed to be
in a total reconstruction, total rehabilitation
and we have no one but each other,
to love and behold, to honor as we hold
hold on to each other, rely upon one another
i thank God He blessed you with life
the life you shared, with all of your love
all of your passion, and with all that you are
and by the grace of the universe and all its powers
i fervently pray may God gave you blissful life
for me to love you, and behold you, and to honor you
from this day on, ’till life forever


  1. So heartfelt. I’ve written a few for my love, but they are private. 😉
    One actually got read on our wedding day… though some thought my husband had written it!


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