I say a little prayer
For you my dear.

I hum a silent chant
My wish, please grant.

I desire you with all my heart
Even when we are apart.

But if my chance you don’t know
I can make your life high and low.

So want me back, please do
Or i’ll be wherever you go.

I am an enchanter
A great lover.

A fun verse written for: What do you See? Oct/23/2018


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Gone -poem



The sun is up today
so i gleefuly  say
“this espresso i am having
is soothing and warming”.

I bet it’s from the blue mountain of Jamaica, Columbia, Guatamela or Java
it has a golden colored crema on top
and that robust flavor made me snap.

I felt a sweet lingering after taste
so i snag another cup in haste
**ensaymada is what i am having it with
“soft and delicate; buttery and grilled”.

Its a sunny day today
as I take a sip, grab a bite and say
“Dad, it’s been really a long while
you’re way too gone but i miss you still”.

In memory of my father who have gone ahead of us to heaven.

**Ensaymada is a pastry product from Mallorca. It is a common cuisine eaten in most former Castilian territories in Latin America and the Philippines.

Beauty – poem

John Keats once said,
“A thing of beauty is a joy forever”,
But what joy would it bring if
It is hidden underneath?

One has to walk in beauty
Like a night and never hide.
So come with me my love and let us Explore, the beauty hidden underneath.

For a thing of beauty is indeed a joy,
Always and forever.


In response to: “What do you See?” photo challenge.

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Stone Cold (poem)

Stone cold, that has become
Of a child abandoned at home.

Stone cold, a mother had been
Lonely, tired and forgotten.

Stone cold, a father for sure
All tide up at work, joy so unsure.

Stone cold, a family will be
If, and only they allow it to be.



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Weekly challenge

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

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(Photo credit: mine)

Each twist in the universe
is a new experience,
a change in the
settings of our lives
adapt and live
with the change.
Adjust our vision
to the new pattern of life
set before us.

For we are, a kaliedoscope world.

Stuck (Etheree)

In the
Middle of
Life’s crossroad paths
What we missed; must go
Least we live in the past
And can’t let go; the present
Is a must to live and enjoy
For nobody gets closer, as future
Remains a vision, when we are just stuck.

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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

Welcome to “What do you See?”http://helenevaillant.com/2018/10/02/what-do-you-see-october-2nd-2018/

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My (unusual) Poem

           My (unusual) Poem

My poems are not poetical
So they cannot be magical.

I write them in the afternoon
Unpoetic time no stars no moon.

I seldom use figures of speech
My words within a grade five’s   reach.

My inspiration, not love
But a flying dove.

My poems are not poetical
They’re down to earth like ***pandesal.
***Pandesal or pan de sal (Spanish for “salt bread”) is a common bread roll in the Philippines madeof flour, eggs, yeast,
sugar, and salt.

In response to Friday Foto Fun – Unusual

Unusual – this ornate Hindu temple is in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney
surrounded by Australian bush!

Please share something you’ve seen in an unusual setting, maybe a bit out of context?


creatively write about an unusual situation?


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