Silent War (After Rain Skies, Second Edition)

Silent War

No one doubts that you’re in pain when you’re walking around bleeding. You’re lucky, if someone believes you’re hurt, without you having to forcibly cut off an arm.

Naira was fine. She was perfect. There wasn’t a scratch on her. She was just about to throw herself off the top of a high-rise, that was all. And what was so special about that?

Everyone had problems. Anyone who thought their problems deserved attention just wasn’t trying hard enough to solve them. Right?

War was hard. Poverty was hard. Going out to break you’re back trying to make money was hard. But when war is at the doorstep, what do you expect to do?” Stand still and be quiet?

Marriage? You couldn’t possibly be complaining about being married. You wanted to be married, didn’t you? Learning your partner’s personality, his tendencies, his flaws. That was your responsibility, wasn’t it?

No one asks for international tensions. No one leaves his mother’s womb asking Allah to make him poor. But you, you made a choice, gave a vow. It was a commitment no one forced you into. You deal with it.

He never even hit you. Why are you unhappy? Others have it worse, Naira. Other women get new bruises every day. Do you see them leaving their husbands? That’s right.

You deal with the yelling. And the things he says. In front of your parents, in front of your brothers and sisters, in front of your co-workers. What was the worst they could do anyway? They were just words.

See, you’re fine. Naira, you’re perfect. Not a scratch on you. In all of ten years, not a bruise on you. And—

You’re tired. And that’s okay. You did everything you could.

It’s time to make yourself well.

All relationships lie somewhere in the middle of healthy and unhealthy at any given time. That’s why it’s important to identify the patterns and behaviors of our own relationships. Because relationships that visit the unhealthy area one too many instances tend to like to stay there.

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“After Rain Skies” (a compilation of true and inspiring stories of abuse and violence) will be out in all platforms worldwide on MARCH 8, 2022.

After Rain Skies (second edition)

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💛After Rain Skies (second edition) – Releasing March 8, 2022) 💛

Kayla would have been just a manufactured memory to her family, friends, and children, had she not taken the courage to walk away from her abusive husband.

 She found out she could leave only after he tried to kill her.

Let there be no more Kayla, let every woman live a life they deserve.

Together let us join the rest of the world in celebrating the hero in every woman, this MARCH 2022

Yes! There’s no place for complacency.

 Sadly though none of us will probably witness the end of the culture of violence in our lifetimes, and nor likely will many of our children.

 But, we can all play a part.

Women have the right to live free from violence.

Let your voice be heard


A child who has experienced complex trauma will have difficulty identifying, expressing, and managing emotions.


i am a child of lies
and compromises
of insults
and agonizing cries
of concealed truths
and broken promises

i am a sole witness
to how a once supposed
great love story
turned into
a disgusting
and spiteful relationship

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everything about her is a lie
starting off with her big charming smile
down to her notorious strong profile
and her perfectly empowered life.

everything about her is a lie
she covered it with her sweetest glow
hiding all the pains of being beaten so low
of silently wanting to scream out loud.

everything about her is a lie
she had to make a false show
a pretense for everyone to know
that she is better than being okay.

everything about her is a lie
and maybe one day she’ll
learn to figure out the hell
she is trapped with for long.


Marissa is your typical happy and successful middle-aged woman.

She was in a violent relationship for 10 years. Violence or abuse happened after the first year of their marriage. Initially, it was like, she would not be allowed to go out of the house except if she is accompanied by her husband or whenever she will do a family errand. On that case her husband would closely monitor her calling her all the time until she is home.

Control was the first sign of abuse.

When you are in an abusive relationship for so long, you lose your identity. You believe in the lies you were told. You don’t believe in your ability to live independently. You don’t get much sense of freedom, and on most occasions, you learn to live with it and deal with it quietly for there is nothing much you can do about the situation.

Such was the story of Marissa.

Until the inevitable happened. The emotional abuse gradually became more intense. Her husband found a way to isolate Marissa from her family and friends. And so seeking help was close to impossible. There was also the “shame factor” of abuse.  Marissa is living a highly functional abusive life.

Abuse however has a way of manifesting physically, no matter how much you try to ignore it.

Marissa accumulated enough stress that it manifests itself in physical symptoms.  Marissa suffered from excessive bleeding and chronic fatigue. She was eventually diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease an autoimmune disorder that can cause hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid. Rarely, the disease can cause hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid. Thyroid hormones control how your body uses energy, so they affect nearly every organ in your body—even the way your heartbeats.

That was her ticket to courage; the courage to finally leave her abusive husband and seek the help of her family.

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You need to imagine this as a character in a story plot, and write about her.

  • Give her a name.
  • Mention the geography she lives in.
  • What could be her temperament?
  • Is she prone to melancholy, or is she faking it to fool someone?
  • Is there someone she is thinking about?
  • Where could she go next for here?

The list is indicative, and you can use your imagination to paint a more vivid character sketch.

If you are telling a story, you can add one or more characters to bring depth.

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No one embodies triumph after hardship more than a woman who survived all sorts of adversaries – even the inevitable “death”

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i exhaled it all out of my suffocating lungs
i needed some space to loosen the pain
i took on the comfort of my gentle words
but i couldn’t tame them not this time

so i use the harshest expressions in a very jarring way
to pierce through every single cell your body has
so that blood will slowly trickle out each of your vein
maybe then you’ll know how much ache it was

i could think of all the bad and the worst
i could summon all that is hated and that is condemned
all the things i need just to get it through the cut
i probably want some solid-fluid air than them

i so ceased, i stopped being gentle and kind
even with the words i try to rhyme and count

for once i tell you, i’d be better when i’m good

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 213

Coffee (A 300-word story Flash Fiction)

Coffee (A 300-word story Flash Fiction)

Is it necessary that every story has a beginning and an ending? Or can I just skip to the part where I felt a terrible pain after I stumbled down the floor?

The police officer insisted I should tell the story from the beginning going through every single detail of the assault until I managed to run away and escape. But, damn! can’t they not see it? I am struggling to go into details. What do they want me to do? Experience all over again the pain, the trauma, and fear I experienced by telling the whole story; beginning to end?

How crazy can that be?

An assault is an assault, regardless of how it began, and how it ended.

I could barely recall. Now, can I just go home, or maybe will someone send me to the nearest hospital? Do they really need to see me bleeding for them to know that I am in terrible pain? What I needed more than anything else at that moment was medical care? Rather than a bullshit police investigation? And for what? Oh, they said for record purposes.

So what did I tell them?

I told them what my perpetrator said because that’s the only thing I remember. He said, “you are so charming and so pretty, and I would do anything, just anything to get my hands on you…anything, even for once.”

“And then?” The police officer wanted me to tell more

“He didn’t get his one time, and I am here to report a crime, and maybe a cup of coffee to calm me down, ‘cos right now, it feels like dying, though I know, dying may not even make me feel better”

I grabbed my things walked away, bought a coffee myself.

Hot coffee.

It calmed me, a bit.

Photo by Imani Bahati on Unsplash

Silent Scream {a flash fiction}

Silent Scream {a flash fiction}

“and what about the damage it caused me, I have to live with it my whole life?” This is what I would want to say. But no! I chose not to speak. I chose not to say a word. For what good would it bring if I speak when no one listens? No one understands? So, calmly, I gather myself up and take it from the start. From the bottom; me and my silent screams. I’m better off that way.

People believed you are in pain only when they see you bleeding. But not all pains have been cinematic and melodramatic.

It’s the silent scream that’s most painful of all.

And that’s why sometimes i wonder “can i just trade life with this little cute furry kitten, enjoying life with no complications?….just for once… for once…because i am really tired… ‘nakakapagod na’ [it’s tiring]”

I just need a moment to rest.

I am tired.

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Beaten, Taunted

Beaten, Taunted

i don’t know what hurt the most being beaten up or being taunted?

the beating produces bruises and wounds but eventually
it will heal, it will become a scar, a scar that will remind you
of the wars you’ve won, of the battles you’ve overcome
the scars, in effect, will make you a better, stronger, triumphant person
then you are healed of the traumas of the past
healed of your brokenness

but the humiliation and insults, do they even heal?
the damaging words uttered do they even fade away?
how do you mend a heart battered by indiscretion?
how do you cure a mind tortured by insults?
how do you rescue a soul drowning with indignity?

will there even be scars after each prejudicial word is said?
how do you cure ruined self-worth because of mortification?
i don’t know what hurt the most being beaten up or being taunted?

will someone tell me please, because i don’t really know anymore
which pain is worst, being beaten up or being taunted?

i can’t tell ‘though i had them both.