I Will Love You Forever, Too (Thank You)

Dreams really do come true. The ten – year old me once told my papa “one day, I’ll have my name in the newspaper, magazine, and yes, a book”.

It happened.

In two years, I published five poetry books.

My only dream then was to see my name on print. But with the grace of God I, Michelle Ayon Navajas did not only have my name on print but also a name next to a tag line; “International Bestselling Poet”.

I was literally shaking after I saw my 5th poetry book went straight to number ONE in less than 24 hours of its release in AMAZON.

Getting the most coveted Amazon orange tag “#1 New Release” is unbelievable.!!! And I am serious when I say I was shaking.

Once it was a dream and now it’s a reality.

Thank you all so much for the love and support


Humbled and grateful 🙏🙏🙏


Thank you to my WP family….so much..

I Will Love You Forever, Too (No. 1)

I am so thrilled to share that my 5th poetry book “I Will Love You Forever, Too” is number ONE in AMAZON on its first day of release in less than 24 hours.
Thank you all to my dearest followers, readers and supporters for all the love and support

I Will Love You Forever, Too (Amazon)

Happy Wednesdsy Morning (or afternoon or evening) dear friends and poets “I Will Love You Forever, Too” is now available in Amazon. Click this link for details https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09CV99KPX/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=michelle+navajas&qid=1629245963&sr=8-6
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Sending y’all LOVE and GRATITUDE

Book Release

Releasing my 5th poetry book “I Will Love You Forever, Too” tomorrow August 18, 2021. To all who pre -ordered thank you so much and to all who want to buy the kindle/ebook and paperback i will be posting the link tomorrow.
I Will Love You Forever, Too
I will love you forever
I promise
I swear
I will love you with the gentle love
of a mother to her newborn baby
I will hold you closer, tenderly in my heart
not a single moment will i ever let go
of you, of your hand
I will embrace you tightly, fervently like it’s
our last, our last embrace
not a single moment will i ever doubt
you and your love

I will love you forever
I promise
I swear
I will love you with the love of the waves to the sea,
longing always for its peaceful rest
I will be your silent sanctuary, where you
could lay your head at night, without hesitations, without worries
I will stay beside you all night long and watch you breathe,
knowing that every breath you take is every moment you
love your restful nights with me

I will love you forever
I promise
I swear
I will love you with the love of the eagle to soar, freely and eagerly
I will let you fly higher with your dreams
as far and as high as you could ever be
and if you would grant me, I’d love
to be the wind beneath your wings
I will be beside you on a heavy rainstorm day,
guiding you, allowing to fly smoother
’till you reach your farthest destination
I will love you forever
I promise, I swear even until forever is gone

“I will love you forever, too”, 
with a ring on my finger you swore

Papa Tell Me Are You Happy Somewhere?

you taught me to be brave
in the most unconventional way ever
not by fairy tales bedtime stories
nor by Aesop’s fables after lunch
i remember you saying
“be brave my little princess”
i wasn’t really sure what you meant then
then you told me the story of robber
who travels by sea, swashbuckling and daring
they were often evil and brutish
i begun to hide underneath my pillow as
i anticipated you to unravel the next
scariest, mind-blowing, out of this world bloody fight scene, but to my surprise,
“fear not my little one”
then you continue to tell
most of them were ordinary people
who had been forced to rob to make ends meet
you see, the world is not an easy place to live
some are lucky, some are not
then you ended by saying
” be brave like a pirate, just forget the part to which he robs to eat; it is never accepted”
then we would laugh and laugh until
tears fall down,
“be brave my little princess like a pirate
in the sea at night, be brave…”
ahhh,  that was long time ago
how long has it been? so long i believe
Papa, if you can hear me, let me tell you this
i grew up to be brave like a pirate
braver even in the presence of fear
so Papa tell me are you happy somewhere?
your little princess has turned out to be
the bravest, most compassionate queen
you’ve always wanted her to be

Papa tell me are you happy somewhere?

For Sadje’s WDYS https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/08/16/what-do-you-see-95-august-16th-2021/

My 5th poetry book is currently available for pre -order via kobo.com, click this link


This Road

This Road

Ask me who am i and i will tell you i don’t know, not yet

Berate me for not knowing, i really wouldn’t care

Crazy weird that sure one thing i am, hate me or love me for that

Don’t ask why for i will never tell you why never dare

Except if i love you too much that, you deserve an answer

Fortitude is what kept me goin’ for years

Guided by my faith, i believe in answered prayers

Hence, i am and will always be accountable only to Him

I can bend, i can adjust, i can try, and i believe in Him

Just as i always believe in the power of love and compassion

Kindness is what i always practice, be kind in any given situation

Let it be part of our daily life as we strive

My papa said it isn’t hard, we can always try

Oh, this road, this road less traveled

Putting labels to people who can’t figure it out

Questionable character what they will become

Reality though will tell, it’s a lifelong journey, never a one-time shot

So to you who haven’t figured it out yet, fret not

Too soon to be anxious and worried, for you are just about to begin

Until then, just wait, for mine is still even a work in progress

Value what you have at the moment, worry not of the past, hence be ready for the future

We will never know, as life is uncertain

Xenas is what you will become, confident, strong, and mighty

Yonder, whenever and wherever for the road is wide open

Zeal with courage and determination, with that you will surely get there. 

for Val’s Scavenger Hunt https://murisopsis.wordpress.com/2021/07/30/looking-for-an-august-scavenger-hunt/ 

Prompt: An abecedarian on the path to self-discovery

The abecedarian is an ancient poetic form guided by alphabetical order. Generally, each line or stanza begins with the first letter of the alphabet and is followed by the successive letter, until the final letter is reached.

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Against The Dazzling Sunset

Dear friends I am delighted to share my poem published in Spillwords. Kindly click the link to read full poem. And don’t forget to click the heart button for me.

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Spillwords.com presents: Against The Dazzling Sunset, a poem written by Michelle Ayon Navajas, currently residing in Malaysia.

Source: Against The Dazzling Sunset

I Will Love You Forever, Too (pre -order)

Happy Friday dear blogger friends. “I Will Love You Forever, Too” is now available for pre – order via kobo. com kindly click the link below


thank you all so much for the love and support

I Love You ( A Whimsical Tritina)

I Love You ( A Whimsical Tritina)


the rhythm of love is odd

its complications are even queer

but that makes it exhilarating good


i love you, and dear ’twas so good

but you were significantly queer

you were lovingly strange and odd


i’ve known you for years, yes, you’re queer

yet, i love you, ’twas the best, so good

yes, i love you, yes, you being odd


i love you big time, for being odd, queer; it’s good


A Tritina is a type of poem that consists of tercets. A Tercet is three lines of a verse that rhyme with one another. They may also rhyme by rhyming with another tercet. A Tritina has three as well as a final line. This totals a Tritina at ten lines. A Tritina repeats the final words of the tercet into the other two, so all three consist of the same final word and rhyme. However, the end words are rearranged in a specific order so the first would be 1/2/3. The second one would be 3/1/2. The final tercet would be 2/3/1. The concluding line in a Tritina would then incorporate all the final words of the tercets, once again specifically in the order of 1/2/3.

A Tritina does not need a specific syllable count in order to be one, but it is recommended that a decent and consistent scheme would be included in order to provide a better flow. 

The Tritina is a modern form created by cutting down the Sestina. Like a Sestina this form repeats the end words of each stanza. The form is made up of three triplets these use an end word order of 1-2-3,3-1-2,2-3-1. After the triplets comes an envoi constructed from a single line. All four end words must appear in this envoi in the order 1-2-3.

  1 2 3 – End words of lines in first tercet.

  3 1 2 – End words of lines in second tercet.

  2 3 1 – End words of lines in third tercet.

  (1 2 3) – Words contained in the final line.

For Val’s Scavenger Hunt https://murisopsis.wordpress.com/2021/07/30/looking-for-an-august-scavenger-hunt/