Stars (A teaser)

  Stars (A teaser) Things that break on earth don’t reach the clouds above us. Burning villages don’t change the schedule of sunsets. And stars remain stars, no matter how much land we destroy. But when the sky loses all of its lights and unleashes a thunderstorm, everything drowns.   P.S. A special project isContinue reading ” Stars (A teaser)”

My Saga Continuous Part 4 (The Little Prince and Old Town Ipoh)

“You can only see clearly through your heart” – Fox, The Little Prince- My third daughter, Allana gave me an illustrated version, hardbound copy of the book ” THE LITTLE PRINCE”. It was so sweet of her to do that. The Little Prince taught us that life is only worth living when it is livedContinue reading “My Saga Continuous Part 4 (The Little Prince and Old Town Ipoh)”

My Saga Continuous Part 3 (thanks for the stars)

you’re raging a war of which origin, you can barely tell least the day it began your battlefield is a place called “home” and your fiercest enemy is a man named “dad”   The effects of domestic violence on children, result from witnessing domestic violence in a home where one of their parents are abusing the otherContinue reading “My Saga Continuous Part 3 (thanks for the stars)”

My Saga Continuous Part 2

The afternoon train ride reminds me of the young boys and girls who are victims of abuse and violence. Once again, my heart bleeds and my words came pouring down.   Mama, I Remember   I was young and innocent didn’t know what’s goin’ on but I heard him call you a whore for wearingContinue reading “My Saga Continuous Part 2”

My Saga Continuous

My Saga on my awareness campaign against Violence continuous as i explore the possible reasons why abused women chose to stay in an abusive relationship.   Over a cup of coffee, i relentlessly write with my heart bleeding remembering each and every victim of violence out there.   you are poised and elegant they admireContinue reading “My Saga Continuous”

One Million Stars to End Violence

“When you wish upon a Star, Makes no difference who you are…” -Jiminy Cricket, Walt Disney’s “Pinocchio”   Stars Fled From Your Eyes   stars fled from your eyes and the shadow of death cast upon your face on this dark gloomy night filled with goodbyes and unending sighs of a once-promising life stars fledContinue reading “One Million Stars to End Violence”