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“how can there be so much pain in a heart where there is so much joy?”

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Gone Too Soon/Poetry Reading

Gone Too Soon

it wasn’t planned, i know. but it doesn’t mean i didn’t want to

and that’s the thing, do we really need to want something to have it?

aren’t we suppose to love it and want it all at the same time when it’s there?

 already there.

and that’s again the thing. before you knew it’s there. it’s gone.

taken away. so suddenly. not a slight chance of survival was given.

gone. too soon.

and i didn’t know it could hurt this much.

until that last drop of hope is lost. last chance of opportunity is missed.

how soon is too soon? how fast is so fast? and how sudden is so sudden?

oh, God here i am trying to figure out, where have i gone wrong?

how did i not know? how did i not suspect? how did i not realize?

may i borrow Taylor Swift’s line and say

“come on baby come with me, we’re gonna fly away from here” to whom i will sing this now?

how am i gonna remember you anyway? how do you want me to call you my angel?

with tears in my eyes and blood oozing down my body, i write this.

to remember you. and be reminded of you.

that on this day, you came. that on this day too, you were taken away.

i wish i could have been spared a little more time with you.

 ‘cos i sure would love to hold you close to my heart.

and if by then chance you will be taken away, at least,

at least maybe i have a clear remembrance of you.

and maybe, just maybe it won’t hurt this much. it won’t hurt so bad.

with a heavy heart, i wonder. how soon is too soon?

how fast is so fast? and how sudden is so sudden? so this one’s a lullaby for you

that on this day, you came. that on this day too, you were taken away.


For Reena’s Exploration Challenge, i used this verse as inspiration “I’m sick and tired of being called ‘mortal’ like, you don’t know that. Neither do I. I have never died even ONCE. Nothing has been proven yet. Stop making assumptions. It’s rude.”


i am a lonesome mortal on earth yet to experience death.

if death comes to visit me i am ready for i have lived my life to the fullest.

i have made the most notable most memorable trail on earth.

yes, i did even if life was full of unwarranted tribulations.

i fought the hardest fights with grace and composure.

i stood by my ground, never gave up, and was always ready to be brave in yet another battle anytime.

even if people around made it so hard i face them with a smile, with gratitude, with love.

i face them with the hope that they remember me for all of the good reasons and not for my failures.

not even for my occasional pride and arrogance or my shortcomings.

and i say forgive me my fellow mortals for all the times i hurt you and all the times i wasn’t my best self.

yes, i am ready for death anytime or so i thought

until today death arrived.

shocking and chilling unexpectedly, i thought he’d come at least in a form i’m so familiar with.

grave illness, cardiac arrest, or maybe a nightmare.

death comes when you walk away.


just when i needed you the most.

death came.

and i just died.

The Villain in Your Story

The Villain in Your Story

you are so good at provoking and bringing out
the worst, the ugly, the crappy me.

when i’m bad, i’m really bad and when i’m mad,
i’m really mad.

then, there you are perfectly playing the victim role.

and i, without a doubt become the villain,
the arrogant, the sarcastic, the irrational.

when truth is you pushed me to the edge ‘cos you know this will happen.

when truth is you want this, you want me to be the villain in your story.

you want to make it look like you are being attacked all the time.

i guess you’ve won.

you are so good at provoking and bringing out
the worst, the ugly, the crappy me.

For David’s Weekly Prompt



that mid-afternoon Manila sun
burning down through my soul
that moment you laid
your passionate eyes on me
will forever be kept in my heart
imbedded in my memory’s gallery
with the hope that one day
when our paths intertwined again
you’d choose me
with courage and conviction
with love and devotion
and not because
it is convenient.

for Eugi’s weekly prompt



it was a tiring journey
with winding roads
and crazy trails
it has tested my skills
my resilience
my conviction
and my strength.

it wasn’t easy at all
navigating was hard
much more overcoming
the unfamiliar trail
the strange highway
the journey to the
unknown was

life raised me
for that
i found my way
my way out
of the maze.

life raised me.

Call It Whatever You Want

this week’s Poetry Reading Prompt “How To Be Alone”

(you can watch it here)

by Reena of is so inspiring that i am up for another response. 

the poem speaks highly of how to love yourself – alone, without the need for other people’s approval and love. sometimes, our desire to belong and to be loved is what kept us trapped in an abusive relationship. and i don’t just mean here abusive relationship between a couple. this may surprise you but relationships between and among friends and relatives could be abusive too. it happens normally when one party is the one always giving and understanding.

“you need to control your habit of forgetting to breathe”, “there is a you telling another story of you. Listen to her.” these lines from the poem struck me the most.

Call It Whatever You Want

small insults
call it whatever you want
intentional or not one thing is sure
its meant to hurt you, break you, tear you apart
then the worst is yet to come when you finally
began to question your self-worth and start
believing that it could be true.

small insults
bullying at its finest and it happens
not only among friends, among classmates
among co-workers; but between two people
two people who promised to love each other
someone is the arrogant bully who when
confronted claims to be a victim but refuses to
admit to having played the role of a victim.

small insults
intentional or not
when you start to doubt yourself
and it takes you to a darker place
walk away before it’s too late.



how many times have you forgotten that you ain’t the story of your past
that you ain’t just a mere reflection of what happened. of a narrative once told
you ain’t that.

i know it feels like dying every day knowing that somewhere out there
a story has to be told a reality you’ve long avoided
but the world doesn’t end even when your story
doesn’t end the way you want it
it won’t end.

how many times have you convinced yourself
to just smile amidst the pain
to just breathe when it’s suffocating
to walk away gracefully from things and people
that don’t contribute to your
well being
don’t give up.

i know you are wiser than your inhibitions
you are better than your problems
you are stronger when in doubt
you are resilient when tested by fate
you are tougher when confronted by fear
don’t lose your composure
don’t quit.

take a break if you need to
but make sure to come back
better and stronger
wiser and tougher

don’t lose hope.

For Reena’ s Exploration Challenge

Common Good

Common Good

a smattering of people
opposes the results
and yet too much
and too many chaos
is sorrounding the event.

is it because the minority
is blinded by the truth
or that the majority
has made the wrong choice?

no hate is intended
just a moment of
reflection and goodwill
for the common good.