what does it really take, to be a family? a mother? a father? a sister? or a brother? will that single scientific bond called DNA be enough? or is it a requirement? but what happens when apart  from that scientific bond called DNA nothing binds you anymore? what if that basic molecule contains nothing butContinue reading “Family”

It’s Been Ten Years

how does one forget a love so real, so pure so endearing? the kind only you, and you alone can give? tell me as I struggle to understand, I struggle to accept I struggle to move on tell me how do I start over? it’s been years, 10 years to be exact and they sayContinue reading “It’s Been Ten Years”

Your Smile

I could tell of a thousand ways you smilethe sweetest ones are the thoseseen by how your lips move,the most triumphant are thosetimes you smile with the beat of your voicewith unexpected bounce and high pitch tone,your cutest smile is seen by how you chooseyour words, or the way you pause and laughat my crazyContinue reading “Your Smile”


you talk, like your dancingso smooth,so alluring,so captivatingyour eyes move as you utter each wordyour lips pout for every idea you point outand your hands, oh your hands dearits feeling the beatof every syllableyou humyou dances gracefullyalong with the rhythm and rhymeof your wordsoh your words, your words dearhow they took my breath awayhow thatContinue reading “Dance”


she wears a smileso contagious and charmingthe kind that bears true ofa heart filledwith love and compassionhe took it awaynow wounded,now torn.abuse took her smile awaybut not her soulshe’s beaten,she’s crying,but she’s winning.  out in the stormin a lonely eveningfighting, thrivingfor in tryingshe is winningand in painshe is victoriousfor in silence, she battlesand in pain,Continue reading “Storm”

All I Could Ever Be

All I Ever Could Be Defending the poor and unfortunate caring with a heart so compassionate ah! a lawyer that’s what I will be back then as a little girl I decided with glee. Broadcasting news on TV doing it with a mind so steady ah! a television anchor I see back in high school,Continue reading “All I Could Ever Be”

Table For Two

table for two, let me arrange for youI’ll begin by laying an elusive cloththat matches the floral placemats and napkinsI’ll position the plates, flatwares, and glasseswith flowers so delicate as a centerpiecethere will be candles of various heightsin low – light atmosphere,it will surely be perfect and romanticI will turn the place into a dreamlandwithContinue reading “Table For Two”

That, Is What Family Is All About

that crazy lunch together with loud screaming voices, getting through as everyonestruggles to be heard that makes it all worthwhile… that nonsense conversation with pointless arguments, wanting to make a stand to win the debate that makes it all unforgettable… that wild online team game with all of the adults ganging up on the youngContinue reading “That, Is What Family Is All About”