I Love You

sometimes it seems we can read
each others mind
like when you call me
just as i am thinking of you
or when you know
what i am going to say
before i say it

I feel you understands me
in a way no one else has
and my love for you
just grows stronger
the more i know about you

we’ve been honest with each other,
revealing those things
we haven’t been able to
tell anyone else
i’ve always wanted to be
able to talk to someone
about my feelings

yet, somehow i know
i don’t need any words at all
to tell you how much



An empty space, an empty hall; I am without you



When love is just love. And love in its simplest form of expression can soften even the hardest of hearts.

Lets send more love in this trying times and maybe we can send in more help too. ❤❤❤

For Ivor https://ivors20.wordpress.com/ whose love and compassion for humanity is evident in every poem he writes.

I Love you Gently as Snowflakes

i love you gently
as snowflakes tumble
through the air,
swirling and spiraling,
each taking
different paths to the ground
finding gloriously a special spot
transforming, creating
new beginnings

I love you gently
as snowflakes trickle
the ground
twirling and spinning
as i find my way
unto your heart defying thy gravity
melting in your arms softly
and affectionately

I love you gently as snowflakes



For  Gina https://alifelesslivedblog.wordpress.com/  who loves snow
For Eugenia’s Weekly Prompt – Glorious – March 16, 2020. https://amanpan.com/2020/03/15/eugis-weekly-prompt-glorious-march-16-2020/

For Carolyn  https://doesitevenmatter3.wordpress.com/ who sends hug always

virus says
no to touching
no to hugging
but your virtual
no virus hugs
always warms
our hearts
And more love for everyone❤❤❤ stay safe.


(And a cup of coffee everyone, to warm our hearts and softens our thoughts)

What if Snowflakes Don’t Fall in Winter?

What if snowflakes don’t fall in winter?
and fresh buds don’t bloom in spring?
or summer don’t need sunshine?
nor leaves don’t fall in autumn?

Will you remember how we used to be?

the love we shared gently
like snowflakes falling smoothly in winter out of thin air unannounced, unnoticed
unspoken yet blissful

the dreams we dream, hopes we hope
like spring awakening the earth
bringing heaps of sunshine after
the cold, gloomy winter

the laughters we gave out
like sunshine in a summer day
rhyming along as the birds singing
passionately hot, vibrant and crisp

the memories we created
like leaves falling flawlessly in autumn breeze, with cooling temperatures and darkening nights

What if snowflakes don’t fall in winter?
and fresh buds don’t bloom in spring?
or summer don’t need sunshine?
nor leaves don’t fall in autumn?

Will you still love me tenderly?




(when blue is bluer and cold is colder; but love is lovelier)


Sending more love guys as more terretories implemented rigid travel bans and lock downs.❤❤❤

Linking to this week’s World of Words prompt, Chinese words: 雪 (xuĕ), which means “snow”.
Hosted by the lovely ladies Jade, Rosema and Maria



If i don’t like the way you hold my hand
would i wish for you to hold me again?

If i don’t like the way your lips touches mine, would i let you kiss me again?

If i don’t like the way you caress my hair
would i let you touch it gently?

If i don’t like the way you make me feel
would i let you tease me?

If i don’t like the thought of you
would i ever think about you?

If i don’t like the way you love me
would i love you even more?

If i don’t want to lose you
would i stand bravely in love with you?

Armed with nothing but love
let me stay.



With more cities locked down and more rigid travel bans, we can hold on to nothing but love, love for our family, for our freinds and for our significant others who can’t be with us

Keep safe everyone and keep the love❤❤❤


Written for Sadjie’s What Do You See? https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/03/

My Dearest Muse

how do we promise
over a love so honest
and so pure
a love that was ours
even before
when the world was yours and mine
and when our words
were the silent
witnesses to a love unspoken
those little pieces of verses
and lines that only makes sense
to you and i
you scribble as i giggle
and you give a laugh so loud
when i sneak in to write
verses i cannot rhyme
will this love be ours
for now and then
will we have more reasons
to laugh and giggle upon
will we finally rhyme
the lines and verses
we argue writing about
will the words finally
have sound and utter
our first i loved you then
and i love you more now?


(Dedicated to all poets 😊😊😊scribbling over a cup of coffee..)

The usually crowded street is now a peaceful sight from a distance

Linking to kate’s friday fun https://aroused.blog/2020/03/14/friday-fun-distant/

Just some random thoughts to brigthen up our day amidst all the worries sorrounding the  current  covid 19 virus, with enormous travel bans, i am sure a lot of us been wondering from a distance (Linking to kate’s friday fun https://aroused.blog/2020/03/14/friday-fun-distant/ ) about our love ones either left at home or in a far away place who can’t travel back home.

So much and so many reasons to be happy and thankful about…

Happy Sunday everyone😊😊😊

I am Yours

I Am Yours

I can go anywhere
and i can be lost
but all i ever wanna be
is where you are
and be lost in your arms
for can i see
and sunshines
and butterflies
all through your eyes
and it doesn’t
matter where you are
for i am yours
and you
are mine


This is a photo taken by my lovely daughther Allana, sunset along the highway of Perak. We called it “gloomy sunset”, contrary to the usual bold yellow, or bold red sunsets. Even the sunset is looking sad and gloomy, considering all of what’s happening lately. And even the sunset is missing the world that it used to be; vibrant, happy, jolly, and just full of energy and love.

It is in the same way when we miss somebody. Missing someone is the worst and best feeling one could ever have.  It is the worst feeling because you know you cannot do anything about it, but wait with butterflies in your stomach for the moment you will be together again. It is the best feeling because missing the person is a guarantee that you truly love and are in love with the person.  And as you miss your beloved you know that you too are being missed and remembered.

Amidst the covid 19 crisis, when everyone else seems to panic and worry, let us all just pause for a while and be reminded of the many good things we have. And for as long as we keep in mind and practice all the necessary precautionary measures given and directed by our local health providers, we will be fine.

And as this crisis escalates we just need to feel our love for all of our love ones who cannot be with us because of travel bans and travel restictions.

Let us feel their love and our love in return in every single moment we remember and we miss them.

We pray and we believe and that in time, the world will again be a better place to live.

Keep the love burning. Keep missing your love ones  ❤❤❤

Keep the faith and believe that miracles do happen 😊😊😊




I wondered sweetly
on a lazy sunny afternoon
as you lay
in my bed with a smile
and eyes closed for a while
I could kiss you and feel
the touch of your lips on mine
but dreaded the thought
of waking you up my dear
so i slowly caress your face
and feel the warmth of your skin
unto the palm of my hand



Did i ever get the chance  to tell you, how lovely you look that day
and would it be too late to say
that i loved you then
and love you now?


I wondered if i ever get to hold you
in my arms so close
and listen to your heart beats
in the same rhythm as mine
I watched you breath slowly
as your body moves 
in a manner so gentle and smooth
and many times i was tempted
to steal a kiss from you that day
but baby, i didn’t ‘cos i want you
to see me smile as i kiss you
with my arms wrap around you
so tight, then we could slow dance
in our make – believe song



Did i ever get the chance  to tell you, how lovely you look that day
and would it be too late to say
that i loved you then
and love you now?


let’s kiss and stay and don’t you ever go away


A stunning shot of the sunset by my equally stunning 😊daughter, Allana.

They say the best stories of love happens over a sunset, along the highway or in just in the comfort of your own home. And i read somewhere that someday you will find someone who will watch every sunrise with you until the sunset of your life.

To all my readers and followers who missed my random lyric writing posts, here’s one for you.

I hope you hum along the melody with me and smile as we enjoy and navigate into the world of the characters in the song😊😊😊

Feel the love, believe in love ❤❤❤

Amidst all the health scare we are currently facing, one song, one smile, one kiss or maybe one great love story could be a better way to start our day,  ’till we make it through the sun set.

Written for World of Words (prompt: प्यार, which is Hindi for “love”)

World of Words, is a weekly prompt hosted by Jade of Jade M. Wong, (https://jademwong.wordpress.com/2020/03/09/poetry-love-hope-and-feathers/),  Rosemarie of A Reading Writer and Maria of Doodle Scribbles.

Linking to the weekly challenge of Eugenia, Song https://amanpan.com/2020/03/09/eugis-weekly-prompt-song-march-9-2020/