Your Eyes

oh, how I marveled atthe blazing sun,its burning heatits cheerful radiant colorthey remind me of your eyesoh, your eyes, the day I metyou, one morning,in a room so crowdedthere, I saw you, just likehow a girl meets a boyin the movies, in the novelsyour eyes bear a beautiful storyyour eyes hold a burning fire forContinue reading “Your Eyes”

Never Let Me Go

oh, how I long for days and nightswhen the world was kind, when birds sang melodious hymns of nature in perfectharmony, with the towering trees and perfect hues of stunning verdant hills so, come hold my hand and let’s take a walk, a walk back in time oh, how I long for days and nightsofContinue reading “Never Let Me Go”


what is with your embracethat I long to have always?the kind of embrace, I, forever will be remindedof how love was born between our bleeding soulsyour embrace, was my first memoryof how you held me tight,just as our love was newwhen words were not needed,to manifest love,to manifest you what is with your embracethat IContinue reading “Embrace”

Your Hello

what is with your “hello,” dear?that I so long desired to hear a kind of hello, i used to adorewhenever you’re up and close by the door the hello that awakened my soulfulfilled my true heart’s impulse a kind of hello, i missed and longed forregardless of the millions i heard over the hello thatContinue reading “Your Hello”

I Bet You Were Right

remember how we usedto talk ’bout movies and love songsand happily -ever- after?you said romance is for the hopeless romantic, for the young,the careless and the carefeeeI bet you were right,you were right‘cos at forty -five,I’m the same; young,careless, carefree,hopeless romanticstill crazy in love with you remember how we usedto talk ’bout our storyour loveContinue reading “I Bet You Were Right”

Your Glaring Eyes

    I wonder what is behind behind your glaring eyesare you a friend or are you a foe?‘cos I really don’t know I wonder what is behindbehind your glaring eyesare you cunning or simply shrewd?or maybe misunderstood I wonder what is behindbehind your glaring eyesif they’re the window to your soulthen I’m scared, scaredContinue reading “Your Glaring Eyes”

Rest Now, My Friend

and so, life indeed is full of surprisessuch as when you could carry on smiling while I was in tearsyour positive energy was remarkable, I swearyour smiles were authentic, crystal clearand for that “cheerful” could be your first name and I don’t know how you did it over the yearsyou created a bubble, life, freeContinue reading “Rest Now, My Friend”

A Perfect Streak Of Love And Destiny

it’s true then what they say,no amount of words will find a wayof expressing how much you love when its too greattoo good, too endearing, my dearbut i’ll say it the best way my poet heartcan anyway i love you, for many wonderful reasonslike when you just look at me with so much admirationhow canContinue reading “A Perfect Streak Of Love And Destiny”