Everything Will Be Fine

Everything Will Be Fine

even though its hard to do
i confront my fears
with faith in my heart
with fire in my soul

i possess the courage
i have the strength
to bring another life
healthy in this world

i am strong and healthy
i trust in the wisdom
of my body to be
a safe place

i can do all the impossible
I’ve survived all the worst
i am strong
i will be fine

just breathe.

For Eugi’s https://amanpan.com/eugis-weekly-prompt-affirmations-january-18-2022/


As I continue to explore writing issues and topics that are mostly taboo; like “miscarriage” I opted to write an affirmation poem for mothers who have silently lost thier babies during the course of pregnancy.

Positive affirmation will hopefully help them heal.

Miscarriage is a traumatic event which affects every woman differently, but can lead to grief, anxiety, depression, and even symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Some women chose to speak up and share. Some opted to keep silent and continue with their lives. And it might surprise us, but some have actually become a highly functional empowered woman. And some believed (even the mother herself) that she moved on with the trauma. Little do we know that they are actually the ones agonizing the most. When the lights, the glamour, the demands of work are over their world will fall apart. And the cycle just continues for them.

Little Bleep (A Monologue Flash Fiction)

Little Bleep (A Monologue Flash Fiction)

If i could scream I’d scream of little bleeps. Yes, little, tiny…that’s what I am. A small innocent “bleep” wanting to grow, wanting to survive and  wishing to see the world outside.

From where I am is pure darkness. But I love it here. It’s warm and cozy. It feels so good just to be hovering wiggling around, so comfortable. I love it here, really. Oh, except when I hear loud thunderous screaming, yelling, shouting. I wanted it to stop. For each yelling feels like I’m dying. It has been like this for a while and it’s getting louder each day. I must say, today was the worst. Each loud scream was synonymous to a painful sharp cry.

I wonder when will this ever end.

Will I even make it out alive?

Please mom hang on there, we’ll make it together. I promise I’ll be your most loving little bleep ever.

And oh, dad…yes dad I can’t wait to see you. I only hear stories of you from mom. Those sweet lovely stories she’d tell me everynight. In between her sobs. Oh, I could feel how much she misses you.

So dear Lord I hope the thunder stops. I hope it ends soon. I fear I won’t make it out.

Mom, dad….please hang on guys, little bleep will be out soon. We’ll be together I promise.



it’s been said many times
a house is not a home
it’s just a dwelling place
to get through days

it’s been said many times
a home is made up of
a loving father, a caring mother
and kids to share

yet, through and through
over the years, over time
we’ve witnessed, homes
crumble down

and for most they say
it’s the father, not so loving
or the mother, not so caring
which leaves the kids scuffling

but i say my dear
my home is with you
regardless of
no matter what

For Sadje https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/11/22/what-do-you-see-109-november-222021/


how can i ever get over you?
how can i not think ’bout you?
i kept your memories
dearly in my heart for so long
and oh, how i can forget you
even for a while?
they say time and distance
will make you forget
but that won’t gonna work for me
it has been so long, oh, so long
i could clearly see your face smile over me,
i could hear you speak to me in your soft modulated voice, i could feel your
warm embrace and comforting touch
so much has happened, and there
has been so many changes
i bet you don’t even know anymore
the songs played on the radio
or that, sorry but you have to know
rock bands are popular no more
i know it’s sad, and i too am sad
believe me, i am sad
how can i ever forget,
the first time my heart has swooned
by your endearing voice,
soothing, perfect just for me,
i’d fall asleep easily, on your lap,
on your shoulder, and oh, please
i could trade anything, yes anything
just to hear your voice again
your voice, ah, your voice
is kept carefully in the
deepest recesses of my being
every beat of my heart is every
lullaby you sing, every breath i take
is every melody of your undying love
Papa, let’s sing together, one more time
“Michelle, ma belle
These are words
that go together well
My Michelle
Michelle, ma belle…” 

You Miss Another One Of My Birthdays Again!

I wish you’re beside me right now
‘cos there’s just so much I wanna tell you
after all, you’re at your best listening to my stories
your eyes, oh how I remember they light up
to your heart’s desire
when I giggle, when I laugh
at my own faulty storytelling technique

I swear I could finally win, any
word games you would challenge me
for oh, I bet you didn’t know
I’ve learned a lot overtime
I’ve mastered it for a while
and I would bet every single coin
there is in my pocket for this

do you remember how I’d cry
but I wouldn’t say a word why?
I was hurt, so hurt I know you will be
if I tell you why, but, with you
no amount of words is needed
nor a great amount of pep talk
is required, with you heaven is on earth

and right now, just right now
I wish you’re beside me
there’s just so much I wanna tell you
‘cos papa, nothing beats your warm angelic embrace
your comforting words and your heavenly presence

you are still, the only man who truly
believes in me even when I say nothing at all
and, I could trade anything just to be
with you right now

and oh, papa, you miss another one of my birthdays again!


A late Father’s day poem for my papa in heaven wishing he is with me on my birthday (late birthday post too)


what does it really take, to be a family?

a mother?

a father?

a sister?

or a brother?

will that single scientific bond called DNA be enough?

or is it a requirement?

but what happens when apart  from that scientific bond called DNA

nothing binds you anymore?

what if that basic molecule contains nothing but the instructions an individual needs?

to develop? 

to live?

we need more than just DNA to belong

there is the need for someone to be loved unconditionally in spite of

there is the need for someone  be valued and cherished when things are not easy

to belong, to be one, that is family; for life, our forever, our promise

All I Could Ever Be

All I Ever Could Be

Defending the poor and unfortunate

caring with a heart so compassionate

ah! a lawyer that’s what I will be

back then as a little girl I decided with glee.

Broadcasting news on TV

doing it with a mind so steady

ah! a television anchor I see

back in high school, I was so carefree.

Pouring thoughts on paper

scribbling late at night so dear

ah! a journalist I will be

back in college with free will.

Never became a lawyer really

it wasn’t my dream actually

‘Twas a childish thing to wish

no dirt to dish.

Broadcasting wasn’t even for me

‘though I had the chance to be

you see surgery on the neck

making it hard to speak.

A writer I may have always been

creating stories now and then

putting actions into words

screaming as I scribble with thoughts.

You see there’s something I missed

never imagined I’d enjoy it with bliss

caring for little souls, giving them a place to grow

motherhood is what makes me glow.

Six Months After

“you are beautiful amidst adversaries,

you are resilient amidst tragedies.”

it has been over six months since I last held your hands and kissed you goodnight; it was the longest six months of our lives. others have succumbed to the tragedy, a tragedy no man would ever wish to go through. a tragedy I never even thought I’d witnessed in this lifetime.

the world stopped.

in a snap of a finger and a blink of an eye, everything changed.

but you my dear never changed. you remained humble, resilient, and loving.

you never complained when everyone was complaining. you never rant when everyone was mad. you never questioned when everyone was in doubt.

you remained calm, even in chaos. you remained brave in the presence of fear.

you smiled when everyone else wasn’t.

you were grateful even when the whole world thought there is nothing to be thankful about.

you have kept your composure, your faith and, your cheerfulness.

my child, you possess an everlasting beauty – not even time nor old age can take away.

six months after, here we are my child with tears in our eyes and smiles on our faces – back in each other’s arms.

you are now back in my loving arms. your safest place. your greatest comfort.

for Kate and Eugi’s Weekley Challenge

I will also link this post to Sadje’s Weekly Challenge https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/category/what-do-you-see/

We know that Baby pandas are amazingly small. Each cub weighs only about 3 ½ ounces (100 grams) at birth. And because of that, a panda mother must carry her baby around very gently and take care of it until it is big enough to move around on its own. Pandas are known for being very careful and protective mothers. I suppose with such tiny babies, they have to be! Just like a panda mom, I too was very protective of my children. I resigned from my job and took care of them full time. And for the longest time, I was always by their side. I was on a constant guard of them; on everything and anything – until pandemic happens. We were separated for a long while and yes, I was devastated and worried at first. Devastated, because I never thought, something terrible as the pandemic could happen and separate us. Worried, because I was never away from them for so long. But lo, and behold! I must have done something great for raising my children. I never thought they could actually live independently on their own ( without complaints). I never imagined they’d be able to feed themselves on their own ( without me having to prepare their meals. And I also never imagined they remain calm and joyful and optimistic (amidst the distance). The pandemic has made me the proudest mother that I am today. I raised mentally and emotionally stable daughters. They are generally happy children and they chose to remain the same.

Now, I am just like a panda mom. My then kids were like newborn pandas who cry for milk now and then in between feedings, a panda mother will rarely put her baby down. When sitting, the mother holds the tiny creature in her paw. When she is on the move, she carries the baby gently in her mouth. I was like that. But now with the pandemic, I realized my daughters have grown up just like panda cubs; the moment they learn to walk on their own panda mom, allows them to freely explore the world around them. 

My children are now ready to explore the world freely on their own. 

Who Am I?



I am my mother’s daughter,
dignified and loved.

I am my siblings’ sister,
adored and emulated.

I am my friends’ confidant,
trusted and honored.

I am my nation’s obedient citizen,
responsible and loyal.

I am an empowered woman,
independent and reliable.

Above all, I am a proud mother,
I who lovingly nurtures a child.

Each deepened crease in my face
symbolizes every single waking night of my life
that I sing a lullaby,
that I watch a baby sleep,
that I ensure they wake up with a better tomorrow.


for Sadje’s