Wordless Wednesday – When the Sailing is Done



Somewhere in Time -poem

Somewhere in Time -poem
Somewhere in between
I cried in pain
I agonized in disdain
I lamented in vain.

Somewhere hereafter
I walk away over
I smile in sober
I yearn to unfetter.

Somewhere thereafter
I will be discharged
I will be freed
I will be liberated.

Until then…
For a moment and now..

Let me soar higher.


Written for : WHAT DO YOU SEE? JAN/29/2019 byHélène – Willow Poetry


Dream, Princess -Quadruple Etheree


Dream, Princess -Quadruple Etheree

Dream bigger
“Go my princess”
My! you love it Dad
Oh gee such a dreamer
Like Ariel, “Little Mermaid”
I frequently lose track of time
Skirrs museums and art galleries
I was a dreamer, back then as a kid

What i see
To everyone
Sorrounding me
Optimist, you said
Reminds you of Belle from
Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”
Dad, I was your princess always
Curiosity is innate in me
You applaud me for that, how proud you are.

It’s been
Years you’re gone
I remembered
We dream together
To disneyland we go
That didnt happen your gone
“I went Dad, with my princesses”
They too are dreamers, like you and I
We dream, we soar, and we make it happen

You know
I almost
Forgot, to say
Pocahontas is
Who i grew up to be
Definetely a dreamer
With great sense of optimism
Empowered, vested and entitled
Has become of me, your little princess.



A whimsical etheree in remembrance of our recent trip to disneyland and in honor of “believing in dreams and making it happen”.


Written for calmkate’s Friday foto fun:  https://aroused.blog/2019/01/18/friday-fun-events/

Hey! -Etheree

Written for: https://mythsofthemirror.com/2019/01/16/iceman-januarys-writingprompt/

Say it.
Dont keep it.
What have i done?
Control not yourself,
Loosen up, don’t restraint.
I cant read between the lines.
Tell me, it is breaking my heart;
I know i am damn, i am hurt too.
We’re dying, this air, this space, killing us.


Diana, of Myths of the Mirror, has created a new, monthly photo prompt. We are challenged to write something about it. Find out the details, and join in at the above link. Thanks, Diana!


All Through my Life


Mark my words, these chords I’m playing
All my life, i will be singing
All through sunshines and rains
All through hurts and through pains
My love will keep burning.

Chorus 1.

It’s like a little heaven on earth (2×)
‘Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth
When I’m with you…oooh


I swear this song i will sing forever
As we grow older and wiser
All through the days of my life
All through the moments in strife
My love will be yours ever.

Chorus 2.

It’s like a little heaven on earth (2x)
‘Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth
When I believe in you….oooh


Heaven on earth…heaven on earth..
With you….oooh…with you..



This week’s photo prompt of Helene made me wanna hum a song and strum a guitar. It probably would feel so good singing a song watching those lights up and above in the sky so high, up until they become tiny little stars in heaven from earth. BUT i cannot hum a song nor strum a guitar so a wrote a beautiful song instead which i hope one day i can (or someone can ) can put a melody on it.


Another Year -poem

Its the January breeze
that reminds me
of a lost love
a lost affection
and a forgotten promise
of forever and always.

Its another year
Without you



Happy new year everyone…

I Will Wait – poem

I was looking everywhere
for a sign
a moment
a time

As i look farther
the harder
I can’t see
I am blinded

It’s been a while
no, really long while
you were gone
but i am still
looking for you

As one day
I know
I will find you
even in the vastness
of the sky
I will wait
for you
P.S.   Merry Christma Papa …wherever you are

Written for: Willow Poetry

This week’s photo Prompt:

little boy