Love Dance #whatdoyousee

how do you tell time,

in seconds, in minutes, in hours?

for when you move, it is of no essence

you can speed up and slow down

and in between, time stops

my breathing stops

I watch you in awe, in admiration

time stops.


I fall in love.


how do you move through space,

in specific lines, and specific space?

I can barely follow-through

as your body motions in perfection

I watch you in awe, in admiration

time stops.


I fall in love.


how do you exhibit force

in smooth and sharp movements

for you are strong even in

lightweight steps 

you tiptoed still, in precision

I watch you in awe, in admiration

time stops.


I fall in love.

with you.

over and over

in time, in space, and in full force

I love you

as I love you move your body

in harmony

with time, with space and with force.


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What do you see # 44- 24 August 2020

Crescent Moon #writephoto #crescent #night-meets-day

i had you under a crescent moon

where tiny raindrops and little sparkly lights

are night’s mournful yet graceful norm

the moon is in your eyes as it reflects back

sun’s glorious light, not wanting to outshine

the sadness within, as we

await for the night to meet the day

for up and ’till then,

this moment in time

under the crescent moon

in the warmth of your embrace

in the glory of your kiss

in the tenderness of your caress

i am yours and you are mine

under the waning crescent moon

as the illuminated portion

is decreasing,

our energy is slowing down

bathing us in feelings of satiation

and gratitude

embodying fulfillment

generating wisdom


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The Disturbing Truth Behind the Massive Use of Face Masks and Gloves



It is day 10 of my mandatory quarantine after arriving in the Philippines.  I am well rested after the long agonizing and emotional journey home.  I am quarantined in a hotel accredited by our local government’s Department of Health for returning Filipinos. Since it is a paid quarantine facility, food, and other basic necessities is well provided for. However, after ten days, I noticed something. Due to specific health protocols, foods are packed and served in a plastic disposable food container along with the disposable spoon and fork and small bottled water.

I began to wonder, how they manage the disposal of these disposable food containers, considering that the hotel is fully booked and occupied since I arrived or even way back the time the Philippines opened its borders for returning Filipinos and Overseas Filipino Workers.  Imagine the number of accumulated plastics?

It is true then that the pandemic did not only change the way we live our lives and the way we treat people, but it has definitely affected our environment and has worsened the ocean plastic pollution problem. There is a drastic increase in the use of disposable masks and disposable gloves, along with the use of small easy to carry plastic bottles of hand sanitizers. This is threatening the health of our seas and its living organisms.

Before the pandemic or pre – COVID 19, there is a reported eight million metric tons of plastic waste dumped in the ocean every year. This equates to one garbage truck’s worth of plastic being dumped into our oceans every minute. The total weight is the equivalent of 90 aircraft carriers. That’s huge. Massive.

This is tragic for many reasons. Fish, whales, turtles, and seabirds and many other animals are eating the plastic and are dying. There are many existing studies in the process of exploring the relationship between human health problems and eating or consuming fish that contain microplastics (bottles and other single-use items that have broken down). Oceans around the world have been ravaged by plastic waste. Again, this was pre – COVID 19.

In the hindsight, the global pandemic might be the kind of silver lining environmentalist who has long been waiting. With social distancing keeping people off the road and out of the skies, the quality of air that we breathe has said to have improved. Carbon emissions have fallen by a very significant amount. The shuttering down of factories in some major cities around the world has lowered air pollutions. Suppose good news, right?

On the contrary though, the same cannot be said for our oceans and its inhabitants. Our oceans have been hit hard in the past months, with the massive use of face masks, gloves, face shields, and miniature hand sanitizer bottles. I even read somewhere that if we stitch together all of the masks manufactured already, we would probably cover the entire landmass of Switzerland.

And we are just talking about the use of these so-called PPEs. But the story of the rapid increase in the use of single-use plastic resulting from COVID – 19 is even more complicated.


So before things even get more complicated, we must as well act sooner and faster.

What can we possibly do?

  1. Hotels and other restaurants should serve their foods on a biodegradable container, over the plastic containers.
  2. We should buy hand sanitizers or alcohol in big containers and just have one small container for a refill in case we need to leave our homes.
  3. For non – medical practitioners, use the washable cloth masks instead of the disposable ones and refrain from using disposable gloves if not really necessary, otherwise practice regular hand washing and use hand sanitizers to disinfect.
  4. Proper waste disposal is also a must for gloves and face masks.


I am not an expert environmentalist but I believe these are practical tips we can all follow. In as much as we want to protect ourselves from the COVID 19 virus, we should also not forget to protect our oceans and its living organisms. After all, they are part of our ecosystem and without them how do we live our lives again after the pandemic?


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Love Letter (A rewrite)



“Never did I ever receive a love letter in a scented paper in a heart-shaped
envelope from you, but ours could top the greatest love story ever


your handwriting may not at all be easy to read
but you write with great measures and  surprises instead
always, almost a perfect Hallmark Valentine’s card
not copy-pasted all original; sweet and endearing indeed


a forgotten expression,
a forgotten love?


you spent hours thinking,  and writing over again just to say
that your first kiss was so blissful it makes you fall  and stay
that the thought of it makes your legs felt like jelly at stray
such as love’s effect on you, so true but cliche


a forgotten expression,
a forgotten love?


oh, how time flies by so fast,  your pens and papers are no longer at stake
no drafts, no rewrites, no humiliations for heaven’s sake
for now, you can click on and just press send or take
whatever is forwarded by a friend, “just a piece of cake”


a forgotten expression,
a forgotten love?


gone are the days of scented papers and colored pens
sent through the backdoors or through one of your friends
‘Twas silly but fun; with all those letters in heart-shaped envelopes
for your beloved, from you  an expression of love from a distance


a forgotten expression;
but not a forgotten love


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What do you see # 43- 17 August 2020


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Without You #writephoto#cloud



I am a lonely

wandering cloud,

in an empty sky 

without you



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Thursday photo prompt: Clouded #writephoto


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I Will Be Your Happily-Ever-After

if dreams do come true, just dream on for long,
you’re better off there, its exceptionally wonderful

if reality bites, live in fantasy for a while,
you deserve a magical escape, a restful solitude

if there is “happily- ever – after”, hold on to it,
yours will happen soon, in time


if i am your fairy godmother, you won’t need to dream for a fantasy world, nor wait for your “happily-ever-after”
i’d make your dreams come true


i’d turn your fantasy a reality

better yet,

i will be your “happily- ever-after”


Eugi’s Weekly Word Prompt – “Fairy” August 10, 2020

I Miss You, It Hurts

“I gave up looking for someone who can make me laugh like you do”


i miss you because i miss myself when i am with you. i am my best self with you; i laughed the hardest, cried hopelessly, talked endlessly.


i miss our unending conversations. our silent moments. our pointless arguments.


the way you look at me. the way you make my heart melts. the way you make me smile. the way you make me realize that love is more than the poetry i write, more than where my thoughts could go and more than what “i love you” really means.


i miss you so much it hurts.


“I never imagined witnessing
something like this; never in
my lifetime”


it’s like an apocalyptic movie. the airport looks like a ghost deserted town.

it used to be just a movie used to be just a book narrative.

it used to be just a perfect screenplay pitch. but I saw it with my eyes, my heart bleeds,
my soul cries.

and I am still bleeding.

so with great pride,

I raise our flag to salute and commend, our brave frontliners.

they who never gave up.

they who never get tired.

they who never complained.



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