A Million Cry

there are over a million cries in my heada million over tears withhelda million more sighs left unsaidI could cryI could screamI could let it all outfor the world to hearfor everyone to knowthat I died, I died a million deathsover a million more timesI agonized, in pain,in silencebutI didn’t‘cosI’d rather notbetter not..I was weepingContinue reading “A Million Cry”


I am the placid water in the lakequiet, calm, still, and tranquilI admire the beauty of the moonlightcarefully gazing upon the earthbringing magic,to the even-tempered night I am the soft wind that blows perfectlyupon the meadows,where birds could hover freely watchingbutterflies transfer pollen grainsfrom flower to flower I am the placid water and the softContinue reading “Midnight”

Thank You!!

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”- Paulo Coelho So, dream the biggest… I did. And it happened. Four poetry books in two years… “I Would Fly To Where You Are” – Top 2 Best Selling book – Amazon (first three days of release), Number 1 trending in ebooksContinue reading “Thank You!!”

To Have Or Not To Have

To Have Or Not To Have it’s been years and yearsand I can’t even recall whenlittle Yana started begging for youto have you and to holdin our humble household but, mama the stubborn onenever bothered to have onefear of so many myths ’bout youclouded her judgmentto have or not to have and, looking at youContinue reading “To Have Or Not To Have”

Mia @ 18

Nothing beats the pain of losing yourself to somebody you barely even know. Nothing beats the pain of crying when you know it isn’t enough. Nothing beats the pain of wanting to die when you know death may not even be the answer. Mia was your regular College girl. Pretty, charming, and smart. When everyoneContinue reading “Mia @ 18”

When You Knocked Me Off The Wall

when you knocked me off the wall,you left me begging. begging for a chance.a chance to kindness, compassion, and love. but you walked away,in your great Gatsby-style swag.as if nothing happened.no harm was done. you left me bleeding.my heart bled for the futuremy soul cried for the trust when you knocked me off the wall,youContinue reading “When You Knocked Me Off The Wall”


you robbed my dreamswhen you murdered my innocence you toppled down my spiritwhen you assasinated my heart so, upon the meadowsI wonder, how many of my dreamshave you robbed?how much of my innocencehave you murdered? and, upon the meadowsI count, on the many ways youtoppled down my spiriton the many times you assasinatedmy bleeding heartContinue reading “Peaceful”

In Between Madness and Magic

over a cup of teaand in between madness and magicthere lies you, you who makes my tea grow cold, as I couldn’t possibly take,take a single sip, withoutdrowning my thoughts,flooding my heartfor every sip I takeis every memory of your kissyour lingering kiss and so, over a cup of teaand in between madness and magicthereContinue reading “In Between Madness and Magic”

Two Poems

Poem #1 – Alone and Lonely alone and lonely, that has become of you tired and desolate, after a life so great a life of wonderful glorious moments and magnificent past in old age, you  look back of what went wrong, and what have you missed, so, upon this bench you recollect, the good andContinue reading “Two Poems”

Rose Ann

“I Would Fly To Where You Are”, Available via KOBO.COM and Amazon (ebook/kindle file/paperback)   “Soar” is the hope that everything that falls in the seasons of love always fly on its rightful destinations. When two hearts soar high to the highest, it has no limits. It’s immeasurable for love is the wing itself. LoveContinue reading “Rose Ann”