Come Rain and Sunshine

(I am a dark sky without you)   hear me as i cry for your sweet agonizing ray i beg the sun to shine as you stay by in thine. oh, rain came weeping down as blood oozes through my vein yearning for your sweet embrace no, not this time never my love, for noContinue reading “Come Rain and Sunshine”

Longing for You

’twas like nightmares trying to scream and nothing comes out no matter how hard you try ’twas like drowning trying to breath underwater and you can’t simply can’t ’twas like missing a step your foot is suspended in air, you know it should felt solid ground but you have no idea what’s happening if youContinue reading “Longing for You”

The One That Got Away

she went away unnoticed unannounced unceremoniously you were left bleeding longing asking you never told her that she was the tomorrow you always wished for; the what if and could’ve been you have lived with every day you never told her that for a moment, she was the flicker of sunlight against your indigo sky;Continue reading “The One That Got Away”

It Feels Like Summer in Winter

it feels like summer in winter when your lips brushed mine, softly,  gently, delicately, like butterfly wings so sweet and tender kiss so sweet and tender brings forth warmth on a cold lonely winter night it feels like summer in winter when you wrap your arms around me ’twas like two souls wrapped in armsContinue reading “It Feels Like Summer in Winter”

Will you go With me, to Paris?

will you take my hand as i walk along the streets where the aroma of light, fruity to burnt coffee lightly caramelized almost nutty is teasing my senses and the scent of a handmade bread is making me salivate as i tear the croissant into pieces butter them up before each bite or we canContinue reading “Will you go With me, to Paris?”

My Sunflower

you are my sunflower dotingly opens to the sun standing tall, bold and true shining brightly even on the darkest of days oh, how i love thee! you are my sunflower adoring the sun with soul on fire, heart with grace blooming cheerfully after the longest wait oh, how i love thee! you are myContinue reading “My Sunflower”

What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?

What if snowflakes don’t fall in winter? and fresh buds don’t bloom in spring? or summer don’t need sunshine? nor leaves don’t fall in autumn? Will you remember how we used to be? the love we shared gently like snowflakes falling smoothly in winter out of thin air unannounced, unnoticed unspoken yet blissful the dreamsContinue reading “What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?”

I am Yours

I Am Yours   I can go anywhere and i can be lost somewhere but all i ever wanna be is where you are and be lost in your arms for can i see rainbows and sunshines and butterflies all through your eyes and it doesn’t matter where you are for i am yours andContinue reading “I am Yours”

With a Smile

I. I never felt how broken i was Until I saw your foot prints leaving me in agony in hurt in pain And in longing Until then You remain my beautiful poetry II. And if you find your way back I will be right where you left me In the shadow of my life withContinue reading “With a Smile”