Father’s Day After

Father’s day is over, but i want to dedicate this space in honoring the father of my beautiful children.  It was with great disappointment that i had to face the fact that i married someone so different from my expectations.  How did i get over it? SIMPLE….DEAL WITH IT…..it isn’t so bad dealing with each others differences and laugh at the things that makes us so different.


                                                 ME: i like peanut butter

                                                 HE: mayo is what i prefer

                                               ME: i eat everything but beef

                                               HE: A meal is perfect with beef

                                           ME: And i like quite dinner together

                                           HE: conversation is what makes dinner lighter

                                           ME: i hate cracking jokes

                                           HE: Jokes is my life i guess

                                   ME: i’ll always ask for directions

                                   HE: finding my way is my choice

                                  ME: i like a walk in the mall

                                  HE: i would rather run and stroll              

                         ME: while i’m piling on the comforter

                         HE: I lay there bare and in comfort

                         ME: while i’m reading poetry

                        HE: i’d rather be watching tennis


TOGETHER: we’ve got differences wherever we turn, but still we stay together cause there’s a lesson to learn, that if we’re in every way the same, one of us would not be needed, and wouldn’t that be a waste?


I am fortunate to have shared your life, your hopes, your dreams and your bed these years….my only request is to have you forever….



It’s Always Fun in the Philippines

We were blessed to have spent summer abroad. It’s an annual event that we always look forward to as a family.  Its wonderful…its amazing…but i say…nothing beats HOME..

I’m counting down the reasons why i always love being back home.


                   pork adobo is what we craved,

                   chicken inasal is what we fancied,

                   Filipino spag is what we desired,

                    early morning pandesal is what we missed.

    i am a pizza, pasta type of girl. But when your out of the country for a little while you will surely miss Filipino foods..nothing beats our adobo. nothing even beats chicken inasal. nothing beats surely the sweet Filipino spaghetti- it is only in the Philippines where spaghetti is deliciously sweet…nothing beats the early morning walk to buy pandesal…

2. FRIENDS (and the way they make you smile)

               people come, people go,

               but a friend will stay, they do.

               they make you smile,

              they make you crazy for a while.


    I am not so sure if my there were people who miss me when i was away ..(sigh…..) but one thing i’m sure though..i miss a lot when i was out…well, whether they are your good or not so good friends…you will miss the beautiful genuine smile you get even from a strangest Filipino stranger.. and when your out of the country…you try to look for that same genuine smile from every stranger you encounter but i guess nothing compares to the smile you see back home.


                                its crazy, but amazing;

                                 its irritating, but loving.

                                a family dearest,

                               we always cherish.

    I know we all despise the fact that at some point, our relatives can be so annoying and disturbing for always wanting to know every single detail of our own personal and private lives… and at some point we all want them out of our lives..(i know you do..) but again, having been out for a while, it made me realized that one of the sweetest most magnificent gifts we have from God is the gift of family….they complete us ..they make us safe… they love us…they adore us…no matter how irritating or annoying they maybe.




                 children screaming,

                  people laughing,

                  neighbors fighting,

                  friends enjoying.


          it is only in the Philippines when you walk around and hear people screaming  as if wanting to kill each other and yet you see them at the end of the day enjoying an afternoon talk. it is only in the Philippines when neighbors scorn each other and yet you see them passing on a bowl of adobo at lunch. it is only in the Philippines when you can afford to sit down and basically do nothing all and manage to have a good meal. it is only in the Philippines when you get to hear your neighbors karaoke moments and never getting irritated for the unwanted noise.


    its indeed ALWAYS FUN in the PHILIPPINES …..


one direction and ed sheeran

I first heard “summer love” by One Direction from my youngest daughter who is s certified 1D fan. We were having dinner and at the same time discussing our iterinaries on Sunday when she suddenly sang…

Can’t believe your packing your bag
Trying so hard not to cry

Very clever girl and a very clever song as well. I’m too old to be 1d fan myself but last night I forget I was. I started downloading songs of 1d in my phone. As I listen to each songs I realized why they are well love and adored by their fans.

As a mom I, without doubt officially supports my daughter for loving 1D…
their songs are well written…well better poetically written.I commend one of the composers, Ed Sheeran. He is one great lyricist. The lines are artistically written.As much as I don’t wanna go emotional going home but come on …my girl..one Direction…Ed Sheeran made me….So I say…

One direction, charming…
     Adorable ….
     Gorgeous. …
 Music as avenue making girls…
 Ed Sheeran, the unsung hero,
    Together they create beautiful music…
      moms enjoy…
  Girls adore..

Turi Beach – Batam, Indonesia

IMG_3257[1]Our out of the country annual summer vacation is nearing its end; and what better way to culminate it than spending the weekend in an exclusive resort in Indonesia – Turi Beach Resort. I listed down below five reasons why i should be back or say, why you should visit yourself.


trees swaying, how do you do?

birds chirping, come and enjoy,

monkeys waving, hello to you,

flowers smiling, welcome too.

a wonderful place to reconnect withe nature. …a five story building underneath the mountain overlooking a seamless view of the ocean facing Malaysia (if my geography is correct).


telur tersembunyi is great,

mei goreng is a real treat,

nasi goreng is delectable,

sotong goreng is impeccable.

Indonesian cuisine at its best. You will be greeted by a delicious icy cold ginger juice as a complimentary welcome drink…breakfast is good enough to fill your stomach to cover up even until lunch….dinner might bring your blood pressure high ( the price is quite outrageous..)but you will eventually get over it as you dine and listen to the live performance of the band, with a vocalist whose vocal prowess is really good. The food? its worth the prize.


water may not be my friend,

but its inviting, you wanna spend

some time alone in the beach,

or even in the pool around your reach.

You will enjoy a relaxing morning or afternoon walk smelling the breath of fresh air…hearing the splashing of the water slowly creeping through the shore…resting your eyes on the view; the sparkling blue water, crystal clear sky, healthy green garden, not to forget the smiles in each guest’s face – a manifestation of a beautiful day that was.


nothing beats chicken satay for dinner,

nor the mouthwatering ikan bakar,

or better yet a table filled with desserts,

you’ll forget your on a diet so feast.

Saturday night dinner is indeed worth the price… there’s just so much food to choose from..and to double the treat, they actually got to pick guests who will win certain prizes from the resort. Some got a one hour spa, dinner for two, an hour recreational activity, one hour KTV, and i can’t forget the scream when one of the guests won an overnight stay in the hotel for two, for free…i didn’t win though, but i almost win after all.. i enjoyed the night..


what is dinner without music?

its a live band so don’t panic,

when the price makes you turn back,

just go ahead and be tact.

The vocalist sings refreshingly good. It makes you forget the bill your about to get; and to my surprise, she sings English popular songs (i suppose she’s Indonesian)- so it makes her even more likeable and easy to sing and dance along with, giving you reason to shed off the initial calories you’ve had so you can have another round of sumptuous meal.. its buffet dinner so basically .. eat all you can…

for some spending the weekend here may cost them a fortune..but well..if you have..of course a fortune why not spend it here…its an exclusive resort, making it less crowded and less busy. It gives you time to really relax and enjoy your stay. Its free from the noise in the city….no fancy coffee shops.. no shopping… no towering buildings crowding your mind.. its just you, your love ones, the nature, the few people…..having a quite wonderful moment all together. oh by the way, i love the little nipa hut …its a beautiful place to create wonderful memories with your love ones..i just did…

P.s. I’ve been to different resorts, and hotels for that matter…(i have traveled a lot over the years) …but this one will surely be on my “be back” list….

I Love You

This is not the season of love …but i just don’t know why…for some weird inexplicable reasons i am being compelled to write about …..well…LOVE…

It suddenly made me remember the day i realized i too, was in love…the first time i saw him…the first time we spoke…everything seems just like yesterday because i keep such precious memories constantly alive in my mind…

a strange thing inside;

creeping through outside.

inexplicably bizarre;

truly peculiar.

a yearning to cry;

wanting to try.

humbly keeping;

patiently crawling.

a sentiment so pure;

believing so sure.

beautifully affectionate;

tenderly passionate.

a moment so phenomenal;

amazing and sensational.

wonderfully screaming;

perfectly loving.



Love is as beautiful as a peacock when it opens up its tail…..(technically, only males are peacocks, females are peahens and together they are called  peafowl…in case you’re not aware..)

Wedding Vow

One of my college students whom i have never seen for quite a while invited me to be a part of her entourage for her wedding day…

I’ve always been fascinated by weddings and the joy that it brings to two people in love who wanted to spend the rest of their lives together…

It is also a manifestation that we are still leaving in a world where true love reigns….

I do….

I could sing you a song,

I could stay with you for long…

The melody may not be strong,

But i could be with you in my song.

I could write you a poem so dear,

I could hold you in my arms so near…

The words may not be like that of Shakespeare’s,

But it is what my heart yells so much oh, so dear.

I could create your image so gay,

I could kiss you so long and make you stay…

The picture may not be perfect they will say,

But i know it will make you so happy today.

I could stop the clock for a while,

I could make you hold me with a smile..

The thought maybe actually whimsical,

But I know love is all that is magical.


Just the thought that you’ve finally found the one you wish to spend the rest of your life with is something that is so exciting and wonderful. Everything felt so natural.  You might even say that you don’t know what it is about that person that drives you closer to each other- it might be the combination of a great sense of humor, charming personality, good looks…whatever it is, you can sense its presence. I could call it chemistry or better yet the possibility that you are on the same wavelength…who knows…Image

Well whatever it is really…here’s wishing you all that one day soon you’ll find your one true love. And when you found it never let it go…..

We may fall in love many times in our lifetime but we would only have one greatest love…

Keep the love alive!!!!

I Miss You


Three years had pass…

thought of you lingers,

memories so clear,

I can hold you really clear.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

scent of you lingers,

running through the air,

I can kiss you near.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

your soft cuddly touch embraces,

creeping through my being,

I can get closer even a thing.

I miss you , I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

hearing your sweet voice,

sincerely saying, “I love you baby”,

I can say ” I love you too, just stay”.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass…

leaving me by surprise,

I was hurt, I was broken,

I can cry, I can scorn.

I miss you, I know for sure!

Three years had pass..

on this day in a mass,

I spoke to say goodbye,

a daughter’s eulogy and lullaby.

I miss you DAD, I know for sure!!


It’s been three years dad, and i am still missing you. I hope your happy up there….Oh by the way..Happy Birthday too!!