Rock ‘N Roll Star

Rock ‘N Roll Star I’m sipping my cappucino,quietly enjoying the bitter after taste,with our favorite songplaying on the radiowhen I remember how I first met youyou were smiling, probably the sweetest smile I had ever seen, and I was terrifiedfor a minute or so hey man, there was something about youin your faded jeans andContinue reading “Rock ‘N Roll Star”

Poetry @ its Finest (or so I Thought)

I wonder if Shakespeare will ever be happy of these? But it sure did make me smile this morning. Thank you kate for this Friday Fun Prompt And here is the a photo of an actual page from the paperback copy of “What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter?”

Gone -poem

Gone The sun is up today so I gleefully¬† say “This espresso I am having is soothing and warming”. I bet it’s from the blue mountain of Jamaica, Columbia, Guatemala or Java it has a golden colored crema on top and that robust flavor made me snap. I felt a sweet lingering after taste soContinue reading “Gone -poem”

Broken (inverted etheree)

You hit me the hardest, wounded deeply Break my soul and destroy my spirit Crushed me down and left me bleeding Why do you love me so much? And treat me so damn kind? Yet, breaks my being Tear me apart? Why do I Love you Still?  

Faithfully (Etheree)

It’s Over Yet I feel Deep in my heart I long and I cry By my side, you will be Friends, let’s not be! Oh hear me Listen to what I say, dear, please My soul wants you, my heart desires you Forever this will be, yours faithfully.   P.S. This poem is dedicated toContinue reading “Faithfully (Etheree)”

Over a Cup of Coffee

I wonder many times how you have become so much part of me I can’t let go. A trip to the cafe would simply make it go, all my doubts my worries fade away. It might be the coffee with its soothing aroma that calms down my wary heart. Or it could the romantic vibeContinue reading “Over a Cup of Coffee”


I didn’t know how broken I am ‘Till you said … “I can make it without you”.   P.S. Inspired by DavyD’s poem RAW   (Sketch by my 15 year old daughter)


You You were everything i wanted to be You were all that i ever had to be I would give you the world if i could I would stay with you if i should Baby, i know i love you, i must say And i love you more everyday I wish you all the luckContinue reading “You”