Forever Isn’t Short

forever isn’t short at all
for romantics trying to fall
head over heels in love
heart’s burning like stove

forever isn’t short for people
who live their lives to the full
each day is an adventure
no fuss of the future

forever isn’t short for sure
for small dreams in store
each moment of creativity
is a dream in prosperity

forever really isn’t short

NaPoWriMo 2022 Early Bird Prompt

For those of you who want to get a jump on things (either because it’s already April 1 where you are or, who knows, maybe you’re just a glutton for poetry!), we’ve got a special early-bird prompt, based on the poetry of Emily Dickinson.

Dickinson is known for her elliptical style, unusual word choices, and mordant sense of humor. Over the past year, I’ve experimented with writing poems based on, or responding to, various lines from her poems. Today, I’d like to challenge you to do the same! Here are a few lines of Dickinson’s that might appeal to you (the slashes indicate line breaks):

  • “Forever might be short”
  • “The absence of the Witch does not / Invalidate the spell”
  • “If to be ‘Elder’ – mean most pain – / I’m old enough, today”
  • “The second half of joy / Is shorter than the first”
  • “To be a Flower, is profound / Responsibility

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To Perak Women for Women Society, thank you

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i want an early morning cuddle
when the world is in complete halt
in silence in serenity in anticipation
of the breaking of dawn;
i want a snuggle.

i want a splashy afternoon high tea
in a place so magical so carefree
when the world is in perfect chaos
in time to meet deadlines
before the sun is down;
i want a tea cheers.

i want a love that is enchanting
when the world is doubting the power
of one great love one exceptional love
because of confusion and mayhem;
i want an incredible love.

i want all these with you
nothing else
no else

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Breathe by Michelle Navajas

My poem “Breathe” is up now in MastecadoresUsa. My gratitude to Gabrieala for this publication.

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

Photo byPars SahinonUnsplash


by Michelle Navajas
site: site:

i can’t breathe, i can’t cry, i can’t even sigh
when you pushed me hard, down the ground
and why? just why?
because i am different?
my color is different from yours?
since when did colors matter?
since when did you have the right to treat me like i’m not even half a human?

i can’t breathe, i can’t cry, i can’t even sigh
when you humiliated me in public
and why? just why?
because i am not like you?
my beliefs are different from yours?
since when did differences in beliefs matter?
since when did you have the right to ridicule me?

why the need to segregate
why the need to separate

different colors?
different races?
different beliefs?
different status?

@Michelle Navajas

Michelle Ayon Navajas

Michelle, authored five books “After – Rain Skies: A Million Stars”…

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Square One

Square One

you camouflage behind the comfort of your thoughts and the warmth of your tears.
you take solace upon solace from things that drove you prey to irrational fears.
over the years and beyond time and space you continued to live with grace.
over circumstances and between apprehensions and destruction you took on your space.

alas! you believe you are at peace, free from all the turmoils of your unlikely past.
alas! you thought you are cleared, from the demons in your head cluttered like dust.
those fine powder waste particles should have been lying on the ground.
those same particles took on living for years and years in your head.

you have removed the accumulated issues from your mind.
you have decided to unburden yourself from all that was behind.
you have discharged yourself from all the voids and the daunting oblivion.
you have stripped yourself of the covers of the past and live on with distinction.

and just so thought you have finally smoothened the edges.
finally put the puzzles into one completed beautiful art piece.

boom! just one trigger. and you are back to square one.


I wrote the above poem in consideration of the following scenario.

The tulip is a representation of ourselves trying to emerge beautiful and elagant despite of our unpleasant sorroundings.

The vase is our anchor, our solid ground keeping as steady.

The stone steps to which the vase with tulips is placed represent all that we go through as human beings. All the hardships, all the trials, all the problems and all the worries. And yet again like tulips, we emerge beautiful and stunning, vibrant and cheerful despite of our unpleasant environment.

May we all be like these gorgeous tulips: beautiful, stunning and vibrant, even when placed in an unpleasant environment.

For Sadje’s WDYS:

New Poem in Spillwords

my poem “Together, In A Crowded Place” is up now in Spillwords. Click the link in my bio to read full poem and if you like it kindly leave a ❤  for me..

Thank you Dagnara K. and Spillwords team for publishing my poem again.

Here is an excerpt of the poem:

baby, hold my hand, in a crowded place
together, let’s flaunt each other, with
nothing but the undying love in our hearts
and the hope of true love forever

let’s do what they call crazy weird
a public display of affection
in a crowded place, damn!
who cares!


I am humbled and grateful for this profound and well written review by Maria, a fellow kababayan (Filipina) poet who goes by the name “wethoughtwecannot” in all of her social media accounts. Hop in to her page to read the full review

we thought we cannot


Disturbing facts from real victims of abuse in different forms, written in the guise of poetry and prose, shedding light that help is within reach. “After Rain Skies – 2nd Edition” is written by Ms. Michelle Navajas in collaboration with Perak Women for Women Society in Malaysia calling for a campaign against gender-based violence. It took me days before reaching the final pages of this book as it is indeed baffling and heartbreaking every page.

Disclaimer: This review contains some spoilers! Trigger warning includes abuse of all kinds. Reading discretion is advised.

Quoting from Ms. Mich herself, this book shows that perpetrators of abuse may not directly present themselves as such but hid in the faces of kind, smart, and successful persons. It is an unpleasant surprise when midway from pursuing lifetime happiness…

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Game Plan

Game Plan

you murdered my pride when you repeatedly cursed me with your words.
your words that appeared to be deadlier than any weapon in this world.
it hurt me so bad i could die a million death, it hurt me so bad.
those words, your words, you use them to cut the deepest wound.
you murdered my pride.
you ruined my dreams.
you toppled down my spirit.
everytime you open your mouth

no mercy is your game.
and i, i am your willing victim.

oh, i used to be your willing victim. ‘cos i chose to free myself from your pride and ego; from your temper and disposition.

you no longer have the power to hurt me. not now. not tomorrow. not ever.

no mercy, my game today.

i had a recent conversation with two (2) college girls sharing thoughts about a college professor who blatantly told his studentst “girls should dress appropriately so that boys/men won’t have the reason to be tempted to harass them. it is the girls’/women’s responsibility to dress and act accordingly and never give any man the reason”. how sick could this college professor be? really? seriously? i couldn’t believe that we have men like this in our academic institutions. these men do not desereve to be where girls/women are expected to be protected and boys/men are expected to be taught to always by all means respect girls/women. no matter what and regardless of. point in case mr. professor, how do you explain kids/minors/children being molested/raped by sick adult men? how do you explain the case of a fully covered religious woman walking being raped? how do you explain the case of a college girl in full school uniform being sexually assaulted by a male friend?

its about time we re assess the way we view abuse and violence.

because in case you are not aware rape is rape no matter what, especially in the absence of consent. abuse is still abuse regardless of.

women have the right to live free from violence, even men too. violence of any form should never be tolerated.

as we celebrate WOMEN’S MONTH, let us together work hand in hand and rally a community to help everyone in situation where violence is present.

remember, violence could happen to anyone. even to the most beautiful, most succeessful woman who see every morning on your way to work.

be mindful.

be sensitive.

and then help.



maybe i wasn’t meant to soar higher yet then
maybe, it wasn’t my time.
for no matter what i do my feet were stuck on the ground.
grounded for long. not that i am complaining. i don’t. never did.
of course it felt better to be standing firm on a solid ground.
’twas my comfort zone. for the longest time.

’till you taught to spread my wings. slowly. gently.
“one flapping of wings at a time”, you said. you told me to move upward.
against the force of gravity. even forward. and like a newborn bird,
i learned how to fly. learned how to adapt. used special features.
for my advantage.

i have learned to appreciate my own weaknesses.
i have capitalized on my strengths to stay up. defy gravity.
and like what they always say, even against all odds.
keeping my feet on the solid ground sure felt better and safe.
and flying was daunting and intimidating and God knows what else.

but the world looks better up there. the fields are greener.
the city is stunning. the night lamposts are my stars.
the honking of the cars are my soothing lullaby. the croosroads and boulevards are easier to navigate this time.
and the people, oh! they are more appealing once you’ve seen them from afar.

and my world, oh! my world is much better up here.
with you beneath my wings. with you keeping me afloat.
with you making me soar higher. fly farther. defying gravity. against all odds.
solid ground sure is safe. but i am safer up here.
with you.
the world, our world is a much better place.



i never knew light ’till i had to fight for my life to get through.

darkness is my only refuge, my only way to get by.

darkness is what my eyes is familiar of for wearing this mask.

the mask of denial, the mask of conceal, the camouflage mask.

i didn’t realize there is hope ’till you told me i am not doomed.

this mask has taught me to smile even when in great pain and agony.

this mask lead me to trudge hastily to an unfamiliar life terrain.

this mask has made me the person i didn’t wanna be.

there is total darkness with this mask, total blindness of the reality.

this mask oh! this mask i shall let go, i forever will throw.

with you beside me dear light has come and hope is at hand.

Happy World Poetry Day, my dear friends and poets…

In celebration of “World Poetry Day” i urge you all, my fellow poets to take a look at our own writing process.

So many out there have claimed to be poets.

Remember that ‘though anyone and i mean anyone can write poetry; but very few can write poetry with an authentic poet’s mind and heart.

Let us be reminded of how the great poets write their poetry. Their poems are a combination of thought and passion.

Emotions in the pieces they write are analyzed from an intellectual standpoint and passion is balanced out with reasoning and rationalizations. The result is a blending of emotions, intellect and often love.

It is therefore mandatory to ask ourselves of the following:

1. Is the emotion in our poetry derive from an intellectual standpoint? (Or, are we simply nagging/ranting?)

2. Is our poetry a balance of reasoning and rationalization? (Or, we are simply writing because we feel like writing even though our arguments are baseless?)

3. Is our poetry a perfect blend of intellect and emotion? (Or, we are simply writing not even mindful of its impact to our readers/audience?)


our poems should always be a source or inspiration and hope to our readers. And it will only have a solid impact if it is established upon a solid balance of thought and passion.