My Safe Haven

I could go miles and miles awayyet I will choose to stayin the place and the momentwe held hands for the first time I could paddle my way, over the greater currents and superior wavesyet I will choose to rowmy way back to the place and timewe fought our biggest fightfor the first time IContinue reading “My Safe Haven”


what happens behind closed doors?what transpires behind curtained windows?what is hidden inside gate 28- 5? sometimes, closed doors are all that we needto protect, to hide, to concealourselves, from the harsh reality of the life outside sometimes, curtained windows are all that we needto peep, to glance, to see, and to lookat the truth, theContinue reading “Enough”

Ehsan’s Story

  Some people would say that children bear the consequences of their parents’ actions. Those people would be wrong. Children are the consequences of their parents’ actions. Everything they become is a direct result of everything their parents have done. Ehsan had both of his parents growing up. This wasn’t necessarily a good thing. FromContinue reading “Ehsan’s Story”

Ode To The Sphinx in the Desert of Ghiza

Ode To The Sphinx in the Desert of Ghiza you are seated on deserted landin solitude, in peace, in serenitywhere the sun just peeked over the horizon to the east, and the heat was just enough for us to witness you almost smile but, I wonder(as always) what lies beneath your glorious structure?what story isContinue reading “Ode To The Sphinx in the Desert of Ghiza”


waveringly, unsteadily, wobblinglywe flutter, on the ground as we hover aroundand circle, and dance, a dance we call lovebut you know why I love to flutter,and hover and dance around with you?I love the sweet fluttering smilesI see on your face, an indication thatwe flutter on a happy ground,together let’s flutter,forever

When Love Is True

when love is true, it endures time passing byeven years won’t make you forgetit only grows, better and granderbut it never dies yes, even after all the twists and turnsthe crazy crossroads and junctionsthe days, and weeks, and months and even years apartwe keep coming back to the day, the very same daywe held handsContinue reading “When Love Is True”