Death In November

Death In November

N – never in my wildest dream did i ever think we would come to an end.

O – over the years i’ve thought we’d make it to forever.

V – vacant was my heart, homeless until you came.

E – everything seemed so perfect ’till it wasn’t anymore.

M – my heart agonized for i can’t see my life without you in there.

B – but i sure would love you despite the separation,  the odds, despite the scare.

E – eventhough this may seem really the end of us, i promise i’d be just one call away.

R – reality bites ‘though, for some good things never really last; November our love dies here.

A cheesy  🤭🤭🤭🌹🌹🌹November Acrostic for David’s Weekly Prompt

This week’s poet of the week is Paula and her is Paula’s prompt guideline

• Compose an acrostic poem with the word ‘NOVEMBER’

• (acrostic: first letter of each line reading down spells the word

Up In The Sky

Up In The Sky

i traveled by land, by sea and by air
i witnessed customs in different views and different ways
i learned and mastered travel guides, travel rules and travel etiquettes
i went to places others could only dream of
i met people of different races and different faces
i bet, i am blessed, i am lucky

i saw the world from the top as i took
to travel by air, and while up in the sky so high
i couldn’t help but always wonder
how one could be so lucky in life, while others were not?
how could the rich become even richer each day,
while sadly the poor got poorer?
my thoughts kept on wandering as i counted every single cloud my eyes caught by
i thought of our government leaders and what else they needed to do with our sagging economy
i thought of the youth and how they could become better citizens of our land
i thought of the fathers and how they could provide more for their families
i thought of the mothers and how they could nurture, raise grounded and God – fearing children
i thought of the unborn children and how the future would be for them

up in the sky is magical, thoughts could go from wild to wildest when the airplane flies through violent waves of air
my mind too becomes uneasy, searching for answers to many of the questions i so long have been needing answers to

but, baby since the day i found you, traveling has no longer been the same
i think of nothing and no one else but you
as i get on my flight
my mind is in a complete halt and complete silence
i take my deepest slumber
knowing that down there you are waiting
in great anticipation

Ode to the Philippines (A Re-write) #Philippines#independenceday#arawngkalayaan

Ode to the Philippines (A Re-write)


Oh, my dearest Philippines, your rich and diverse heritage and culture

has made you the young yet dynamic country that you are today

Manila is your heart, where the iconic Luneta park is located

it’s a hyperactive city, vibrant and vivacious

with its high temperature and high humidity, we get disconnected

your walls are adorned, screaming for freedom and equality

by these colorful graffitis reflective of the youth’s jubilant spirit

as the hope of our motherland, says our national hero; the great Dr. Jose Rizal

I too was once like these youths, yearning for change, simply change

back in the 90’s; a young college student, I thought I was

going to be a lawyer defending the poor and the unfortunate

though a greater part of my youth screams of pen and paper

in Mendiola, I trudge the University belt with a screaming mind

for change, though looking back 25 years after

no slightest idea of how that change may change

and today’s headline reminds me of how we were taught

to write news story straightforward with no running around the bush

nor even a hint of personal grievances

it’s a different story now, as COVID 19 hits the headline

running over to three months

bringing our tally of infected patients to more than twenty thousand

and counting

our economy is in jeopardy, it hits rock bottom recently

our exports of agricultural products have halted

not even our over 200 species of mammals and world’s longest discontinuous coastline

could be a remedy to our dying economy

oh, my dearest Philippines, you survived a hundred years

of Spanish colonization

then followed by the Japanese invasion

not to mention the American occupation

you made it through many wars

great volcanic eruptions

and the greatest typhoons

COVID is just nothing but a speck of something

that will

make you greater, better and grander as ever

dear PH, we will rise again, we will be great again

and together we stand victorious amidst COVID 19.


My beloved country, the Philippines is celebrating today its 122 Independence Day.
Independence Day or  Araw ng Kasarinlan also Araw ng Kalayaan. An annual national holiday in the Philippines observed on 12 June, commemorating the Philippine Declaration of Independence from Spain on 12 June 1898.

Loneliness on a Flowerbed #guardian #writephoto

I sat on the grass
in a mountain of a beautiful illusion
of white petaled roses and dazzling marigolds
I watched the world,
with agonizing pain in my heart,
crumble, disintegrate
and tumble down

I waited for a moment
when things would be the same
back in the days when we could hug
and kiss and gather and
never be charged and never
be scared

I longed for the time,
when homecoming was such a joyous,
most anticipated,
momentous event
among loved ones
and friends

I cried a million tears for all that we have lost
our birthdays and anniversaries
we celebrated alone,
our successful milestones
we failed to share,
our loved ones we,
forever, will never see

I sat on the grass
in a mountain of a beautiful illusion
of white petaled roses and dazzling marigolds
and waited patiently
for my guardian angel to come to tell me
“walk with me dear, it’s over now”


For Sue’s

(For visually challenged writers, the image shows a flower-strewn cliff-top above the sea, where a rocky outcrop, seemingly shaped into many forms and faces, looks out over the waves.)

Coffee Blended-Tanka

Coffee Blended – Tanka

(Concubine Lane, Ipoh)


from the night i slept
to the morn' of your beauty
where night and day met
the sun shines with its glory
in your arms sun' s brighter dear

the day will begin
with a loving thought 'bout you
coffee blended love
that's how we are my dearest
lost without the caffeine kick

For Kim’s MMPP

Will You Go With Me, To Paris?

will you take my hand
as I walk along the streets
where the aroma of light,
fruity to burnt coffee
lightly caramelized
almost nutty is teasing
my senses and the scent
of a handmade bread
is making me salivate
as I tear the croissant into pieces
butter them up before each bite
or we can dunk it in coffee
which would be fun
 if you want

will you sit beside me
as I write every word of love
admiration and passion
I have for you
while I struggle
to rhyme every word
and count every syllable
or better yet, I’ll settle for free verse
I am sure though I could not rhyme them
or even count the syllables
as you will be busy tickling
and delightfully bugging me
will you go with me,
to Paris?
let’s have coffee and croissant
and write our first love poem together

meanwhile, a coffee with you anywhere else would be lovely

it doesn’t even have to be a croissant, it could be just a slice of Japanese cake or BLT sandwich

it doesn’t even have to be a freshly brewed coffee, it could be just a homemade tea or a mango juice

we don’t even need to walk the streets of Paris

cos it feels like Paris with you



For Irma, whose post about Paris and its migrant workers touched my heart so much and her inspiring story about her then boyfriend’s marriage proposal in Paris.

And for Punam whose love poems makes you wanna fall in love all over again and go to Paris, the city of love

And more love for everyone as we battle the current health scare❤❤❤

Peace (for 2020)

they say peace is the absence of war
when no nation is task
to risk its citizen’s life,
when guns are a thing of the past
and soldiers are but your friendly neighbors marching.

they say peace is understanding one another
when no man debates
or no family disagrees
when an argument is only a political thing
and politicians
are but your friendly neighbors
making common decisions.

they say peace is being friends
with everyone
when no one is ostracizing someone
when prejudice is a thing
of centuries ago,
and racial discrimination
is but a neighborhood’s friendly conversation idea.

but peace is not just the absence of war
nor simply the need to understand
each other
or being friends with everyone
we can maintain inner peace and balance
in the presence of war,
conflict and misunderstanding.

our world is but a reflection
of the inner state of humanity
on a collective level
If there were peace within humanity,
our world would be at peace.


Have a PEACEFUL and BLESSED 2020 everyone!!!


Photos are of Bali Aroma Exclusive Villas

These villas offering guests a perfect ‘home’ for a family vacation, for those who seek a natural Balinese feel, style with privacy, and comfort all together.

Breakfast of your choice is being delivered and arranged in your open kitchen area every morning, or you can opt for a floating breakfast in your private pool or better yet request for a chef who will cook and prepare your food right in the comfort of your own private kitchen

It is peace amidst the chaos of Island living


A corner spot in the outdoor living room offers a sanctuary to write beautiful prose and poetry; and you can as well kick off your first draft for your first novel here (I just did😊😊😊)


My book is  still available for sale at

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Ode to the Sunset (in Bali)


Ode To The Sunset (in Bali)


oh, sun so beautiful
when you set
you silenced
in a place so crowded
they gaze and marvel at you
with intense in all its glory
while I stood quietly
in awe
in amazement
in wonder
you make my heartbeat
one with the waves splashing
and for the first time in a long while
you calm the storm raging in me
my heart that was once in fury
is now tempered.

oh, sun so beautiful when you set
you bring the magic back in me.

Photos are of beautiful (beautiful is not even enough to describe it) sunset in Bali.

Bali has long been a popular travel destination,  known for its beautiful beaches, great food, and incredibly welcoming ( and I meant it with all my heart) people.

Another big Bali draw is the sunset and the plethora of stunning locations to watch them from. No visit to the island is complete without gazing from a beach, a cliff, or jungle as the sun disappears into a colorful haze.

Apart from the magnificent sunset, I noticed that though the beach is crowded, yet not a noise was made as we all wait for the sun to set. The world stops for a moment. It was so quiet;  so quiet we only hear the wind blowing and the waves splashing.


You can now add writing poetry to your “must-do list in Bali”.  Find a spot amidst the crowd and write.


Between heaven and earth
a story is unearth
Between past and present
a sailing is sent
Between here and there
a distance is clear
Between a moment and forever
a struggle so clear

Sometimes heaven and earth met
when a story is broken and lit
Sometimes past and present collide
when the sailing subside
Sometimes here and there is near
when the view is clearer
Sometimes a moment and forever is eternity
when the struggles become infinity

So move heaven and earth boldly
for your story to be told oddly
So hold the past and present sincerely
for your sailing to be done completely
So break the here and there completely
for your distance to be moved effortlessly
So create a moment and forever lovingly
for your struggles to be over definitely

The photos are the spectacular view of Uluwatu Temple, in Bali.

It has a remarkable high setting at the edge of a cliff and overlooking the waves of the Indian Ocean.

It gives you a great sense of spiritual renewal regardless of your religious affinity. The sound of the splashing waves makes you in closer contact with the unknown.

It is without a doubt a manifestation of the wonders of nature.

One attraction not to miss in Uluwatu Temple is the traditional Balinese dance call Kecak dance which is scheduled after the sunset.

These performances are obviously for tourist benefit only and are not spiritually significant to the temple.

It is worthy to note that there’s no public transportation to get to Uluwatu Temple and going back into town will be difficult without any prearranged ride or taxi. A guide is not necessary but can be helpful.


It is a beautiful place to find a quiet spot and write poetry