Loneliness Too

With almost 8 billion people in the world, how could anyone be lonely, and yet any of us may feel “transient” loneliness though and that’s undeniable.
Loneliness Too

can we measure love by numbers?
can we tell when it’s less or more than enough?
can we scream in great despair when hurt?
can we wallow in deep agony when in pain?

can we measure loneliness by numbers?
can we cry in volume when it’s too much?
can we silence our hearts when we could bear no more?
can we tamper our soul when it’s too heavy?

maybe “yes”
maybe “no”
i really don’t know
my dear know that my love for you is immeasurable, not by numbers,
not even by deeds,
nor by an act of kindness

i love you with the kind of love i know
i love you with the amount of love my heart could carry, and that’s why my love
my heart screams loneliness when i am not with you, the kind of loneliness that can never be calculated

by numbers or by volume
my loneliness is mine, and mine alone to feel
my loneliness is present, evident even in
the most endearing, the most passionate,
the most romantic love poem i write
because my pen is bleeding in pain
because my muse is crying in vain,
because my mind is spinning,
and my heart stops beating loveΒ 


  1. I can be lonely and I have a husband who I am around always. He makes friends easily but I don’t. There are days I need contact that is not my mom, mother-in-law, and husband.

    Beautiful poem.


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