Happy Saturday dear friends and poets.
Today’s poem is the final installment of my trilogy poetry series called “I Didn’t Know”
This is my first venture on series poetry. Series poetry feature recurring characters and/or settings, often with a common tone as well. Serial poetry therefore takes an initial idea and expands on it over time, rather like episodes in a television show.

i didn’t know love could be magical and enchanting and bewitching, until the day you took my hand by the door, gently
caressing my hair, your eyes
with a loving steady gaze, and then slowly you moved closer to me, i felt the warmth of your body, the tenderness of your lips, the fire in your heart giving me burning sensations
then i was burned, burned down to ashes by your touch, by your embrace, by your kiss
i didn’t know i could get burned by love until
i was burned, burned by your love


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