4 Million More Hours

4 Million More Hours

i’m no good at numbers,
thus i suck at Math
if you ask me to add a number
then multiply and divide,
i’d completely be lost,
so lost i’d be hiding
in shame and probably in guilt,
i am guilty beyond reasonable doubt
for not memorizing
the multiplication table by heart

i’m no good at numbers,
thus i suck at Math
but i could totally remember
the moment i saw you last,
then add it on to today,
and it’s a total of
180 days, equivalent to 6 months,
that’s 4, 320 hours, my dear
of not being with you,
of not holding you close to me,
of not feeling your touch

4, 320 hours, that’s a lot,
a lot of lost opportunities lost chances
and lost memories with you
but what could i do?
4, 320 is not even close, close to current
4.55 million Covid -19 death tolls worldwide
and so my dear, i know it’s been a while
but hold on tight, hang on there
‘cos i know we’ll be spending
4 million more loving hours together
let’s just stay safe and stay alive 

Sunset Upon The Horizon

i am grateful for the sun and how it sets magicaly upon the horizon
it’s like rhyming the last verse of my poetry
ending with the perfect combination of
rhythm and rhyme
a captivating nourishment for my ever thirsty poetic soul

i am grateful for the sun and how it sets enchantingly upon the horizon
it’s like humming the most romantic love song
with its soothing and calming melody
bringing a restful respite
to my wary soul

i am grateful for the sun and how it sets entrancingly upon the horizon
it’s like coming home to your tender kisses, with the warmth of you embrace
gifting my heart with the passion it so long wanted

i am grateful for the sun and how it reminds me
of you, of our love, born upon one fateful afternoon as it sets spellbindingly upon the horizon

there was you
there was me

and the sunset

for Sadje WDYS

I Love You, At First

Happy Saturday dear friends and poets, I am reposting a personal favorite love poem I wrote, included in my 2nd poetry book “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter?”, available via Kobo. com

I Love You, at First
you walked past by me wearing a dashing smile
with the sun so hot and up, but the air was cool
could it be, because of your easy-breezy presence, I was beguiled?
or was it just me feeling the numbness of my senses I could drool?
your smile I can’t forget and your laughter I can’t resist
baby take me in your arms and hold me all the time
‘cos I don’t wanna live another day without you, I insist
please kiss me, undress me, make me yours
it’s not a crime
the next thing they knew you and I were inseparable,  profoundly connected
we were like two people beating in perfect harmony as one
the world was only ours to live and friends  said “it’s expected”
‘cos even without a word the universe will conspire to agree, “it’s done”
it feels like Christmas with you beside me all the time
the joys and laughter we share each day long
makes it always look like a holiday season perfect anytime
the sweet little nothings make our bond greater and strong
 now I keep thinking of you and what to do with our life as we kissed
for there is so much forever waiting for my dear, a forever in time
‘cos I don’t wanna live another day without you, I insist
please kiss me, undress me, make me yours
it’s not a crime
 it’s been many years and many Christmases, my dear
but time has not robbed my feelings for you, I still love you tight
it will forever be like that, oh so hot but cool morning, I swear
the first time I laid eyes on you, I knew I loved you


Happy Friday dear friends and poets…


i hope one day i can call you my own
my own, to love, and behold, and to honor
until then, i’ll do it in the best possible way
my poet heart could ever be
i thank God i found you
just as exactly as i thought i never would
just as the world seemed to be
in a total reconstruction, total rehabilitation
and we have no one but each other,
to love and behold, to honor as we hold
hold on to each other, rely upon one another
i thank God He blessed you with life
the life you shared, with all of your love
all of your passion, and with all that you are
and by the grace of the universe and all its powers
i fervently pray may God gave you blissful life
for me to love you, and behold you, and to honor you
from this day on, ’till life forever


Happy and blessed Thursday morning (or afternoon or evening) dear friends and poets.

Today’s poem is a response to the Instagram September Prompt of @betweenlinesandverses, “a take on your favorite song to sing on karaoke” sad fact, i don’t do karaoke, but my papa is a karaoke fan and, this is from his favorite karaoke song, “So Far Away” Carole King


when love happens unexpectedly in the most inconvenient way,
what do you do?
do you stop your life and go chase the love you’ve always been longing for,
or slow down and hope, just hope fervently that love will wait
patiently, just as how it is expected to be


what if love can’t wait, or love can’t bear the time apart
the distance in between?
will you still be there somewhere at the end where i saw you last?


will you wallow on the hurt and let it break us apart?
will you drink all the pain and let it drown us?
will you cry over the memories and resent on us?


my love, didn’t we share enough memories to keep you steady?
my love, didn’t we share lovely kisses to make you stay?
my love, didn’t we share joyful afternoons to calm you?


tell me, is my love not worth enough the wait?
tell me, am i not enough for you to endure the pain?
tell me, please tell me, as i am confused as you are

oh baby

please let distance be not a hindrance
please let time be not a problem
please let me be just enough


for you to stay
for you to hang on
for you to hold on


you to me is more than enough



my heart is homeless
my love is hopeless
can you hear my plea,
can you hear me cry
are you out there somewhere?
i’m homeless
i’m hopeless
why can’t it be me?
why can’t i be?

you look at me in a blank stare
you hold me with your cold hands
you touch me without affection
you love me in disguise

why can’t you look at me the way you look at her?
why can’t you hold me the way you hold her?
why can’t you touch me the way you touch her?
why can’t you love me the way you love her?
baby, you are near yet so far away

hear me, hear my heart’s plea
i need to know, is this how love hurts?
is this how wanting you hurts?
my heart is sore,
will you let me die or let me go
i can’t breathe, i can’t cry
let me have one last chance,
just one last chance, with you
let me hold you for a while
let me touch you one more time
please dear oh, please hear my heart’s plea,
will you be its home?


Fly High ( A Waltz Wave)

Fly High ( A Waltz Wave)

Heart and soul
With my
So true,
Forever too
I will be
Your wings
Fly high
Upon the sky
Dreams my

For Sadje’s WDYS https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/09/06/what-do-you-see-98/

This is Waltz Wave form developed by Leo Waltz. It is a syllabic form with a title and 19 lines. The subject should be calming. The syllabic pattern is: 1/2/1/2/3/2/1/2/3/4/3/2/1/2/3/2/1/2/1. Words may be split to fit the pattern. There is no rhyme. Thanks to Val https://murisopsis.wordpress.com/2021/09/03/looking-calm/

I Will Love You Forever, Too (back in Amazon top 100)

Blessed Sunday my dearest friends and poets.
Today is September 5, 2021.
I am so thrilled and grateful to see “I Will Love You Forever, Too” back in Amazon’s TOP 100 BEST SELLER Poetry Book.

Today’s poem is from I Will Love You Forever, Too.

Grateful and Blessed to have all your love and support


waveringly, unsteadily, wobblingly
we flutter, on the ground as we hover around
and circle, and dance, a dance we call love
but you know why I love to flutter,
and hover and dance around with you?
I love the sweet fluttering smiles
I see on your face, an indication that
we flutter on a happy ground,
together let’s flutter,

I Will Love You Forever, Too

Happy and blessed Sunday dear friends and poets.

Sharing with you all some lovely reviews of my 5th poetry book “I Will Love You Forever, Too” available for paperback and kindle file in Amazon. (Link in my bio)
“I Will Love You Forever, Too” is a no. 1 New Release in the category Poetry on Love and was in the Top 100 BEST SELLER for four (4) weeks.
As we all take a quiet moment with our families on a blessed Sunday, allow me to say THANK YOU, all again for the love and support.


Happy Saturday dear friends and poets.

I’ve always been fascinated by how a song is created. Starting off from writing the lyrics to putting on the melody, to recording and finally making it available for everybody to listen, and like how a song calms and soothes our hearts, I too, wanna be someone who by any reason could bring peace, solitude and soothe a restless heart, a weary soul.
Fun fact,  a song without a melody is poetry.
My 5th poetry book “I Will Love You Forever, Too” is still available via Amazon for kindle file and paperback copy. To all my beloved readers and followers in the Philippines send us a message if you wish to have a paperback copy.
i wanna be the song that would
play smoothly and gracefully,
almost in slow tempo
i wanna be the song
in motion of harmonies
and melodies, with smooth
voice transitioning
soaring higher and higher
i wanna be the song
that you would sing along
on a long drive home
i wanna be the song
in your Spotify shuffle list
i wanna be the song
that would remind you
of love never to let go
i wanna be your theme song
that you would play as you walk
down the aisle and say “i do”
i wanna be the song that
you would endure, as you
take on the road to
your “forever”