Monster – An Ovi Poem

Monster – An Ovi Poem

you grabbed my arms when i said “no”

pushed me down hard i can’t let go

you’re a monster ready to blow

spitfire upon my soul.

rape, that’s how you call it, damn you!

don’t tell me you don’t have a clue

you tattoed my heart in deep blue

how could you have done that?

tell me, are you still that monster?

who put me through hell and in fear?

so don’t ask me as if you care

‘cos you never really.

What is rape?

If a man forces you to have penetrative sex or has sex with you without your consent or agreement, that’s rape. I don’t want to be so graphic about this, but it is basically brutal and graphic on its own terms alone. Rape could also happen not solely to a girl or a woman but to a man or, worst, a young boy.

Whatever the circumstances, nobody has the right to force you to have sex or have sex with you without your consent. If this happens to you, it’s important to remember it’s not your fault.

What is sexual assault?

If someone intentionally grabs or touches you in a sexual way that you don’t like, or you’re forced to kiss someone or do something else sexual against your will, that’s sexual assault.

What is consent?

Consent can never be assumed, even in a relationship or marriage. It doesn’t matter what you wore at the time or how you behaved — sex without your consent is rape.

You may not be able to consent if you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, didn’t understand what was happening, or were asleep. It cannot be assumed if you can’t give your consent.

You’re allowed to change your mind — if, at first, you wanted to have sex but then decided against it, that’s ok, and no one has the right to force you to continue. If they don’t stop, they are committing sexual assault or rape.

for Val’s August Scavenger Hunt

Ovi is commonly known as 12th-century folk-songs of the Maranthi Region of India which expressed love, social irony and heroic events.

Tukaram, a 17th Century Maranthi Poet wrote:

Because I could not lie

I named my dog “God”.

Startled at first,

Soon he was smiling

Then dancing!

Now he won’t even bite.

Do you suppose this might work

On people, too?

The elements of the Ovi are:

  1. stanzaic, written in any number of 4 line stanzas.
  2. syllabic, 8-8-8-(less than 8 ) syllables
  3. rhymed, with L1, L2, L3 mono-rhymed L4 unrhymed. aaax, x being unrhymed

Murder She Planned – A Donna Limerick

Murder She Planned – A Donna Limerick

i could murder him ’till he dies

snuck his two eyeballs

by my finger

the look of fear

on him gives me chills.

i could throw him out of the ditch

slaughtered mercilessly

by gentle me

by sweet dear me

for breaking me deeply.

for Val’s Scavenger Hunt (

  • The Donna is a syllabic Limerick, without requiring the anapestic rhythm. Created by Viola Berg, the verse should be witty and fun.
    • The Donna is:stanzaic, written in any number of quintains.
    • syllabic, lines of 8/6/4/4/6.
    • rhyme xabba, xcddc etc.


i know a limerick should be whimsical, light, and sometimes funny, but what can i do? i am a rebel poet.

Saturday blues is probably taking a toll on my happy poet heart, so here i am again with another sort of dark poetry for Val’s prompts.

I’ll Probably Die (inside the mind of a trauma victim)

I’ll Probably Die (inside the mind of a trauma victim)

let’s go inside the mind and heart of someone who has gone through so much in life. come join me.

“i’ll probably die; maybe
don’t freak out”

i’ll probably die, so don’t freak out or cry. don’t be sad. don’t grieve or wallow. just let me go. set my soul free and let me fly higher ’till heaven. it is where i wanna be; heaven. i only hope God will open His gate for me. oh, yeah, that’s it; pray that i’d be in heaven. i so wanna be there. they say heaven is our eternal home and resting place, and i so wanna have my final rest. it’s just got so hard, and i am tired. so set me free. free to fly. free to roam. free to rest. don’t cry. i seriously need to rest.

don’t think for once that i am leaving you. i am not. i will be around. you will see me. you will feel me. you will hear me. i just need to go. find my resting place. and i know this is not from where i am now. i am just tired. my body can’t take the pain anymore. just let me go. let me go with a smile.

i promise i will never leave you behind. for each time the sun rises, i will be among its vibrant yellow sun rays kissing your checks “good morning.” i will be the aromatic smell of your morning coffee. i will the soft morning breeze as you open your car driving through your work. i will be your Spotify song accompanying you on a long drive or in a back-bending traffic jam.

i promise i will just be beside you whenever and wherever you are.

and oh, before i go, please don’t think that i am leaving you deliberately. no, i don’t. i just can’t stay anymore. my body is so tired that getting by each day is daunting. i just can’t go on anymore. i wanted to, but i knew it was time to give up the fight. it’s been a long time. i deserve to rest.

i have been keeping my composure for so long that i didn’t realize it has broken down my whole being. and it’s not fair anymore.

i am leaving. with the birds in the sky. with the leaves falling. with the clouds soaring. with the rainbow. oh, yes, with the rainbow in heaven. maybe then my life will have its color.

i’ll go, but i will always love you from wherever God may put me to be.

That Night (A Flash Fiction)

That Night (A Flash Fiction)

“If only I was spared of your madness that night, I would have breathed life to a beautiful baby.”

I remember it so well; the darkness of the night, the sound of the cricket, the soft breeze blowing, and my heart beating fast. My mind went crazy, holding on to what could be the most precious thing I would ever have.

But, I was not spared. I was not spared from your unfounded accusations, tantrums, or unsolicited advice. I carefully read your messages between my shaking hands and my trembling knees. I felt the pain growing strongly. I felt the bleeding oozing fastly.

I cried. I cried the hardest. With the last message, you sent comes the last blood down my body.

I knew then it was the end.

I was not spared, so as my sweet little angel.

I lost her.

August 12.

I would welcome a new life, but I was not spared, and so was my angel.

For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

My Story

My Story

if you know my story
you’d be amazed
for mine is the
modern account
of an era where women
are regarded as the weakest
human version
mine represents
the zeitgeist of the
unfortunate era for women
an era when if a woman speaks
her mind she is stubborn
she is selfish
she is arrogant.

if you know my story, you’d either
hate me or love me
hate me for not standing up
for myself or love me for being
the most resilient patient
woman, you’d probably
encountered this age.

however, you take it
i guarantee you
i am well aware of
my rights, my dispositions
my priveledges and i will
fight the moment
i am least expected to

that’s who i am strong
determined empowered
but resilient and patient
most importantly
i never rage a war
without a game plan
so if you think
i am weak, and you can
just step on me; hold on, dear
and be afraid for war usually
begins at the  break of dawn
when the world is in complete
halt and silence.

this is my story
and it could be
story too.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge



you’re the one
who crippled me
‘cos my choices
my ideas
my dreams
my hopes
were never
ever good
enough for you
not even
the simplest
color of my nails
to the most
house decor
so, yeah
it’s all on you
you’re always
the one
the only

but i tell you
gone are those
days when men
rule the world
when husbands
have more power
than wives
when men are
the only voice
when their minds
bear the
sovereign truth
when men
are given
ample rights
and opportunities
than women.


For David’s Weekly Prompt:

Little Prince

Little Prince

i’ve always wanted a little prince who’d run around the house in glee
i’ve always wanted a boyish laugh that’d remind me how it is to have someone tough and strong defend you, willing to break their bone.

but i wonder what about the boys in a war-torn country
where they were forced to take arms and fight for freedom and equality
where they were forced to learn to pull the trigger instead of holding on to their mother’s loving arms?

then i wonder, how about the boys in the slums and streets
these boys lost in the loneliness and sadness of life’s harshest challenges
these boys lost in the shadows of what could have been’s and what if’s?

how about these boys with raw emotions and feelings and thoughts
how about these boys with dreams of becoming fine gentlemen someday
these boys with hopes of a better life, what about them?

then i pray for the little prince i could have had but went on to be somewhere else
lost in the battered pinnacle of their horrific dreams
endangered, nothing to hope for, nothing to dream.

i pray there won’t be any boys left in great danger.

for Sadje’s WDYS

Call It Whatever You Want

this week’s Poetry Reading Prompt “How To Be Alone”

(you can watch it here)

by Reena of is so inspiring that i am up for another response. 

the poem speaks highly of how to love yourself – alone, without the need for other people’s approval and love. sometimes, our desire to belong and to be loved is what kept us trapped in an abusive relationship. and i don’t just mean here abusive relationship between a couple. this may surprise you but relationships between and among friends and relatives could be abusive too. it happens normally when one party is the one always giving and understanding.

“you need to control your habit of forgetting to breathe”, “there is a you telling another story of you. Listen to her.” these lines from the poem struck me the most.

Call It Whatever You Want

small insults
call it whatever you want
intentional or not one thing is sure
its meant to hurt you, break you, tear you apart
then the worst is yet to come when you finally
began to question your self-worth and start
believing that it could be true.

small insults
bullying at its finest and it happens
not only among friends, among classmates
among co-workers; but between two people
two people who promised to love each other
someone is the arrogant bully who when
confronted claims to be a victim but refuses to
admit to having played the role of a victim.

small insults
intentional or not
when you start to doubt yourself
and it takes you to a darker place
walk away before it’s too late.

Hindi Patas Ang Mundo(Hermy Tuerco, CSA-B, 2022)

@poetrybymich 💥💫💛first in the series of poems from the creative writing workshop i conducted last May 6.

have you ever loved the right person at a wrong time?

here is a fresher take on the overly used theme “we have the right love at the wrong time😔💔

Hindi Patas Ang Mundo
(Hermy Tuerco, CSA-B, 2022)

Sadyang hindi patas ang mundo
Pinaglapit man ang ating mga puso,
Landas ko naman sa iyo ay pinaglayo
Tayo ma’y itinadhana, pero di naman pinagtagpo.

Ikaw ang ilaw, sa madilim kung pananaw
Ikaw ang bunyag, sa puso kung bihag
Ang pagtanggi ng puso sayo’y malalim
Ngunit iyong pagsuyo ay mataimtim.

The world is just not fair
Even if our hearts are brought closer
My path to you has been diverted
We are destined, but not brought together.

You are the light, in my dark  perspective
You are the truth in my captive heart.
The rejection of your heart is deep
But your flattery is solemn.

After Rain Skies (Top 1k paperback best seller)

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From the bottom of my heart, thank you and to my Filipino readers, Maraming Salamat.

To India, my 2nd  poetic home forever grateful for embracing me as your own.

To my creative team Manila; Norj, Nicole, Jalline and Tiff maraming salamt.

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