It Ain’t Winning If Without You (Book Review)

Thank you Akhila for this heart warming review. I am grateful for your love and support always 🙏🙏🙏

Poems hatched from a passionate heart who is so much in love

Reviewed in India on September 18, 2022

These poems are hatched from a passionate heart who is so much in love. Always I wonder how Mich is driving my imaginations to the next higher level. And in this book, her 7th book she just made me drenched in her beautiful musings as usual.. No one, but Mich can only think about being herself a “spotify” for her love. It’s a wonderful creativity. And all those titles have become true brands of the poetries.. They are unique and very sharp. In this book one can find many poetry forms like Etheree, Zappai, Kimo, Hay(na)ku, Naani etc.. Some of them were totally new to me. So thanks a lot Mich for introducing me to some of the new poetic forms as well presenting this wonderful creation to the whole universe.

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It Ain’t Winning If Without You (Amazon Review)

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👉here is another verified review by Saadiya Nadeem

reviewed in the United States on September 7, 2022

A poetry book to treasure

When I started reading this book, I expected to read poetry about love. What I found was a rainbow of emotions here. Michelle has expressed love in every poem of hers in a different way. Love, loss, anger at loss and celebration of love found in many ways is the hallmark of her poetry. I’d recommend this book for every person who has fallen in love.

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thank you for the 5 stars Saadiya🙏🙏

Book Review (It Ain’t Winning If Without You)

i am pleased to read that this review emphasized on the fact that “It Ain’t Winning If Without You” is true to its title and cover design. why? i’ve read books with titles and cover designs that are not fully justified by its content. for me it’s misleading and unacceptable.

Beautiful collection of poems

Reviewed in India on 28 August 2022

Poems are the one which can attack our emotion easily. The author has an amazing quality of target to attract the readers through their emotions. This is a book with full of beautiful collections of poems. I loved each and every line of it. I could also relate to some of the poems so much close to me and I became more emotional after reading some it.
The language is awesome and captivating. The title is true to the content and the cover of the book is mesmerizing. The whole mood of the book is a romantic one but in a good way. The expressions of each poem that is expressed through the words are truly amazing. If you are a poetry lover, you will definitely love it. If not also, you would love to pick poetry henceforth. Recommended to everyone!!

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Book Review (It Ain’t Winning If Without You)

another verified review from India. this one made me smile as he took the time to mention specific lines from the book. thank you so much. 🙏💕

Very Intriguing

Reviewed in India on 22 August 2022

Don’t own the pain don’t own the hurt. because even if my lips are sealed i, too, am hurting i, too, am broken. and, i too am bleeding dying inside.
don’t assume I am okay just because I smile the sweetest it’s my choice to smile and grieve silently. my pain is mine alone not for the whole world to know not for the entire world to celebrate.

Oh my God, I just love these poems in the book. I don’t know, I like reading poems nowadays and I feel like I can relate and connect with them. Just see the above para about “Pain” and how beautifully the author portrayed each line to understand and endure.

Everyone has their pain or suffering, sometimes we may not open up about that with others because some people don’t want to share with the world sometimes, they just want feel their pain alone.

“you speak to me when you have nothing to say you embrace me when you feel the numbness of your body you hold me when you are in complete doubt you love me in your silence. yet, your eyes speak of a thousand words unspoken your eyes embody an embrace not even indifference would have a chance your eyes hold a sense of confidence and conviction. for even if you love me in your silence your eyes scream of home for me.”

I feel like this poem attacking me and reminding me that how single I’m not expected this.
But totally love this poem about “Love”

“it’s the sweet-bitter sensation that makes coffee magic and an illusion it confuses the sensitive palate it diffuses an angry heart it calms a desolate soul”

Okay, now coffee love, come on, who doesn’t coffee right? Coffee is perfect for everything, it’s a life to my soul, but man, author written coffee love about the one who share and the one who make coffee for their love… Really, that’s so amazing to read… I really each and every poem in the poem… While reading each poem, I just forget myself travelling with those words and made me smile whenever I read touching lines and I was “wow”

Happy Easter

Happy and blessed Easter my dear friends and poets. 💛🙏

Easter taught us that life never ends and love never dies.

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There is resilience in “Oh! Dear One”
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There is forever in “I Will Love You Forever, Too”
There is empowerment in “After Rain Skies, 2nd Edition”
Truly there is magic in poetry.

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I Will Love You Forever, Too (update)

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Your Name

and in the twilight of my life
when my world will be partially illuminated
where there is neither darkness nor light
all I ever wish to have is that single speck
of light, that single spark of joy with you
for I love you from the morn’ of my soul
’till the dusk of my breath
and I will love you even more
in the midnight of my being
when the whole world is in perfect silence
my heart screams loudly
of your name like it’s the last
word I am gonna utter
your name and yours alone

When I Cry

When I Cry

“and when I cry, I cry not because of the pain

I cry because of the many times I wish you were

beside me.”

It has nothing to do with you, with what you did or did not do. It’s a cry of relief, a cry of sigh, and a cry of “coming home.”

It’s a cry for all the times I believed I was right (but was wrong). A cry for the many times I messed up (and you were never there to say “it’s ok”). A cry for the moments I was brave (but I was really scared). A cry for many occasions I was numbed (but feeling the pain). A cry for the times I needed help (and you were not around).

It’s a cry for all of my successful events and milestones (but you were not there). A cry for all the wonderful opportunities (you missed).  A cry for the many times I sure did good (but you failed to witness).

I cry my love because it feels so good to be home, in your loving arms once again.

A cry of coming home.

  • Thank you for the entire good cry, my love…

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