Mia @ 18

Nothing beats the pain of losing yourself to somebody you barely even know. Nothing beats the pain of crying when you know it isn’t enough. Nothing beats the pain of wanting to die when you know death may not even be the answer. Mia was your regular College girl. Pretty, charming, and smart. When everyoneContinue reading “Mia @ 18”

When You Knocked Me Off The Wall

when you knocked me off the wall,you left me begging. begging for a chance.a chance to kindness, compassion, and love. but you walked away,in your great Gatsby-style swag.as if nothing happened.no harm was done. you left me bleeding.my heart bled for the futuremy soul cried for the trust when you knocked me off the wall,youContinue reading “When You Knocked Me Off The Wall”


you robbed my dreamswhen you murdered my innocence you toppled down my spiritwhen you assasinated my heart so, upon the meadowsI wonder, how many of my dreamshave you robbed?how much of my innocencehave you murdered? and, upon the meadowsI count, on the many ways youtoppled down my spiriton the many times you assasinatedmy bleeding heartContinue reading “Peaceful”

Naira’s Story

No one doubts that you’re in pain when you’re walking around bleeding. You’re lucky, if someone believes you’re hurt, without you having to forcibly cut off an arm. Naira was fine. She was perfect. There wasn’t a scratch on her. She was just about to throw herself off the top of a high-rise, that wasContinue reading “Naira’s Story”

Ehsan’s Story

  Some people would say that children bear the consequences of their parents’ actions. Those people would be wrong. Children are the consequences of their parents’ actions. Everything they become is a direct result of everything their parents have done. Ehsan had both of his parents growing up. This wasn’t necessarily a good thing. FromContinue reading “Ehsan’s Story”

Intan’s Story

There’s a limit to how far hard work can get you. There’s a limit to how much suffering love can make you take. Intan studied criminology, which means she trained herself to understand the worst in people. She took a bachelor’s degree and graduated with flying colors, then went on to take a post helpingContinue reading “Intan’s Story”

Erin’s Story

  Things that break on earth don’t reach the clouds above us. Burning villages don’t change the schedule of sunsets. And stars remain stars, no matter how much land we destroy. But when the sky loses all of its lights and unleashes a thunderstorm, everything drowns. Erin was a vibrant, happy, and joyful woman. ToContinue reading “Erin’s Story”


she wears a smileso contagious and charmingthe kind that bears true ofa heart filledwith love and compassionhe took it awaynow wounded,now torn.abuse took her smile awaybut not her soulshe’s beaten,she’s crying,but she’s winning.  out in the stormin a lonely eveningfighting, thrivingfor in tryingshe is winningand in painshe is victoriousfor in silence, she battlesand in pain,Continue reading “Storm”

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Aisha was the wife of a man who disappeared not long after their marriage. In his place came a husband who thought always hurting the woman he had promised to care for was the best way to be one. By the time they had a son, Aisha had to give up waiting for the personContinue reading “Let Your Voice Be Heard”