And so I love you

As i woke up without you I did not know what to do i lost the smile far more cos i long for you so sure. when i remember you by  i wish i could fly so i could be where you are even we’re thousand miles apart. As i walk on the street iContinue reading “And so I love you”


  I slowly turned the lights off… A dwindling gesture of joy creeps in A voice resounding within. A desire is so strong to manifest. I lie down in bed… A hole appears from somewhere In the middle of nowhere… Taking my breath away. I slowly close my eyes… A view appears up there OfContinue reading “Thoughtfully”

I Miss YOU More

Oblivious of the time and around; I longed for your hold so tight. Your hold that keeps my steady gaze in place; your hold that once made a better me. Incognizant of how i felt wanting how much of you i can take. I never imagined it would be this dark without you, the darknessContinue reading “I Miss YOU More”


I am torn to do what I have to. I am saddened by how much that would be. A million times, a thousand moments… I shouldn’t stopped… I shouldn’t cried… In those moments of gloomy days; in those times of darkness… I got you hold out of me. I wanted more, I couldn’t be sure…Continue reading “TOUGHER”


Glimpse Peep by the window Slight utterance of complaint How could I let down?   Placid hush of home A domicile dwelling place Complex as a dome.   Graceful ornament A plant that makes a home Serenity meant.   The throes of a man Moving with difficulty For greatness be done.   Every man’s combatContinue reading “Glimpse”

DREAM the Biggest Dream

I’m down in deep dark pitch; untangling the muddy ditch, oblivious of the heat, awaiting to be neat. I stood still and lay; all through the day, engulfed by fear and envy, keeping through and steady. I tend to steady or higher; with great physical power. brawny… muscular… rugged… stalwart… I struggle, I dream…dream toContinue reading “DREAM the Biggest Dream”


  Silence stood over, in the darkest corner, your gaze still and slow, in shallow breath high and low. Warm around and still, in deep hollow feel, your touch burns and show, in the cold body in tow. Scream yield and hover, in the soft sheet cover, your mute tender passion, the ingratitude of fervorContinue reading “Affection”

Boredom….How to Get Over it

  Listlessness…restlessness…weariness…. nothing with spark, everything’s dark, all through the park. doldrums in a cold storage provocation…incitation…instigation… ardent affection, deeper passion, greater sensation. fervor love awaiting. Boredom according to Merriam – Webster Dictionary means the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest. Question is… have you been feeling bored lately? I did…Continue reading “Boredom….How to Get Over it”


The love month is over… but i wanted to share with you some of the reasons why we love….even if it may sound absurd and pathetic; i guess we all went through this … The “playful you ” says you are in love because… 1. MENTALLY, it made you nuts. You believe that the oneContinue reading “Why We LOVE”


Missing you is terrible, thinking about you doesn’t make it sensible. frustrating… disappointing… wanting to hold you is everything, sharing stories with you is something. wonderful… marvelous…. wishing to kiss you is magical, holding you in my arms is whimsical. imagining… dreaming…. counting the days without you is unbearable, hoping you’d be with me isContinue reading “Sentiment”