Coffee Drip 

Coffee Drip 

i started drinking coffee when i was ten years old. my mother never liked the idea. looking back, i now realize how horrible she must have felt for seeing her ten-year-old daughter obsessed with coffee.

she lectured me about the effects of coffee on our bodies and how bad it could be. (of course, again, i know that now.) she even used to joke about me not getting taller if i didn’t stop consuming coffee. (of course, again, i think she was right all along.) there was nothing my mom could do at that time, though. 

and i am not talking about blended coffees which we can now get at some fancy coffee shops. no, not your usual Starbucks caramel macchiato, white mocha, or cafe latte. i don’t remember having Starbucks growing up. it wasn’t a thing then. i meant the black espresso, a single shot with no sugar. 

coffee time with my papa was always special. i’d watched him brew coffee using one of the oldest, simplest, fastest, and cheapest ways: the drip method. with the use coffee cone and paper filter, hot water is poured evenly over the coffee grounds in a paper filter. and with gravity, the brewed coffee drips slowly and directly into a cup or pot.

i’d carefully and slowly watch the coffee drip onto the transparent coffee mug my papa and i used to share.

it was a sight to behold. one of my greatest joys growing up. 

coffee time with my papa was always special; today, it is extra special. 

i am seated at my working table, finishing writing the epilogue of my soon-to-be-released book, remembering my papa.

my coffee is now ready, single-shot espresso, no sugar. as i take my first sip, i feel a sudden gust of wind.

my papa’s voice lingers in my head.

“one day, when you are grown up, and i will be gone, you will prepare your coffee drip; remember that each drip is each of my standing ovation for you, ‘cos i am sure by then, you have already made your dreams come true.”

written for Reena’s Exploration Challenge

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poetrybymich📚📚📚 “i loved you. and i’ll love you, over and over and over. without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. i’ll keep loving you.”

-it was the last week of February. the humidity level of the air was higher than usual. but i could feel the chills in my body, my knees trembling, my heart’s pounding, and my mind’s complaining. and i was standing alone, looking at the intersection, crying. “i should have stayed.”-






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“Why men rape is unknown to most. No one can tell. Some say it is a pathological assertion of power over a victim.”

join me as i share the true story of Ariel (not her real name), 20 years old and discover how her “no” gave her a lifetime of freedom and a a lifetime of self-worth.

i am grateful to Terveen and the entire staff of MasticadoresIndia for publishing this story in conjunction of the International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023.

may every woman find the courage to say “no” when needed just like Ariel.

women have the right to live free from violence. let your voice be heard.

join me and the rest of the world in spreading awareness and putting an end to the culture of abuse and violence against women.

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Time (A Flash Fiction)

it was 15 minutes past 6:00 in the evening. in that moment, i realized how beautiful the night sky was. it brought so much beauty like no other time of the day. the only sound was the wind whistling through trees along the busy street of the university belt, with the occasional honking of the car here and there. the city light became so melancholic that it was difficult not to ultimately be sad while looking at the night sky. and then, as i looked up, i saw a sight like no other a brightly shining full moon, a sea of ​​tiny stars surrounding it, and a sky all around, covered with blackness, speckled with beauty.

but this beauty does not come without a cost. yes, the night offers the magical sights of a starry night sky. still, it also means that the day has ended. as much as i hate to admit it, i can’t let go of my sadness; i wish that time would stand still for a moment so that i can be with you for a while.

but i can’t stop the time. i can’t even make you stay.

it was 15 minutes past 6:00 in the evening. our time together is over.

“bye, see you tomorrow in class i need to pick up Cindy for now.”

i didn’t need to hear more of what you had to say, i turned my back and walked away.

Phone Call

Phone Call (A Poetic Flash Fiction)

sometimes a minute is what we need to change our lives for the better forever. sometimes, it’s just a second of receiving a phone call unexpectedly.

“hello,” was all i could say when i heard you speak, “how are you?” on the other end of the line.

i knew it was you (even without asking). your voice hasn’t changed a bit. your tone hasn’t changed either. and oh, your sarcasm, it’s still the same. it has never changed too.

we started with a simple “how’s life” to exchange stories of how’s life has been since you walked away (or maybe, you were right; i walked away). either way, though, the truth is we both lost each other.

how long has it been? so long.

what i thought would be a simple “hi, hello” one-minute phone call turned out to be 30 minutes, then an hour, and before we knew it, it was as if there wasn’t over two decades of gap between now and then.

there wasn’t a need to catch up and get to know each other again. there wasn’t a need for some time to reconnect and bridge the gap. it was as if yesterday when i spoke to you last. but in reality, it was over two decades.

where am i goin’ with this? you probably will ask.

well, this is me saying, i am grateful for this phone call. i am thankful for this opportunity. i appreciate that you took a chance on me this time.  

no matter what happens and where life has taken us, we choose to return to where and how we started.

for Reena’s exploration challenge


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i am alone in this dark alley
muted, my soul will be
i run for refuge, no hand to hold in a crowd so huge,
i can’t find my way
every door bolted
so tight, leaving no air to breathe
i am desperate and drenched in hate
why am i alone?
oh, life, why have you treated me so kind
yet beaten me so hard?

i can taste the void, and it blankets over me
so I write to find a cure
so someone might know i exist
but the words don’t work
that dark alley is still the only place to be
why am i alone?
oh, life, why have you treated me so kind
yet beaten me so hard?
i have been crying in despair.
i have been weeping in agony
i wonder if someone will hear me
if you read this will, you find me?

For Reenas Exploration Challenge:

“Life is a mountain. Your goal is to find your path, not to reach the top.” Maxime Lagace

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I Will Love You Forever, Too (update)

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Silent War (After Rain Skies, Second Edition)

Silent War

No one doubts that you’re in pain when you’re walking around bleeding. You’re lucky, if someone believes you’re hurt, without you having to forcibly cut off an arm.

Naira was fine. She was perfect. There wasn’t a scratch on her. She was just about to throw herself off the top of a high-rise, that was all. And what was so special about that?

Everyone had problems. Anyone who thought their problems deserved attention just wasn’t trying hard enough to solve them. Right?

War was hard. Poverty was hard. Going out to break you’re back trying to make money was hard. But when war is at the doorstep, what do you expect to do?” Stand still and be quiet?

Marriage? You couldn’t possibly be complaining about being married. You wanted to be married, didn’t you? Learning your partner’s personality, his tendencies, his flaws. That was your responsibility, wasn’t it?

No one asks for international tensions. No one leaves his mother’s womb asking Allah to make him poor. But you, you made a choice, gave a vow. It was a commitment no one forced you into. You deal with it.

He never even hit you. Why are you unhappy? Others have it worse, Naira. Other women get new bruises every day. Do you see them leaving their husbands? That’s right.

You deal with the yelling. And the things he says. In front of your parents, in front of your brothers and sisters, in front of your co-workers. What was the worst they could do anyway? They were just words.

See, you’re fine. Naira, you’re perfect. Not a scratch on you. In all of ten years, not a bruise on you. And—

You’re tired. And that’s okay. You did everything you could.

It’s time to make yourself well.

All relationships lie somewhere in the middle of healthy and unhealthy at any given time. That’s why it’s important to identify the patterns and behaviors of our own relationships. Because relationships that visit the unhealthy area one too many instances tend to like to stay there.

For Reena’s

“After Rain Skies” (a compilation of true and inspiring stories of abuse and violence) will be out in all platforms worldwide on MARCH 8, 2022.

Little Bleep Too (A Monologue Flash Fiction)

Little Bleep Too (A Monologue Flash Fiction)

I never realized my story would end before it could even begin.

I silently wished to make it through. I actually have been praying so hard. And, I tried to be so good too. When I was told to behave, I did. When I was told to hang on, I did. When I was told hope, I did. I prayed so hard. I behaved so well. I held on tightly. I hoped (even when hope was not an option).

I was that “little bleep” screaming silently, wanting to see the world outside. I was a witness to how love survived all odds. Oh, geez I’ve witnessed the two most annoying human beings for wanting to get rid of each other, and yet not even one of them wanted to say goodbye first. How funny and stupid could that be? But well, at the end of the day, I hear them speak of love (so much love ) for each other. I hear them talk of their future and their plans. And, the most exciting part, I hear them discuss their plans for me.

I got so excited myself too.

I can’t wait. I really can’t wait.

Until today. Someone might have pulled the plug (or is there any plug at all?) I slowly and suddenly lost control of my breathing. It became so hard to breathe. I became so dark. It became so silent. Then I heard one heartbreaking confirmation “I’m sorry, we’ve lost it” Oh, how my heartaches. Damn! I wanted to be out so bad. But hey, my heart aches for my mom who was weeping alone, alone in the corner, with no one, nobody. I cried myself too. Then I wondered how would dad feel too?

I would really want to see the world outside. Live a beautiful life. Dream a dream and make a difference.


There was silence. There was total darkness.
I see nothing. I hear nothing.


This photo prompted me to write Part 2 of Little Bleep read here

I wonder how each unborn child would be when they grow up if only they were lucky enough to make it out in this world. They could be our future best world leaders, future best scientists, future best directors, future best poets.

For women who know they’re pregnant, about 10 to 15 in 100 pregnancies (10 to 15 percent) end in miscarriage. Most miscarriages happen in the first trimester before the 12th week of pregnancy. Miscarriage in the second trimester (between 13 and 19 weeks) happens in 1 to 5 in 100 (1 to 5 percent) pregnancies.

For Sadje

Little Bleep (A Monologue Flash Fiction)

Little Bleep (A Monologue Flash Fiction)

If i could scream I’d scream of little bleeps. Yes, little, tiny…that’s what I am. A small innocent “bleep” wanting to grow, wanting to survive and  wishing to see the world outside.

From where I am is pure darkness. But I love it here. It’s warm and cozy. It feels so good just to be hovering wiggling around, so comfortable. I love it here, really. Oh, except when I hear loud thunderous screaming, yelling, shouting. I wanted it to stop. For each yelling feels like I’m dying. It has been like this for a while and it’s getting louder each day. I must say, today was the worst. Each loud scream was synonymous to a painful sharp cry.

I wonder when will this ever end.

Will I even make it out alive?

Please mom hang on there, we’ll make it together. I promise I’ll be your most loving little bleep ever.

And oh, dad…yes dad I can’t wait to see you. I only hear stories of you from mom. Those sweet lovely stories she’d tell me everynight. In between her sobs. Oh, I could feel how much she misses you.

So dear Lord I hope the thunder stops. I hope it ends soon. I fear I won’t make it out.

Mom, dad….please hang on guys, little bleep will be out soon. We’ll be together I promise.