Father (A Flash Fiction)

Father (A Flash Fiction)

“i’m sorry, i couldn’t hear any heartbeat,” my doctor revealed after just a few minutes of examining my supposed baby bump. my mind went crazy, and my heart beat the fastest and loudest beat ever. i wanted to cry, but there were no tears. i wanted to shout and curse the universe. still, no sounds were coming out. my doctor knew i was on the brink of losing my composure, so she asked me to sit down and gave me a glass of water. “stay calm,” she said.

waiting for you as i held my tears was the most traumatic part of hearing the news. i could see myself heading in directions only God knows where. i wanted to run away, away from the reality that i would never get to hold in my arms the baby i so wanted to have. “you quietly came into our world, silently, and you stayed shortly. but know that you take up the most room in our hearts.” i whispered.

“i’m here for you, and i don’t care if you need to cry all day long i will stay with you,” you said while i was sobbing.

the dark underground parking area was our sole witness to how we grieve at the loss of another angel. we were both inconsolable, as God knows how much we wanted the child. but at least we have each other.

i looked at you, holding on to your composure, and you began to cry. the kind of cry i’ve never witnessed from you my whole life. the type of cry only a father could upon losing a child he never gets to hold.

written in response to the following prompts:

“Locker” …soon

The fans of Bestselling Author Michelle Ayon-Navajas will see a different kind of writer as she embarks to a new writing technique for her ninth book – flash fiction.

Flash fiction embraces the techniques of prose narratives and storytelling as opposed to having a poetic sensibility. It is solid prose, and there may be moments of metaphor, abstraction, or elevated language, but ultimately, there’s a sense of a short story.

Locker, is Ayon-Navajas’s first flash fiction book which consists of fifty (50) stories that will surely get the readers hooked until the last page. Each poetic tale is a stand-alone story but as soon as you flip to next page until the last, you will realize there is more to these poetic flash fiction stories than just a simple collection of tales.

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God (A Flash Fiction)

God (A Flash Fiction)

i live in one of the most affluent subdivisions in the city, where you would rub elbows with the richest of the rich and see eye-to-eye with influential people in politics and even in the entertainment industry. the area is 16 hectares of mixed-use shopping, residential, and leisure development. they say it is where the “ultra-rich and famous” lived.

country-inspired living meets the pleasures of city life is what our place is very much known. it provides refreshing amenities that include a freeform tropical-style leisure pool, landscaped pool deck with lounge area, children’s playground, fitness gym, shower rooms with lockers, and a multipurpose clubhouse.

some luxurious residential condominiums and towers offer generous floor layouts and incomparable views of the city. stories have it that one unit alone is bigger than the typical townhouses sold in the neighboring areas. 

it is where pets such as dogs and cats flaunt their most expensive Gucci, Prada, and Louis Vuitton necklaces or pet accessories. you would be in awe at how lovely they look. some even say their pet carriage is even more expensive than that of a price a four-seater Hyundai Accent car.

one morning i was tasked to pick up a document from a local government agency i needed for my Visa application. someone told me that i should take the shortcut route to that agency instead of taking the usual private car ride. why? they say the traffic is terrible around this time, so it’s best to walk.

i took the narrow alley, which was made available for non-residents who work within the area; they need to present their company identification cards to enter; otherwise, they won’t be able to use the access alley.

there’s no other way to say it, but i was about to enter a slum area, to my surprise. there are informal settlers with inadequate housing and squalid, miserable living conditions. it’s overcrowded, with many people crammed into tiny living spaces. i bet the garage and dog house of some houses from where i am is bigger than the tiny homes here. i bet, too, one Louis Vuitton pet necklace is more expensive than a small house in this slum area. and i bet again, one dinner from bill of a fine restaurant from my place is undoubtedly more enormous than the monthly income of the head of the family here. and not to mention that these two areas are walls apart, a ten-minute walk via the shortcut alley. 

i saunter towards my destination with a heavy heart and a mind full of life’s lessons and realizations.

the disparity of life,” i sighed in silence with a drop of tear, looking at a happy little kid in dirty muddy clothing running towards me asking for money for food. 

where is your mother?” i asked the kid.

i don’t know, maybe out somewhere selling sampaguita garlands to rich people like you,” she replied. 

i wanted to say i am just like her and that there is no difference between rich and poor in the eyes of God or even move further with me, giving my unsolicited advice that she should study hard to be able to live a decent life someday, but i was taken aback when she said, “maybe, we live in a world where no Gods exist.” she said further, “but if there’s God Madam, please tell him to give me some good food for dinner later.”

Written for Reena’s exploration challenge using the phrase “You live in a world where no Gods exist.”

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i walked through the shadows of the trees on a cold, eerie night. i was among the green grass that covered the saturated soil.

i walked miles and miles. i was tired. i was hopeless. i couldn’t find my way out of the woods, out of the darkness.

i searched for the answer to my dark-tempered soul. i longed for the glimmer of light amidst my convenience in the dark.

i was locked up. locked up in the expansive wild vastness of the mountain where i’d been circling around for years but hadn’t found even an inch of chance for freedom. and in my loneliness and solitude, i whispered, “sometimes, it’s better to be locked up than to be broken.”

really? or was it just my hopelessness that made me think my freedom wasn’t as significant as everyone believed it to be? maybe i am better off where i am now. perhaps i am better off with how i am feeling now.

little did i realize that in my loneliness and hopelessness, a seed of hope was growing. in my isolation, freedom is being born. in my despair, love is growing.

for Sadje’s WDYS

Merry Christmas

“a strong woman loves, forgives, walks away, lets go, tries again, and perseveres…no matter what life throws at her.”

🌹Merry Christmas dear friends and poets. 2022 has been very kind to me.

🌹”After Rain Skies, 2nd Ed,” was published in March 2022, and was an Amazon best-seller (top 10) for more than a month. “After Rain Skies” was written to celebrate the life and the journey to healing of victims of abuse and violence.

🌹”It Ain’t Winning If Without You,” was released in August 2022. it became #1amazonbestseller  #1newreleases #1hotnewreleases on (all) Amazon Markets worldwide by pre- orders alone. it is something poets could only dream of. it was #number1 on Amazon for over a month, and was on #top10 for four months. it was unbelievable.

🌹i thought i was done for 2022 with two #bestsellers but #pentopublish2022 came and i decided to submit. in October 2022 “I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark,” was born. the contest is still running up to this writing but i felt like i’ve already won, because once again it became #1amazonbestseller  #1newreleases #1hotnewreleases on (all) Amazon Markets worldwide.

🌹i am also a part of an ensemble of award-winning and best-selling authors of the anthology “Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women” by Experiments in Fiction with Gabriela  Marie Milton as our editor. it was a #1amazonbestseller.

🌹my poems were published in different online literary websites such as Spillwords, MasticadoresUsa, and MasticadoresIndia. My Poem “Wednesdays Of Longing,” was nominated as Spillwords August Publication of the month. “Love Happens” is still up and a trending/popular post on Spillwords.

🌹i was featured in different magazines and newspapers; Ipoh Echo, Hindustan Metro, Enterpreneur Stories, Hindustan Bytes, Web Story India, to name a few.

🌹i was also named as one of the Top 30 Most Talented Personalities of 2022 by Republic News India in cooperation with over 50 other news agencies in India.

🌹2022, three best-selling books, one best-selling anthology, numerous well-recieved poetry publications and countless news story features…my poet heart will forever be grateful.

🌹i am also very grateful to my WP family. i just surpassed the 100,000k WP views.

🌹100, 000K WordPress views..💕💕💕 a very Merry Christmas indeed🌹🌹🌹 thank you dear friends and poets.

🌹i am truly humbled and honored that you have chosen to read and support my Poetry Site ib this day and age when watching YouTube, Tiktok, and Reels is preferred over reading Blogs and Poetry sites.

it’s true, nothing beats the joy of making stories come to life through words and verses in rhythm and rhyme.

🌹read more of my WordPress and publication journey on The Update India



i want to rest my drowsy eyes upon yours
where i could see bright lights and colors
where hope is reflected upon them perfectly
and joy is just around the corner elegantly.

i want to rest my worn-out hands upon yours
where i feel nothing but affection and tenderness
where strength is manifested upon your palm
and tomorrow is a better vision, like a psalm.

i want to rest my exhausted mind upon yours
where i could sense your intellect that truly cares
where ambition is synonymous with a loving care
and life is better with your intelligence in fanfare.

i want to rest my weary heart upon yours
where the intense passion for love resides
where absolute protection is its concern
and love, no matter what, is love in return.

i want it to be you, where promises are never broken
please let it be you where i can truly rest now, forever, and always.

promise me it will be you.

For Eugi’s Prompt:

Bluest Blue

Bluest Blue

love me like the bluest blue ocean
loves the sight of a crying seagull
from a distance at night
“so near yet so far away,”
that’s what they are
for each other.

love me as i cry my own cry
for an unforgiving night without you
we don’t need to be the
ocean and the seagull
to be “so near yet so far away,”
‘cos that’s what
we are, my dear.

How Christmas Should Be

How Christmas Should Be

i can hear the sleigh bells ringing
just as the doors are slowly closing
for the vagabonds across the street
praying for a magical Christmas treat.

i can see the snowflakes falling
just as homes are shaking
for all the war zone cities
hoping for a peaceful Christmas.

i can feel the gust of wind blowing
just as dreams are gradually dying
for victims of abuse and violence
wishing for a lovely Christmas chance.

i can smell the midnight coffee brewing
just as the elderly people are crying
on a cold winter night in the home for the aged
wishing they were with their loved ones on Christmas eve.

i can taste the burnt cheesecake in my mouth, melting
just as the egos and pride are concluding
for friends and families joyfully reunited
celebrating Christmas with love and gratitude.


The festive mood of the photo reminds me of the forthcoming Christmas and what would it be like to those who are less fortunate and in great despair.

For Sadje’s WDY

I Pray

I Pray

Ukraine and Russia are still at war
for months and maybe years more
children are no longer out to play
i bow down and pray it won’t stay.

war ruined communities and families
disrupts economic fabric of nations
creates long term harm to people
reduction in human and material capital.

war is never the answer to a dispute
it’s never the solution nor absolute
i hope one day we’d be happy and gay
i bow down in supplication and pray.

Iran sentenced 15k protesters to death
of “enmity against God” and “spreading
corruption on earth”
a punishment for not being obedient
or simply being an oppressive tyrant?

tyranny is at most harsh and  cruel
prevents people from reaching full potential
i hope one day we’d live freely
i bow down in plea and pray.

more than the war in Ukraine
and the tyranny in Iran
we all rage our own wars
we all are silent tyrants.

these kind of wars are even more dangerous
it destroy self worth, dreams and ambitions
the tyrants among us are more oppressive
it put a death sentence to all that we hope and
we believe.

i bow down in supplication and pray
we find inner peace one day.

For Sadje’s WDYS

I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark (#1bestseller)

IT’S #1bestseller and #1newrelease  (insert me screaming at the top of my lungs)

My 8th book, “I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark,” released on short notice for Amazon’s kdp book publishing competition, became a bestseller in one day.

I am genuinely grateful to all my readers and followers worldwide for quickly buying this book.

September 23, 2022, I received an email from Amazon regarding the KDP PentoPublish 2022 competition. I went over and read the guidelines and requirements to join. And I initially thought I could do it. EXCEPT that the deadline is … October 10, 2022.

Imagine writing and publishing a book in two weeks! So I dismissed the idea of joining; I knew I couldn’t possibly do it. My previous books took me around 6 to 8 months to finalize; there is no way I can do it in 2 weeks; besides, I just released my 7th book last August 15, which, as you all know, is also a bestseller. So strategically speaking, it’s not viable. And in terms of marketing, it’s not also possible. We don’t have enough time to do it.

But with some push and drastic encouragement, here’s what happened next:

October 3 to October 4 – I was writing the material/content with a very hazy concept.

Oct. 4, 3 pm – my editor said I need to send them the material immediately; otherwise, we won’t make it to the deadline. So, with me panicked, I sent a new book’s complete 21k word count. I finished with the theme and the details.

October 5 – Technical issues on the possible book cover design came up; I received the book’s edited/formatted inside pages later in the afternoon.

October 5, 11pm-midnight – when the world is in total darkness, my editor sent the possible book cover for approval. After a few discussions, we submitted the manuscript.

October 6 – it went live on Amazon, and I announced it on all my social media platforms.

And the rest, they say, is history.

Thank you so much for making my 8th book a # bestseller on such short notice.

Some of you told me they haven’t finished reading my 7th book, but they bought this one anyway.

My special thank you to Joni Caggiano for writing the beautiful foreword on such short notice. When the paperback edition is released, additional forewords from Jenna and Geralyn will be included.