Life River

“will this life river still run as smoothly as it used to,
or will it die fast after your departure?”

all the storms there just hit me the hardest
all the sunshine of the morning was taken abruptly away from me
all the grief in the world was laid perfectly down upon me
no amount of rainbow-colored sky could brighten up this day.

the storm just flooded the river of my heart with despair
my once vibrant reflection has now turned into a brutally distorted zombie
my once lively colors have now turned gray with sorrow
no amount of positive thoughts could make me want for tomorrow.


eight months in isolation
eight months
and still counting
it wasn’t easy
never easy at all
’twas scary
’twas blurry
it felt like standing on the edge
you have no way to go
no chance to run
no place to hide
no one to lean on
and you are left
with no one and nothing
but the edge
so you learn to keep still
keep still
amidst chaos and turmoil
all through the roaring thunder
and all through the rising tide
keep still
hold on
hush now

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Long Have I waited



“Long have I waited, waited for you;

you, who have completely turned my world

overwhelmingly upside down.”

Oh, how I waited for this moment a moment in time when I finally get to hold you again. 

How long has it been? So long, you said so long.

It might have been so long dear, but I swear I remember. I remember how you dearly gazed into my eyes, your eyes meeting mine, making promises – promises of love, though not spoken our hearts truly know what those looks meant.

It was a look of love. A look of longing. A look for hoping. A look of wanting. And a look of wishing.

I remember how it felt when you held my hand. Yours was shaking; mine was seriously frozen. And yet, in just a momentary snap of a finger, we lost it. We lost it, my love. It was the kind of losing, you felt home. It was the kind of losing you are secured. It was the kind of losing you never wanna wish to be “found” again.

And for so long my love, I wanna get lost again. Lost in your arms, beside you. 

It was still. It was solitude. 

I can still remember. I can still feel it. 

And still longing. Still wanting.

Even with your arms wrap around me.

for Sadje’s WDY

You Are Home

there are many ways to make the world good
the ones that we know most of
are exciting and impressive
world leaders, scientific innovators,
inspired thinkers, and selfless doers
but there are other ways
to make the world good; quieter ways
making a home
where good people can grow
is perhaps the most rewarding one

in the warmth of my palm
and in the comfort
of my love
you are home

in the warmth of my palm
and in the comfort
of my love
you are home

written for Sadje’s

In Your Eyes

I felt your pain
your agonizing pain
among the creases in your forehead
in between the blinking of your eyes
and even as your bedimpled face smiles
the smile I always remembered
gentle and sweet
tugs the heartstrings of my soul
lulls me to sleep and
tucks me to bed
but your pain
your pain
I can feel
keeps me awake
all through the night
and even with my eyes closed
I still see it
I see your pain
In your eyes

when you smile

I want to be the reason
you smile with your eyes

What Do You See

For Sadje’s What Do You See

I’d Paint You A Life

if I can create a life for you, I will paint
you a life of many colors in different strokes
I’d first color it red, for I want
it filled with love and passion
of prosperity and happiness
with lots of good luck too
then I’d splash a bit of orange
to make your life more vibrant and energetic
and since it is the color of autumn,
it will be a constant reminder to you
of the promise of a new life and a new beginning
that autumn brings, wouldn’t that be wonderful?
yes, it is dear, as that’s how much I love you
and oh, by the way, I’d put a dash of yellow too
to bring sunshine and happiness to you always
for what is life if you will not be happy all the time
my painting sounds magical and whimsical
but I guess, that’s just how it is my love,
for I love you with all the magic in the world
I’d probably sprinkle some cool colors too
like green, blue, and purple
they are the colors of night,
of water, of nature,
and are usually calming, relaxing
because at the end of the day
I wish you peace, love, and solitude
even in the silence of your heart
and in the comfort of wherever
the world will bring you,
and when at night you go to bed my love
you will be reminded that life,
your life is more colorful
and meaningful
with me around
for what else is life
if not shared with the ones
who makes it more vibrant
more colorful
and more meaningful
but for now, let me put my brush at rest
and see what tomorrow’s color maybe.

P. S

I will be very slow in reading and commenting to all of your posts. My internet connection from where i am right now is really very frustrating. Navigating from one site to the other or simply downloading documents is really a struggle.

i miss my regular engagement and interaction with you all.

keep safe everyone…

It’s A Thin Line, My Dear #dream#writephoto#mighty

how mighty it is my dear that I dream of you in my deepest sleep at night as my knight in shining armor and yet in my waking time you are but a wretch rascal how mighty it is, even more, my dear that you are my r

how mighty
it is my dear
that I dream of you
in my deepest
sleep at night
as my knight
in shining armor
and yet in my waking time
you are but a wretch rascal
how mighty it is, even more, my dear
that you are my rainbow after my rain
yet in my darkest night, you are
my eclipse casting a shadow
upon my world
how mighty
it is oh dear,
that you are the one
I hate to love
and the one
I love to hate

the road indeed
is narrow
as it’s a thin line
between love and hate




Thank you to Irma of for this “the person you love to hate or the person you hate to love.” a comment she left in my previous post My Dear Summer, Rain and Goodbye

Linking to Eugi’s weekly prompt: mighty

Sue’s  dream – writephoto prompt

I Love You

sometimes it seems we can read
each other’s mind
like when you call me
just as I am thinking of you
or when you know
what I am going to say
before I say it

I feel you understand me
in a way no one else has
and my love for you
just grows stronger
the more I know about you

we’ve been honest with each other,
revealing those things
we haven’t been able to
tell anyone else
I’ve always wanted to be
able to talk to someone
about my feelings

yet, somehow I know
I don’t need any words at all
to tell you how much



An empty space, an empty hall; I am without you



When love is just love. And love in its simplest form of expression can soften even the hardest of hearts.

Let’s send more love in these trying times and maybe we can send in more help too. ❤❤❤

For Ivor whose love and compassion for humanity is evident in every poem he writes.

I Love you Gently as Snowflakes

I love you gently
as snowflakes tumble
through the air,
swirling and spiraling,
each taking
different paths to the ground
finding gloriously a special spot
transforming, creating
new beginnings

I love you gently
as snowflakes trickle
the ground
twirling and spinning
as I find my way
unto your heart defying thy gravity
melting in your arms softly
and affectionately

I love you gently as snowflakes



For  Gina  who loves snow
For Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Glorious – March 16, 2020.

For Carolyn who sends hug always

virus says
no to touching
no to hugging
but your virtual
no virus hugs
always warms
our hearts
And more love for everyone❤❤❤ stay safe.


(And a cup of coffee everyone, to warm our hearts and softens our thoughts)

What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?

What if snowflakes don’t fall in winter?
and fresh buds don’t bloom in spring?
or summer doesn’t need sunshine?
nor leaves don’t fall in autumn?

Will you remember how we used to be?

the love we shared gently
like snowflakes falling smoothly in winter out of thin air unannounced, unnoticed
unspoken yet blissful

the dreams we dream, hope we hope
like spring awakening the earth
bringing heaps of sunshine after
the cold, gloomy winter

the waves of laughter we gave out
like sunshine on a summer day
rhyming along as the birds singing
passionately hot, vibrant and crisp

the memories we created
like leaves falling flawlessly in the autumn breeze, with cooling temperatures and darkening nights

What if snowflakes don’t fall in winter?
and fresh buds don’t bloom in spring?
or summer doesn’t need sunshine?
nor leaves don’t fall in autumn?

Will you still love me tenderly?




(when blue is bluer and cold is colder, but love is lovelier)


Sending more love guys as more territories implemented rigid travel bans and lockdowns.❤❤❤

Linking to this week’s World of Words prompt, Chinese words: 雪 (xuĕ), which means “snow”.
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