Is This How Trust Betrays? #writephoto#worn


Written for Sue:



how much of my generosity has made you

the happiest that you are now?

how much of my kindness has made you

the confident that you are now?

how much of my cheerfulness has made you

the enthusiastic that you are now?

how much of my love has made you

the best that you are now?

you don’t need to say a word

your silence says it all

your achievement says it all

your well – being says it all

but why, oh dear, why

did I become the worn – out,

old – dilapidated stepsĀ 




is this how selfish you are?

is this how love ends?

is this how trust betrays?





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Amidst Silence and Tears

Betrayed me
I wept and wailed
In agony
I could die a thousand deaths
And cursed a million times
Amidst silence and tears.

But I chose to simply cry
‘Till the tears run dry
And I could cry no more
I suffered in silence
I was quiet
But I was brave
Amidst silence and tears.

Can destroy me
But you can never bring me down
Nor topple my spirit
I am empowered
Amidst silence and tears.