Dog Eats Dog

Dog Eats Dog

there’s no such thing as evil or good
in the outlandish world of tragic politics
you could start with all the good in your heart
but pressure to be part of the game will start
the minute you takes oath and swear to be of service.

for its a “dog eats dog” crazy game
you gonna play it well in order to survive
if you play the hero you will be the villain
in the eye of your colleagues who’ve been
on the game way before you came.

is there a way to end this cycle?
you may probably wonder
i too wondered for years and years
i even went on out of the streets
for a call for change and unity.

little did i know i waisted my youth
joining a cause that never was meant
to see the new light onced promised
the ideologies endocrinated upon
the minds of the young and vulnerable.

for years after my youth was gone
i’ve witnessed the same people
who were with me wanting for a change
became part of the government
elected and chosen to serve.

they seemed to have forgotten that once
they were among the youths calling out
for change, now that they  have become
political figures themselves they are
exactly the government officials
they once despised.

funny though, as if we forgot who they are
once in their youths.

For Reena’s Challenge

An Autumn Love Cadralor

An Autum Love Cadralor

wish upon a star on a late October night
outside a beautiful cabin log in a remote
forest camp where darkness is blinding
nothing to see but a million bright stars.

darker evenings, perfect excuse
to get cosy together, a lovers must have
maybe a long passionate cuddle on the sofa
or a soak in a gigantic floral infused bath.

layered up in lovely autumn fashion,
casual dresses, woollen tights,
beautiful knitwear and jackets,
top with a scarf  you’re ready to go.

vibrant, warming colours, the reds,
oranges, flaming yellows, the sunrises
the smouldering fiery sunsets
just take a minute and enjoy.

out in the woods searching aimlessly
for that spot we once stood
pouring out my heart, my tears
memories of those special years.

For David’s Weekly Prompt

Sylvia is the poet of the week
Sylvia’s prompt guidelines

• Write a Cadralor poemabout anything related to Autumn that is important to you (such as food, holidays, traditions, religious celebrations, seasonal changes, etc.).

• The length is up to the poet. Here are examples of a shorter Cadralor and a longer one:

• Short cadralor

• Long cadralor

There Ain’t Always A Rainbow After The Rain

There Ain’t Always A Rainbow After The Rain

i wonder if the famous couple back in College
made it through their wedding day, who knows
they probably never even made it after College
or if they did, are they happy now?

i wonder how the old couple across the street
made it all through these years, they just celebrated
their 50th wedding anniversary, how amazing
‘cos some didn’t even make it in their third year.

i wonder what will happen to the teenage couple
down the corner of the cafeteria, they seemed
so in love, so giddy, so happy, and so good together
will they make it ’till tomorrow, or at least maybe
the day after?

no one can tell what will happen next
tomorrow is not even a guarantee to become
the future is not also a definite scenario
but we only got today; we only got the one
we love today, at the moment, no one else.

so i’m gonna love like there ain’t a broken heart,
i’m gonna live like there ain’t worries to claim,
life is complicated, that’s for sure
just as we can’t stop the rain from falling
nor we can stop the storm from raging.

there is no guarantee of a rainbow after the rain
damn! i’ve been drenched by rain a thousand times
and there wasn’t a sign of a rainbow after
i waited patiently but it didn’t come
so i’m gonna love like there ain’t a broken heart
we’ll all be broken anyway; there’s no guarantee.

i’m gonna love like there ain’t a broken heart
i’m gonna live like there ain’t worries to claim
after all there ain’t always a rainbow after the rain.

For Moonwashed Weekly Prompt

It’s True

It’s True

i’ve heard it a million times

i couldn’t possibly be wrong

it keeps spinning back and forth

in my head 

in my heart

in my being.

i knew it, i couldn’t be wrong

don’t tell me i’m goin’ crazy

it keeps coming back and forth

why doesn’t the phone ring stop?

i’ve pressed all buttons.

no, i’m not delusional

no, i’m not crazy

no, i’m not paranoid

how dare you call me one

in names, i am not

i’ve heard it and i knew it to be true.

you’ve insisted it’s me being paranoid

nothing’s happening

nothing’s wrong

with the phone

or the surroundings

or the people around.

so you took your hands off me

after all, how could you possibly

be with someone whose

like me.

but really, it’s true

why doesn’t the phone ring stop?

i’ve pressed all buttons

it’s happening

you refused to believe

just as you refuse

to see where 

i am coming from 

in my agony. 

Gaslighting has become the latest emotional abuse trend. I wanted to call it a trend because I had never heard about it before.

Gaslighting, according to the dictionary, is to manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity. Sounds terrible, right? But this happens to many; some don’t know their partners are gaslighting them. Unfortunately, the one gaslighting you may not also be aware of their behavior, and if they are, they refuse to believe. 

In relationships, an abusive person may use gaslighting to isolate their partner, undermine their confidence, and make them easier to control. For example, they might tell someone they are irrational until the person starts to think it must be true. Sounds familiar?

Here is an interesting article about gaslighting that might help you process or deal with the abuse and hopefully quickly leave the situation. (

Someone who’s gaslighting might:

  • insist you said or did things you know you didn’t do
  • deny or scoff at your recollection of events
  • call you “too sensitive” or “crazy” when you express your needs or concerns
  • express doubts to others about your feelings, behavior, and state of mind
  • twisting or retelling events to shift blame to you
  • insist they’re right and refuse to consider facts or your perspective

Signs you’ve experienced gaslighting

Experiencing gaslighting can leave you second-guessing yourself constantly, not to mention overwhelmed, confused, and uncertain about your ability to make decisions on your own.

Other key signs you’re experiencing gaslighting include:

  • an urge to apologize all the time
  • believing you can’t do anything right
  • frequent feelings of nervousness, anxiety, or worry
  • a loss of confidence
  • constantly wondering if you’re too sensitive
  • feeling disconnected from your sense of self, as if you’re losing your identity
  • believing you’re to blame when things go wrong
  • a persistent sense that something isn’t right, though you can’t identify exactly what’s wrong
  • a lingering sense of hopelessness, frustration, or emotional numbness

These feelings tend to come from what the other person says or implies about your behavior. For example:

  • “You seem so confused lately, and you keep forgetting things. I’m getting a little worried.”
  • “You know I wouldn’t say these things if I didn’t care, right?”

This mask of concern can leave you even more convinced there’s something “wrong” with you.

Gaslighting can also show up as changes in your behavior. You might find yourself:

  • making choices to please others instead of yourself
  • frequently questioning whether you said the right thing or made the right choice
  • making excuses for the person gaslighting you to family and friends
  • lying or isolating yourself from loved ones to avoid conflict
  • constantly reviewing your words and actions to make sure you’ve done everything “right”
  • spending little or no time on the activities or hobbies you used to enjoy

Why do people do it

According to Stern, people often gaslight because being right allows them to validate themselves. When gaslighters feel threatened, they need you to believe and support their version of events in order to maintain their sense of power and control.

Gaslighting can also happen when someone believes their narrative is more valid than someone else’s, says Ana De La Cruz, a licensed marriage and family therapist in Florida.

Persuading someone else to question their own reality, then, can leave them with a sense of superiority, De La Cruz explains.

It’s a Line Prompt this week.

“Why doesn’t the phone ring stop? I’ve pressed all buttons.”

I Hope You Remember

I Hope You Remember

i hope you remember the smell of the roasted coffee
in our favorite place
where millions and millions of stories from miles and miles away
where connected and bridged together over a single shot americano
and you with your favorite cafe latte overloaded with sugar
i hope you remember how our stories made coffee time
not just incredible but one hell of a kind.

i hope you remember the first coffee drive-thru we had
with me over the cloud and over the moon, trying to grasp
the feeling of finally being seated right next to you after years
and you are speechless for the first time in your life, maybe
and you can’t take your eyes off me.

i hope you remember the countless times we made our coffee cold
with me over my endless out-of-this-world story-telling spree
and you couldn’t stop laughing at all of my epic fails
which i graciously claimed to have handled so well with pride
but you’d refute it by saying, ’twas funny but humiliating.

i hope you remember how we bonded over that sweet, nutty aroma smell
with me proudly proclaiming i could live with coffee and coffee alone
and you looking disgusted and disappointed ‘cos you’d rather hear me say
i could live with you and you alone.

i hope you remember, ‘cos i will always
remember us that way
the smile, the laughter, the tears, the longing, the wanting
the passion, the love, and the hope for forever
i will always remember us that way.

for Sadje’s WDYS

Thank You India

thank you so much India 🌹🌹

thank you 

“2022 has been a phenomenal year for all talents and will be remembered as the first year post Covid pandemic and lockdown. The following talents have risen tremendously in their fields of work and that is why we have picked them in our top 30 most talented personalities of 2020 list.

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👉 you can read full article here:

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you want answers to your never-ending questions
you want clarity as to why things happened the way they happened
would it really matter now if i gave you answers to your questions?
would it make a difference if we cleared the air directly after years?

time heals all wounds, they say, but it’s obviously never true for us
the wounds you kept for my unannounced departure
the wounds i kept for your unwanted and agonizing silence
the wounds we kept haunt us, no matter what.

it’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all
well, Tennyson might take offense if i say what good is love
if you can’t have it all by yourself, call yours and yours alone
what good is love if it will leave you hurt, broken, and in pain?

true love, great love; they say you never get to forget, come what may
i damn will agree, for despite the wound, despite the pain
despite the hurt, despite the brokenness, i sure know without a doubt
i love you with all my heart, with all my mind, with all that i am
from the very start, and i’m petrified ’till my last breath.

‘cos truth is, it’s that easy-breezy stupendous feeling
that makes me
wanna jump off the trail again, forget the “what ifs”
and “what happens” next
let go of the hurts and the pains, release all the tensions and apprehensions
‘cos truth is, i only get to feel this with you
so, let’s dive in and be crazy in love.


For Moonwashed Weekly Prompt

Love Happens

Love Happens

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
boy, i did just as you wondered
without hesitation, without inhibitions
without second thoughts
no words, there was complete silence.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
now you left me wondering too
‘cos little do you know that i’m in love
and petrified for the first time
and probably the last time in my life.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
was my best memory of you
for years and years even decades after
intentionally written or a poetic bait
it doesn’t matter for i too wondered.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
was the beginning of the end
of you wondering and me hoping
that somewhere in the middle
of the busy streets in Manila
love will finally happen.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
it happened, you stopped wondering
i stopped hoping, ‘cos indeed no matter
what happens there is no denying
that in between our pretenses
love happens.

For David’s Weekly Prompt. i used option #2

Option #2: Write about an experience that gave you the chills, any form permitted.

Note: this is the kind of experience that gave me the best kind of chill ever.

I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark

“words that should have been heartwarming melodies turned out to be a devil’s chant the limbs of my body exposed fears giving away whispering breaths of agony hidden in my eyes are pleading looks of terror with the drop of his pants comes the collapse of my world the collapse of my future the collapse of my dreams.”

from my  #1Amazonbestseller book “I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark.”

this is my official entry to Amazon’s PentoPublish 2022 book publishing competition.

this book is available in all Amazon Markets worldwide; however, for countries where Amazon is not available, you can get it thru Amazon. Com, or you may click the link in my bio.

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