August To Remember

August To Remember

August my dear
is the eight month of the year
where there is so much fun in the sun
in the Northern Hemisphere
as they wait for summer to end
and hope for the coming
of autumn with love and gratitude
just as how much i desire to hold you
close to my heart, for i love you, my dear
you are like summer, filled with passion
warm love and blazing compassion
yet gentle as a summer breeze
you are my lovely falling autumn leaves
longing for a cozy winter rest
and without further ado, i say
let August be the month we remember
how our love has weathered the test of time
the test of life’s cruel circumstances
i know we’ll make it
i believe we will
let this be another
August to remember.

For d’Verse

This week over at d’Verse Poetics, we were asked by Sanaa aka (adashofsunny) to write a poem about August, which doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves.

If you wanna join the fun, head over to this link for more details:

There Was August

There Was August

they say time heals all wounds
that there is healing in losing
that there is more love even after
you’re gone to never come back.

how is it possible to love
someone you never even get to see
how is it possible to miss
someone you never even get to hold?

but i had you the first sign of life
i had you the first time you breathe
i had you the first time you made me smile
i had you the first time you gave me hope.

i had you in every beat of my heart
i was meant to love you forever and always
i had you in every dream in the making
i was meant to make your dreams come true

how i wish  i could hold you in my arms
how i wish  i could kiss you eagerly always
how i wish that i could hum you
a loving melody each day.

i could only wish, i could only hope
you were gone before i could even
breathe life to you my dear
it should have been anytime from today.

you would have been an August baby
we would have enjoyed the splashing
mid August rain water; but you’re gone
gone even before there was August.

For David’s Weekly Prompt