I’ll Never Stop

I’ll Never Stop  how is it possible thatI finally found someonesomeone I could be withwithout hesitations,without reservations,without inhibitions?I’ve waited all my lifeall my life for someone like youand nownow, my dear that you are with meI will never waste any momentnot one moment, with youI’ll never stopnever stoploving youeven if it seemschallengingdifficultandtough‘cos no matter whatContinue reading “I’ll Never Stop”

Vessels of Love

we fell in love when snail mails were all that we ever got couple it with roses and chocolates, makes love so endearing, so sweet so charming, so honest so pure, so passionate we fell in love when snail mails were all that we ever got sent through the post office or via a goodContinue reading “Vessels of Love”

Reintroducing Me

Reintroducing Me “Beauty is the opposite of perfection – it’s about confidence, charisma, and character.” Anonymous 2020 has opened so many doors and opportunities for me as a poet and as a writer. I would like to thank my loyal readers and followers especially those who have been with me in WordPress since 2013. IContinue reading “Reintroducing Me”

Waterfall (On Writer’s Block)

          On Writer’s Block:   You don’t need to be a murderer to write a bestselling murder novel. You don’t even need to be an alien to write from the point of view of one. You don’t even need to stripper to write about the life of a stripper. That isContinue reading “Waterfall (On Writer’s Block)”

Even If

a love poem to remind us that despite our differences, our incompatibilities, our struggles, and our problems we still have the reason to smile, to hope, to wish, to dream… and the more reason to love. it doesn’t have to be perfect.it doesn’t always have to be romantic, cheesy, or sappy.it doesn’t even have to be the way you expectContinue reading “Even If”

I Was Never A Hopeless Romantic

“I swear I was never a hopeless romantic, to begin with, but I prepared all these for you, my love “ I was never in love with romantic love poems I was never a love poet myself I wrote ’bout life and its intricacies about dreams and ambitions and endless possibilities I wrote ’bout politicsContinue reading “I Was Never A Hopeless Romantic”

A Snowflakes of Thank You

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.” – Ashley Smith I believe in dreams, and I see the good in even the worst situation; IContinue reading “A Snowflakes of Thank You”

I Love You, At First

I Love You, At First you walked past by me wearing a dashing smilewith the sun so hot and up, but the air was coolcould it be, because of your easy-breezy presence, I was beguiled?or was it just me feeling the numbness of my senses I could drool? your smile I can’t forget and yourContinue reading “I Love You, At First”

I Remember You

  ’twas not so long agoI came to know youover exchange ofsmall talks and “hi” and “hello”how long has it been?I can’t even remember thenbut I remember you in dayswhen I’ve run out of things to doand my muse is in an ultimate unannounced breakI remember you over galleries of photographsand stunning images of people,Continue reading “I Remember You”