Perfect Christmas Kiss

    I like peanut butter; you  prefer mayo     I eat everything but beef; while you enjoy a meal of steak             And I like quiet dinner together but you said conversation is what makes it better I hate cracking jokes but it is your life I guess      Continue reading “Perfect Christmas Kiss”

In Between

In Between I am a million miles away from home. The home where I grew up with. The distance is suffocating…deafening…exhilarating; but this is nothing compared to the distance we’ve created even if we’re not a million miles apart; the distance between our families…our friends…our siblings…our in-laws..our neighbors…and oftentimes the distance between the very personContinue reading “In Between”

Turn the Table

Let’s reverse the plan change the situation let’s gain the upper hand turn back time to the day it started day one of November notes. This is also in conclusion to the challenge; and what better way to thank Sarah and Rosema for hosting this challenge than thru short poetry like this. Thank you toContinue reading “Turn the Table”

Monday Morning Melts 3

In response to Monday Morning Challenge hosted by Rosema of A Reading Writer and Jade M. Wong. Monday, Nov. 21: In Your Hands- Jason Mraz But when you’re alone You’re living in a world with only choices And what I choose is you     Sleeping beauty  Slept peacefully For a century, or so SheContinue reading “Monday Morning Melts 3”