I Wish Valentines Day Is Just Another Day

poetrybymich 💛💥💫 Happy Valentines Day dear poets and friends. 🧡 Do you ever feel that Valentines Day is just a product of our creative imagination made possible by brilliant marketing strategy?

I Wish Valentines Day Is Just Another Day

i wish Valentines Day, is just a product of the creative imagination
of poets and creatives alike
to generate monetary compenstion
and to further their pursuit of recognition and epic breakthrough
but it isn’t.

and so this day, is just another epic day reminder
“whatever happened to us?”
another day for regrets and blame throwing
“where did i go wrong?”
another day for what if’s and what could have been’s
just another day.

i wish Valentines Day, is just a product of the creative imagination
of poets and creatives alike so that i won’t be sitting here alone
counting the years and counting the times
it could have been me your celebrating Valentines Day with over romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant
but it wasn’t me.

and so this day, is just another day full of remorse and guilt
had i been brave enough to fight for my love would i ended up holding your hand today?
another day to feel sorry for all that i was and all that i failed to do
just another day.

i wish Valentines Day, is just another ordinary day
so that i don’t need to go through over and over again, feeling the pain of not being the one chosen, of not being the one loved
of not being the one you celebrated Valentines Day with, for the last years or so.

For Sadje’s https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2022/02/14/what-do-you-see-121-february-14-2022/

Coffee Magic

it’s the sweet-bitter sensation
that makes coffee magic and an illusion
it confuses the sensitive palate
it diffuses an angry heart
it calms a desolate soul

as for me, my love
i miss coffee with you
but i miss making
you coffee the most

i don’t have to deal
with my sensitive palate
you make my palate highly
youthful, delicate to your after coffee kiss

i don’t have to deal with my angry heart
you make my heart triumphantly joyful
every time you give me a loving gaze
before you sip your coffee

i don’t have to deal with my desolate soul
you make my soul fearless, steadfast
whenever you wrap your arms around me
while enjoying your afternoon coffee

i miss coffee, but i miss
making you one the most

Rock ‘N Roll Star

Rock ‘N Roll Star

I’m sipping my cappucino,
quietly enjoying the bitter after taste,
with our favorite song
playing on the radio
when I remember how I first met you
you were smiling, probably the sweetest smile I had ever seen, and I was terrified
for a minute or so

hey man, there was something about you
in your faded jeans and awkward white fitted shirt, you were a rock n roll star
coming out from a backstage party
after a concert, only that you were not,
but something ’bout you
’bout you looking like a rock n roll star

there was something ’bout you
the way you made me laugh
and the way you made me half crazy,
half crazy for always wanting to be near you
you spoke with confidence
you smiled with arrogance
you walked with swag
something ’bout you
’bout you looking like a rock n roll star

you were a star, just enough for me
to go mad like a crazy fan girl
your small space was your centerstage
your friends, your one time audience
you were just being you
and I was half crazy, half crazy
something ’bout you
’bout you looking like a rock n roll star

and as I finish my cappucino, I can’t help
but smile, ‘cos there’s really something
’bout you, after all, you still
gorgeously look like a rock n roll star
in your faded jeans and awkward
fitted white shirt, and I am still terrified
hey, baby your my kind of rock n roll star
and I am your mad half crazy fan girl

Poetry @ its Finest (or so I Thought)

I wonder if Shakespeare will ever be happy of these?

But it sure did make me smile this morning.

Thank you kate for this Friday Fun Prompt https://aroused.blog/2021/01/30/friday-fun-memes/

And here is the a photo of an actual page from the paperback copy of “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter?”

Tell Me #whatdoyousee

tell me the good
in the morning
when there ain’t
around you smilin’
with a cup of crisp,
nutty fresh americano,
perfectly paired
with sweet, bitter
chocolate cookie,
and the crunchiness of
crispy, chewy almond nut
tell me the good in the evening
when there ain’t around you
to kiss me goodnight

’til I fall magically asleep
in the warmth of your
loving arms
tell me the good in all that I do
when there ain’t you
to share it with
tell me as I pray
tell me as I hope
tell me as I wish
tell me as I navigate
upon the realm
of dreams and fantasy
tell me, you’ll be there
in my reality


Image credit- Stefan Keller – Pixabay

( For the visually challenged reader, the image shows a woman holding her hands in supplication. In front of her, a hummingbird is hovering in the air. There are flowers in the background)


Gone -poem



The sun is up today
so I gleefully  say
“This espresso I am having
is soothing and warming”.

I bet it’s from the blue mountain of Jamaica, Columbia, Guatemala or Java
it has a golden colored crema on top
and that robust flavor made me snap.

I felt a sweet lingering after taste
so I snag another cup in haste
**ensaymada is what I am having it with
“soft and delicate; buttery and grilled”.

It’s a sunny day today
as I take a sip, grab a bite and say
“Dad, it’s been really a long while
you’re way too gone but I miss you still”.



In memory of my father who has gone ahead of us to heaven.

**Ensaymada is a pastry product from Mallorca. It is a common cuisine eaten in most former Castilian territories in Latin America and the Philippines.

Broken (inverted etheree)

You hit me the hardest, wounded deeply
Break my soul and destroy my spirit
Crushed me down and left me bleeding
Why do you love me so much?
And treat me so damn kind?
Yet, breaks my being
Tear me apart?
Why do I
Love you


Faithfully (Etheree)

Yet I feel
Deep in my heart
I long and I cry
By my side, you will be
Friends, let’s not be! Oh hear me
Listen to what I say, dear, please
My soul wants you, my heart desires you
Forever this will be, yours faithfully.



This poem is dedicated to a fellow blogger https://idolwandererblog.wordpress.com hop in and check his site and you will find out you…

Over a Cup of Coffee


I wonder many times
how you have become so much
part of me I can’t let go.

A trip to the cafe would
simply make it go, all my doubts
my worries fade away.

It might be the coffee with
its soothing aroma that calms
down my wary heart.

Or it could the romantic
vibe in the cafe that makes
me fall in love again.

I guess it would always be
like this, you and me
over a cup of coffee.

I love you, once more and always.


If you have been following me for a while now, I guess you would know that this is again a poetic product of me eavesdropping for the nth times lol.

It just feels so good seeing people happy and in love.


I didn’t know
how broken I am
‘Till you said …

“I can make it without you”.


Inspired by DavyD’s poem RAW https://davydblog.com/2017/03/07/raw/



(Sketch by my 15 year old daughter)