another collaboration of three elusive poets, now four…@michnavs, @chanticleer9, @beruang_kuat, @karenskie13.. they are your neighbors, friends, classmates, or officemates. they are somebody’s greatest love.four poets. one poem. one mission – to take you to the magical world of poetry Rain i’ll never get over you,i’ll never get enough of youi’ll love you even if itContinue reading “Rain”


A collaboration of three elusive poets, whose love for the written words can be traced back even before Instagram and Facebook was born, even before the words, “friend zone or status complicated” were invented.Three poets, one poem, one hope, one wish – to love and be loved eternally @michnavs, @chanticleer9 and @beruang_kuat Rainbow i’ve walkedContinue reading “Rainbow”


Soar it’s been many days many months and many years and I’ve traveled to many places and met different faces I could fly higher and soar farther. it’s been fun and exciting and wonderful, and oh really great for it made me say, ” I made it through the rain” I am proud of whoContinue reading “Soar”

Wednesdays of Longing

Happy Wednesday friends and dear poetsπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•β€¦.let’s take on our…. Wednesdays of Longing..i am your 3 am musingreflecting on life,without one anotherwithout a bee on the flowerwithout a rainbow on the cloudwithout a moonlight on a starry nightwithout a ray of sunshine in the morningi am your 3 am musingand i ache for you.i am yourContinue reading “Wednesdays of Longing”


forever i will be taintedtainted by the dark, sad realityof the wrongs that i have doneof the mistakes i deliberatelycommittedor, did i?was i wrong to just let you go?was i wrong to just let you walk away? when all i ever wanted to dothat moment you said goodbyewas hold you close to my heartso closeContinue reading “Tainted”

On A Lazy Sunday Morn’

A Blessed Sunday friends and poets πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™..On A Lazy Sunday Morn’..if i could stop the clock,i’d stop it at the exact momentyou made me laughi’d say “freeze”, and be on that pointwhere i’d laugh, wide open‘cos baby, it feels so goodand in case you don’t knowit rarely happens,not all that is funnymakes me laughnot allContinue reading “On A Lazy Sunday Morn’”


Unforgotten i thought i saw you, from a distance amidst the crowdi could run to you and make you remember, all that we wereall that we probably never will,nahh, it might never actually be youi see you everywhere, yes everywhereunforgotten, that’s what you are to me i see you in the morning sky, as iContinue reading “Unforgotten”

It Isn’t Winning If Without You

It Isn’t Winning If Without You..i cried the hardest cry,swallowed the deepest trauma,absorbed the most painful wound.i took on the biggest challenges,the most enduring fightsthe craziest conflicts.but, i too.dreamt the impossiblehoped against hopewished against all odds.and nothing dear, no nothingbeats the feeling of winningwhen you thoughtyou’ve lost all along.nothing beats the feeling ofcoming home toContinue reading “It Isn’t Winning If Without You”

What Am I To You?

Sending good vibes on a sunny Thursday morning from my side of the world🌏🌝🌝🌞 .What Am I To You?.if stars were madeto light up the darkest of the nightflashing and flickeringshining and shimmeringas beacons of hope forall the lost souls in heavenall the star-crossed lovers on earth,.then, maybe it’s my time to ask“baby, what amContinue reading “What Am I To You?”


Papa.how can i ever get over you?how can i not think ’bout you?i kept your memoriesdearly in my heart for so longand oh, how i can forget youeven for a while?.they say time and distancewill make you forgetbut that won’t gonna work for meit has been so long, oh, so longi could clearly see yourContinue reading “Papa”