What do you see?

  What do you see? Your dreams in an Endless possibility; Or a potential yet To be explored? What do you see? Your beauty where no Naked eye may see; Or a charm yet To be felt? What do you see? Your future in Oblivion; Or a past yet To be redeemed? What do youContinue reading “What do you see?”


How do I forget The day we met? You were sweetly staring; I was patiently waiting. How do I resist The smile I get? You were joyfully talking; I was sincerely listening. How do I walk away From the gentle touch, you pay? You were carefully caressing; I was nervously holding. How do I runContinue reading “How”


Why Often Asked when hurt Answers needed To feel better then The agony within Excruciatingly painful Harrowing, wrenching, torturous Satisfying one’s pain, one’s disdain Why, is all we have but not for so long.   P.S. We have so many questions in life. When I was a child I had chores to do after school.Continue reading “Why”


When I am Oh so damn To whom I run? And make me like fun? I am sad and lonely Alone, in this dark alley I will tell you I need a time Go out wonder, explore and be fine I can’t, you think this is where I should be. When I am Feeling blueContinue reading “Silenced”


                                             I                                       Felt your                      Continue reading “Sincerely”

How to Rise After Each Fall

      I AM darkness against light, Trouble over affection, Chaos under an order,             I am in pain. Noise in silence, Blinded with sight, Trembled though steady,              I am in agony. Cried in laughter, Screamed through heard, Fallen while standing,               I am in disguise. Laughed in sorrow, Smiled over tears, Hoped in despair,Continue reading “How to Rise After Each Fall”

Alone and Happy

I was having coffee at starbucks with my college daughter. I knew she would leave me as soon as she’s done with her coffee to catch up with her morning class. But what i didin’t realize is that she’ d leave sooner than she can finish her food. That’s when reality struck me. I amContinue reading “Alone and Happy”

Hello and Goodbye

We are about to to say goodbye to 2015 and say hello to 2016. What does hello and goodbye really mean to us? It means that we have to go through painful times – that moment of saying goodbye … moment when we felt pulled apart , moment when we knew the hurt of leavingContinue reading “Hello and Goodbye”

I need you home

  There are moments of longing, moments of yearning for your embrace for your gaze As I am sailing onwards, sailing heavenly to talk to you to laugh with you truth is; it is no longer enough that you are there to love me. I need you back home dad!!!    

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone..it has been a wonderful blogging year for me thanks for all your support.. MALIGAYANG PASKO….