An Ode to Love

An Ode To Love

fifth in the series of “tell me your song, i’ll write you a poem”


it’s been quite a while and I wish to know why, why you left me unaannounced
unnoticed, oh dear love, why?
“I’ve often wondered, if love’s an illusion”
glorified by romantic poets
and creative writers
a breeding and birthing space
for their silly, playful emotions
I can’t blame them though, as I have
once in my life, not so long ago
fallen deeply into love’s
glorious promises and compromises
and it was so damn good
really good, love, its good

oh dear love, no, I’m not up for one right now
I am more than satisfied with friends and companions around, they make me laugh,
they make me cry and yes they disappoint me too, at times,
with them nothing, and I mean nothing can topple down my spirit
I have everything every woman would want for,
but hey, love, it was so damn good
really good, love, its good

wouldn’t it be too much if I say,
“don’t want to wake up alone anymore”
for it gets lonely and sad when friends
aren’t by my side, its so lonely, I swear
and for many days and many months
and I don’t even know how many more years, my nights are going to be colder
and my bed is empty without you,
yes, dear love, my bed is empty without you
‘cos hey, love it was so damn good
really good, love, its good

and if by chance you find your way back again, back to my door, I promise
by the grace of Apollo the God of poetry and art, I swear with all my heart
and with all that I could ever be
welcome you back, without hesitations,
without inhibitions, with a smile,
I submit.


All The Love In The World – The Corrs

This one is for a very special follower and a fan of all my works. Cheers to love and to all its magnificent yet misplaced comforts