again come sit with melet’s talkof how ’twas whenGod seemed to rectifythe universethe world stoppedcolors changedair didn’t movesky was emptysounds were mutedeverything was the sameyet different then, a new dawn camethe colors we see are vibrantthe air we breath is fresherthe sky is filled with joyful birds flyingthe sounds we hear are hymnsof love andContinue reading “Again”


I’m a flicker, a flicker of lightmoving quickly, rapidlyshining brightly I come as a newly lit lampin a calm evening as loverscelebrate love I’m a flicker, a flicker of lightteasing the night, joyfullyshimmering splendidly I come as a steady gleamsoothing your thoughtslike lovers do I’m a flicker, a flicker of lightdying, slowly, graduallylike lovers doContinue reading “Flicker”

Your Kiss

Your Kiss  your kiss tastes forever forever on my lips, my heart celebrates celebrates the love we share forever in eternity eternity may not even be the gauge gauge to how far and how much I love you and if there’s an alternate world  world of many possible universes universes that will make us spend spendContinue reading “Your Kiss”

Dearest Emily (Dickinson)

Dearest Emily (Dickinson), I’ve always wondered how in isolation you’ve written  such profound poetry on life, love, death, and even immortality? you were a very private person, with a notable powerful family how did you choose to live a life of an unknown, with great humility? you were deemed odd and eccentric, by your neighbors,Continue reading “Dearest Emily (Dickinson)”


Speechless I am speechless, flabbergasted when I see you walk, hear you talk when I see you smile, feel your love I am dumbstruck, my brain freezes  I am stuck, stuck in love with you I am speechless, I am flabbergasted unable to speak, my tongue-tied my brain stutters for a moment every part ofContinue reading “Speechless”

Holding Hands

you took my hand,slowly, gently our fingers intertwinedpressed against each othersqueezed with fervent ardorwhere two hands became onethen you whispered in my earthe words I longed to hearI giggled as a replymy heart flutteredmy soul rejoicedmy mind shutteredevery single cell in my bodyexulted triumphantly you took my hand,slowly, gently with great pridewe walked,passing byevery pairContinue reading “Holding Hands”


Enchanted Earth (Copyright © 2007 Connie Marcum Wong) I have known ethereal bliss. A crystal sea, serenity. . . . Imparts visions to memory. Endowed by heaven’s cosmic kiss, A peaceful healing I can share With those who need my love and care. By star light from this great abyss Luna welcomes her night time sky.Continue reading “Empathy”

In A Table For Two (By: Noemi B. Abalos & Michelle Navajas, A Collaboration)

table for two  in a quiet cafe with few people or so “do you still want me?” you struggled to ask “I want you to stay” can you do that?  I gathered all my strength in reply hesitation, all that you manifested no definite answer, no assurance nothing at all my eyes bled of theContinue reading “In A Table For Two (By: Noemi B. Abalos & Michelle Navajas, A Collaboration)”


Stranger what do you call this glorious blazing ball of fire?marvelously hanging up in what they call the skyseemingly offering a warm embrace on a cold winter gracewill its heat be enough, warm my soul, my lonely heart? what do you call this yet another ball of fire?magically shining through the nighttaking control over givingContinue reading “Stranger”