Autumn Promise




upon this bench

under the autumn tree

where gentle leaves of changing colors

swiftly and beautifully fall

and the breeze gust

tenderly on my face

as it bears tiny fine drops of water

with every single one, a pledge of raindrops

then i look up unto the sky, as cool air

maneuvers the clouds

strains of brightness escape through

the ever-vibrant sun

i smell the earth’s fragrance

then slowly, lovingly, warmly,

you blew me a kiss


and right there, upon this bench

under the autumn tree

you promised.


for Eugi’s




August my dear, is the
eight month of the year
and in the Northern Hemisphere
there’s so much fun in the sun,
as they wait for summer to end
autumn approaches, with hope
just like you my dearest;
you are the summer of my life
warm, thoughtful, and caring
you are my lovely falling autumn leaves
going into a winter rest



i cannot think
of any better pair
of seasons of the year
to speak of my love
than summer and autumn;
I love you, with the warmth
of a hot summer day,
I love you with the grace
of autumn leaves falling effortlessly
(as i fall head over heels on you)
waiting, for a restful winter night



Written for Kate and Eugenia




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