Life’s Lesson #discernment#FridayFun#thankfulness

  Life is not a game of chance, nor a lot of great circumstances. Life is not even a bed of roses, nor a bag of chocolates. Life is indeed a matter of good choices and how to make the best ones.       My choices in life may have not been really theContinue reading “Life’s Lesson #discernment#FridayFun#thankfulness”

My Silver and Gold #silver#writephoto

    silver and gold glittering colors of precious gems mostly loved by  women of grace and power but what are your silver and gold in life and in all that you have? my silver and gold are the stories I tell the poetry I write inspired by nature’s everlasting beauty and kindness to humanityContinue reading “My Silver and Gold #silver#writephoto”

Loneliness on a Flowerbed #guardian #writephoto

I sat on the grass in a mountain of a beautiful illusion of white petaled roses and dazzling marigolds I watched the world, with agonizing pain in my heart, crumble, disintegrate and tumble down I waited for a moment when things would be the same back in the days when we could hug and kissContinue reading “Loneliness on a Flowerbed #guardian #writephoto”

Stars Fled from Your Eyes

  Stars Fled from Your Eyes   stars fled from your eyes and the shadow of death cast upon your face on this dark gloomy night filled with goodbyes and unending sighs of a once-promising life stars fled from your eyes and you stop dreaming of what could have been’s and what if’s a futureContinue reading “Stars Fled from Your Eyes”

Somewhere in Time -poem

Somewhere in Time -a poem   Somewhere in between I cried in pain I agonized in disdain I lamented in vain. Somewhere hereafter I walk away over I smile in sober I yearn to unfetter. Somewhere thereafter I will be discharged I will be freed I will be liberated. Until then… For a moment andContinue reading “Somewhere in Time -poem”

Dream, Princess -Quadruple Etheree

Dream, Princess -Quadruple Etheree Soar, Higher Dream bigger “Go my princess” My! you love it Dad Oh gee such a dreamer Like Ariel, “Little Mermaid” I frequently lose track of time Skirrs museums and art galleries I was a dreamer, back then as a kid Best, Always What I see To everyone Around in meContinue reading “Dream, Princess -Quadruple Etheree”

Hey! -Etheree

Written for: Hey! Say it. Don’t keep it. What have I done? Control not yourself, Loosen up, don’t restraint. I can’t read between the lines. Tell me, it is breaking my heart; I know I am damn, I am hurt too. We’re dying, this air, this space, killing us.   Diana, of Myths ofContinue reading “Hey! -Etheree”

All Through my Life

I. Mark my words, these chords I’m playing All my life, I will be singing All through rays of sunshine and rains All through hurts and through pains My love will keep burning. Chorus 1. It’s like a little heaven on earth (2×) ‘Cos it’s like a little heaven on earth When I’m with you…ooohContinue reading “All Through my Life”