The Fight

The Fight

i forgive the stars
for not shining the brightest
at nights when i needed a little
spark of light outside my bed
when my world is at its darkest.

i forgive the rainbow
for not showing up
the day storm took away
my strength, my hope, my dreams
when my world is crumbling down.

i forgive the sun
for forgetting to rise
the morning my soul was broken
by night’s traumatic dreams
and false promises of a better morning
when my world is at a complete halt.

and i forgive myself
for not taking on
the fight anymore.

P. S.

When I saw Reena’s Photo Collage Prompt, I immediately thought of the many battles I fought. The kind of fight seemed to be an endless battle, and I wondered if it was time to just stop. Just stop fighting.

Maybe. Or maybe not.

If ever I do, it doesn’t mean I’m done. It doesn’t mean I’m giving up. Maybe, just maybe, I need to gather more strength again. And come back stronger, better, wiser.



how do you keep our love together?
how do you see the best in our sorrow?
will you hold me deeply ’till tomorrow?
will you kiss me eagerly like a rainbow?

i will put together a poem and a song
for you to remember how much i long
for your sweet, enduring hold and gazes
together we’ll make it epic in an instance.

we are in need of music that would flow
wildly as the raindrops on our ceiling
over my trembling lips as you kisses
me goodnight with all your loving embraces.

we will write a song to fall smoothly like
water from the shower with you waiting
in a great amount of anticipation over
our dreamy bed where love covers.

then let it be our magic melody
a spell to soothe our wary hearts
a spell to heal our aching souls
let’s kiss to the rhythm of our song.



tough should be
my last name
for i was born to be one
i was born under one
tough situation.

tough is what
i have become
over the years
over time.

tougher i believe
i am as i age
as i continue
to navigate life
to win extraordinary
battles and wars.

until you
came along
that i discovered
the toughest
version of me
after you repeatedly
broke me in pieces.

i am at my toughest
now, as i gather myself
together again and
i can’t thank you enough
for making me
the toughest
that i am today.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge:

We have a situation prompt this week

You wake up to discover a completely different, unknown face staring back at you from the mirror.



i’m missing you
like the Moon misses the Sun
when it’s out there somewhere
shedding light to the darkest of night.

why do you keep coming back
as the waves keep crashing back on the shore
after its adventurous stint in the farthest sea.

how much longer will you linger over
like a silent thief at night running away
after it has stolen precious gems and pieces of jewelry.

oh, Manila, what’s with you anyway
that someone like me is crazily
enchanted by you?

it’s the memory of you
and of a once beautiful story
unbounded, unscathed
by love’s wrongful ways.

*Manila- the capital city of the Philippines

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From The Eyes of Another

From The Eyes of Another

i’ve learned the ways of the world in many different manners from different people.

from the eyes of a friendly neighborhood baker
who views life like a bread
that it isn’t just food but a symbol and metaphor of a more significant journey through life
the best ones we keep; the rest we just take a bite and let it go.

from the soul of an old town family physician who is a great listener and emphatic to the concerns of his patients
he is not condescending nor arrogant and treats patients as he wants to be treated
most importantly, he does his job with joy and gratitude
as we should always be in life.

from the magic tricks of a joyous party clown who makes every little kid hope for the best
those impossible things may be possible, actually
that things that are separated and broken may be rejoined anyway
that when we feel overwhelmed by a problem, it could be just an illusion
and like magic life will always find a way.

you see, life is never at all full of complications if only we learn to navigate our way
and we see it better from the eyes of another.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge:

Are You Mocking Me?

Are You Mocking Me?

i never knew
what sarcasm is
or how it affects
well – beings
for i only knew
until you.

i never knew
what arrogance is
or how to be one
to speak
to act
for i only knew
to be subdued
until you.

until you
mocking me
with my innocence
with my candor
with my love.

it could be
both a blessing
and a curse
for i would
never knew
how to never
give up
without a
good damn

i would never know
how beautiful love is
until you arrogantly
and sarcastically
mocked me
’twas painful
’twas heartbreaking.

but that’s love
until you
and it’s okay
for i knew
exactly how to
perfectly love
an imperfect
human being
just love
but true.

i love you
more than enough
more than you know
however your
final encore
would be.

For Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

A Film

A Film

if i am to die
and you are to write
poetry ’bout my life
would you
describe me
as the one that got away
or the one that changed
your life in many ways?
or am i too complicated
that you’d need it to be a novel
in paperback and hardcover copy
for not even an ebook would be
exciting enough
for the world to read?

my birth wasn’t magical
that i’m sure of
for there were
no stars, no moon
unpoetic time
in the late afternoon
yet that moment alone
would merit a
60 000 word count
requirement of
a melodramatic novel.

there wasn’t a music
played along as my mother
held on for her dear life
with the hope of
making me see light
the world has to offer,
‘though my light
then didn’t come in
sparks fly colorful
enchanting ways
but that alone could merit
the cinematic requirement
of a full length
dramatic film.

so if i am to die
and you are to write
poetry ’bout my life
that in return, you’d realize
its complications and complexities
are as mind-blowing
as my character and personality
you’d opt for a melodramatic
novel which eventually
will become a nostalgic
film you’d ever produce.

so if i am to die
don’t you dare forget
that you are
the one and only
love of my life
my only death wish
would be
please produce
the most compelling
love story the world
will ever get to see
of you and of me
and of our story.

for Sadje’s WDYS

Just Take the First Step

“You don’t have to see the whole staircase; just take the first step.”
– Martin Luther King, Jr.-

my first step to book publishing was daunting. and it took years and years of hard work and dedication. i waited for the perfect timing. i’m so glad i waited. ‘cos just when i thought it would never happen; it happened.

truth is, those “dedication” and “hard work” has nothing to do with book publishing or writing at all. as you all know, i became a mom at a very young age. i dedicated all my time and energy to ensuring my children will have enough courage and strength to be out there in the world on their own. in short, i was a full-time mom for a while (a long while).

in our culture (Filipino culture), people would often question the decision of a brilliant and smart woman suddenly deciding to be a stay-at-home mom. i had people come to me and question my decision. and most of these people are the ones i didn’t expect to.

moving forward, my daughters are now mature, responsible young adults. and it’s all worth it – putting all of my dreams and ambitions aside for a long time, just to be with them all the time.

if i am to say a piece of my mind to all women out there here, it is: if you are not ready to make the necessary sacrifices and changes for your children, please don’t ever jump into motherhood yet. work on your dreams and ambitions first. fulfill your destiny if you are not ready to give it up or if you are not willing to wait.

after years of not minding what other people say, i made it… and looking at each of those who questioned and judged me for my decision..ahh ahh….well, they are still exactly where they were 20 years ago…

may you all take the first necessary step in life…be careful, though, as not to rush and aim to see the whole staircase immediately.

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My Story

My Story

if you know my story
you’d be amazed
for mine is the
modern account
of an era where women
are regarded as the weakest
human version
mine represents
the zeitgeist of the
unfortunate era for women
an era when if a woman speaks
her mind she is stubborn
she is selfish
she is arrogant.

if you know my story, you’d either
hate me or love me
hate me for not standing up
for myself or love me for being
the most resilient patient
woman, you’d probably
encountered this age.

however, you take it
i guarantee you
i am well aware of
my rights, my dispositions
my priveledges and i will
fight the moment
i am least expected to

that’s who i am strong
determined empowered
but resilient and patient
most importantly
i never rage a war
without a game plan
so if you think
i am weak, and you can
just step on me; hold on, dear
and be afraid for war usually
begins at the  break of dawn
when the world is in complete
halt and silence.

this is my story
and it could be
story too.

For Reena’s Exploration Challenge



you’re the one
who crippled me
‘cos my choices
my ideas
my dreams
my hopes
were never
ever good
enough for you
not even
the simplest
color of my nails
to the most
house decor
so, yeah
it’s all on you
you’re always
the one
the only

but i tell you
gone are those
days when men
rule the world
when husbands
have more power
than wives
when men are
the only voice
when their minds
bear the
sovereign truth
when men
are given
ample rights
and opportunities
than women.


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