sunsets are my most favorite it’s a sonnet
they are rhythmically melodious in passing
but constructed don’t blink you’re losing
the loudest beat as orange and pink combined
a masterpiece my heart strings intertwined.

sunsets are my most favorite it’s a sonnet
the ones with you by my side are perfect
they made me believe
in poetry
in melody
in rythm and rhyme
in magic and fairy tales
in love
in you

in us.

Write a love poem with me

Write a love poem with me.❤️🖊

My most viewed/read/successful pieces are my love poems. My first book to have made it to #1newrelease and #amazonbestsellers is “I Will Love You Forever Too,” (which is a collection of love poems) not to mention three of my love poems (What If Snowflakes Don’t Fall In Winter, Kiss, and Holding Hands) were nominated as Spillwords Publication of the month – “Holding Hands” was voted Publication of the Month for November 2021, which eventually became a Publication of the Year Nominee. I realized I must be doing great with the love poem department.

So here I am sharing with you all how I do it.

1. Read and Learn from existing Love Poems

Love has long been a favorite theme for poets. Take, for example, the works like “A Red, Red Rose” by Robert Burns, “Sonnet 18” by Shakespeare, “She Walks in Beauty” by Lord Byron, and “How Do I Love Thee” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

These classics shaped the language and style of love poetry. Modern poets, however, have come up with new and exciting ways of writing love poems.

Just keep reading, learning, and discovering.

2. Choose a Form

There are many forms of poetry. Popular choices for love poems are sonnets and concrete poetry.

But you could use free verse, which isn’t restricted by meter or rhyme, which gives you more freedom in writing and expressing how you feel.
Please feel free to work on an established form if you need clarification on where and how to start.

3. Think About A Specific Emotion (Just One)

Before you start writing your love poem, think about a specific emotion you are trying to express. Think about the person you are writing to and how you feel about them.

Don’t just write about the basic idea of love.
Talk about joy, hope, passion, or fun; pick just one. Set the tone of your poem by thinking about this one first.

4. Make It Your Own


A good love poem should come from the heart. But how can you make sure that your poem feels genuinely personal?

• Don’t use old-fashioned, overblown language to sound like Shakespeare or the classics. Use your own voice instead!

• Don’t use clichés, such as overused metaphors and similes about roses, apples, stars, candies, etc.

• Include references or specific details or things that make your emotion special, like dates, places, or foods. Details like these can help to make your poem unique.

Aim to write a poem that nobody else could have written! It should express your feelings for the person you love, not preconceived ideas about what “love” should be. Yes, NOT A PRECONCIEVED Idea. Meaning STOP being monotonous or stop using general feelings/concepts.

5. Review Your Poem

Finally, to show you care, review your love poem to ensure it is error-free. A poem full of mistakes will not convince anyone of your love, after all!

Many out there claim to be poets/writers; if you are one of them, be sure you do the right thing.

Others also claim to write in a specific form and simply murder the form. It is important to note that we know every detail of a particular form before writing.

Here is a recent love poem for you all…❤

Love Happens

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
boy, i did just as you wondered
without hesitation, without inhibitions
without second thoughts
no words, there was complete silence.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
now you left me wondering too
‘cos little do you know that i’m in love
and petrified for the first time
and probably the last time in my life.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
was my best memory of you
for years and years even decades after
intentionally written or a poetic bait
it doesn’t matter for i too wondered.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
was the beginning of the end
of you wondering and me hoping
that somewhere in the middle
of the busy streets in Manila
love will finally happen.

i wonder how it feels to kiss you
it happened, you stopped wondering
i stopped hoping, ‘cos indeed no matter
what happens there is no denying
that in between our pretenses
love happens.

Book Review: I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark (Michelle Ayon Navajas)

I am very pleased to share this beautiful review of my books “It Ain’t Winning If Without You” and “I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark.”

Towards Literature

This is the second book by poetess Michelle that I have read. I would say both are spellbound. Earlier I read her 7th book, “It Ain’t Winning If Without You”.


i am in itself poetry in the dark michelle ayon navajas
7th Book of Michelle Ayon Navajas

The book shares a variety of love-based emotions and is able to clinch your heart, while this book shares feelings of trauma, suffering, abuse, harassment, negligence, separation and, of course, love. Both share a distinct plot still similar in a way that is bound to the sentiments of the bearer. But I must say the latter one left behind, the former one bedazzled me. Though the book has its own grace, it wasn’t as great as I expected in comparison to the book, “It Ain’t Winning If Without You”.


i am in itself poetry in the dark michelle ayon navajas
8th and Latest Book of the Poetess

“I Am In Itself Poetry In The Dark” reveals the darkest secret a victim keep in…

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Book Review; It ain’t winning if without you by Michelle Ayon Navajas

A wonderful review by Sadje…i am truly honored and humbled by her words ..thank you so much Sadje.🙏🙏🙏

Keep it alive

This is the 7th book published by Michelle, or Mich as she is affectionately known here on WP. I bought the book the day it came out but it took me time to read these beautiful poems, as I wanted to savor them and enjoy them.

In more than 200 poems, Mich has written about all aspects of love. The romantic love, love for her parents, especially her dad, and love for her city and country. She also wrote an ode to her muse.

I loved how she personalizes the feelings of love as if she is personally experiencing it herself. The depth and sincerity of emotions expressed are so moving that the reader feels each and every one of them.

I would recommend this book to all lovers of poetry, all over the world. Both paperback and Kindle versions are available.

Thank you Mich for this beautiful gift of…

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Unforgotten by Michelle Navajas

do you ever find yourself thinking about a past romance? a past love that didn’t work out right, but you can’t help thinking what could have been?

this poem is for you. you’re not alone. we all get caught up thinking about a long lost love.

Visit MasticadoresUsa to read the full poem

Thank you so much to Gabriela, Editor for publishing my poem.

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

photo by: Valerie Jane De Lara; on photograph: George Valdez


by Michelle Navajas

i thought i saw you, from a distance amidst the crowd
i could run to you and make you remember all that we were
all that we probably never will,
nahh, it might never actually be you
i see you everywhere, yes everywhere
unforgotten, that’s what you are to me.

i see you in the morning sky as i give thanks for a new life
a new beginning, as every ray of sunshine is your smile
your smile, how they made me giggle secretly
in my silence
how they made me nervous, in an oh, so silly manner
‘cos you to me is the sunshine
unforgotten, that’s what you are.

i see you in every book, in every novel, in every poetry i read
for each page, each verse, each syllable, and each rhythm…

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Hear Me

Hear Me

hear me i say i call out i pump
give way to the free spirited me
i cry, i yell, i laugh, i am full
life is what i am breathing of
no matter how it is i despise alcohol
but dear i’d binge on coffee caffeine
and i take pride i am full of courage.

• Write a ‘Golden Shovel’ poem, using a line (or more) from David’s poem. My line is “Pump me full of alcohol, caffeine, courage”

👉in case you missed it my poem “Wednesdays of Longing” is nominated as Spillwords Publication of the month. i would be greatly honored if you could click this link and vote:

What If by Michelle Ayon – Navajas

It is my honor to be published in MasticadoresIndia for the first time. Thank you so much to Terveen for believing in my poetry. Kindly show some love and visit their page.

MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

A young man and a young woman are gazing at each other with smiles and a lot of love while the woman holds the man's arm
Photo by Valerie Jane De Lara/ Models: Jalline Pebres and Geroge Valdez

what if we didn’t meet?

what if it didn’t happen?

what if our hearts did not collide?

what if our bodies did not unite?

’twas like a movie, in full production

i was the star, and you; just being you, in anticipation

you said your “hello,” i think i said “hi” in return

i felt butterflies in my stomach

i’m sure you felt them too, i bet you did,

don’t you contradict

that’s how we first met, but

what if we didn’t meet at all

that afternoon?

we were inseparable, totally connected

the adjustment wasn’t needed, it was just a word

we had endless conversations and pointless arguments by the alley, on the bench,

in the street, and even in the silence

of the church where everybody’s head was bowed for meditation

that’s how we bonded, but


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Papa, Tell Me Are You Happy Somewhere? by Michelle Ayon-Navajas

My poem “Papa, Tell Me Are You Happy Somewhere?” is up now in MastecadoresUsa. Thank you so much Gabriela for publishing my piece..

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

Photo by Valerie Jane De Lara/ Model: JawlinePebres

Papa, Tell Me Are You Happy Somewhere?

by Michelle Ayon-Navajas

you taught me to be brave in the most unconventional way ever
not by fairy tales bedtime stories nor by Aesop’s fables after lunch
i remember you saying “be brave my little princess”
i wasn’t really sure what you meant when you told me the story of robbers who travel by sea, swashbuckling and daring
they were often evil and brutish
i began to hide underneath my pillow as
i anticipated you to unravel the next
scariest, mind-blowing, out of this world bloody fight scene, but to my surprise,
“fear not my little one”
then you continue to tell
most of them were ordinary people
who had been forced to rob to make ends meet
you see, the world is not an easy place to live
some are lucky, some…

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Day 23 NaPoWriMo, Today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem in the style of Kay Ryan, whose poems tend to be short and snappy – with a lot of rhyme and soundplay. They also have a deceptive simplicity about them, like proverbs or aphorisms. Once you’ve read a few, you’ll see what I mean. Here’s her “Token Loss,” “Blue China Doorknob,” “Houdini,” and “Crustacean Island.”


doormats are used
to dish dirt outside
trap dangerous germs
from entering the
actual main house
placed in a doorway,
on which we can wipe
our shoes on entering
any facility. what happens
when you allow others
to dominate you?
you are either a
living saint
or a doormat.

What Am I To You? by Michelle Navajas

My poem “What Am I To You?” is up now in MasticadoresUsa. Thank you to Gabriela for believing in my poems..I am and forever honored and grateful 💕🙏

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

image: unsplash

What Am I To You?

by Michelle Navajas

if stars were made
to light up the darkest of the night
flashing and flickering
shining and shimmering
as beacons of hope for
all the lost souls in heaven
all the star-crossed lovers on earth,

then, maybe it’s my time to ask
“baby, what am I to you?”

‘cos, you to me is the brightest star
among the scattered moon dust in the sky
and i love you, for shining the brightest always

if the moon was made
to appear in perfect harmony upon a magical
starry night, to uplift the spirits of
all whose hearts have been
broken and shattered,
defeated and beaten,

then, maybe it’s my time to ask
“baby, what am I to you?”

‘cos, you to me is the most perfect moonlight
with a comforting beauty, melting my heart
and, i love you for…

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