I Thank God for my Poetry

I Thank God for my Poetry

i thank God for my poetry
for my syllables my lines my verses
they are amazingly pretty
i say it with great pride and emphasis
i thank God and i can’t be petty
for it has made my life better and wondrous

new ideas and new forms are out everyday
as i keep track of the stunning world of poetry
i struggle to stay up and updated i say
or do i really need to take it all in and be hurry
my lines and my verses i write them as i play
so i’ll take it easy regardless of what’s brand new crazy

i thank God for my poetry as loved by many
even with so many claiming to be poets
even with new lines, new verses published everyday
yet i see the loyal ones coming back as my assets
they made my poet heart happy like Hemmingway

and oh, i must not forget to say
i thank God for my muse
the one i write my poetry daily
i thank God for my muse
the poetry i write, the love of my life

P. S.

My first time joining Reena’s Exploration Challenge prompt no. 212

It’s new … does it mean it’s welcome?

Coffee (A 300-word story Flash Fiction)

Coffee (A 300-word story Flash Fiction)

Is it necessary that every story has a beginning and an ending? Or can I just skip to the part where I felt a terrible pain after I stumbled down the floor?

The police officer insisted I should tell the story from the beginning going through every single detail of the assault until I managed to run away and escape. But, damn! can’t they not see it? I am struggling to go into details. What do they want me to do? Experience all over again the pain, the trauma, and fear I experienced by telling the whole story; beginning to end?

How crazy can that be?

An assault is an assault, regardless of how it began, and how it ended.

I could barely recall. Now, can I just go home, or maybe will someone send me to the nearest hospital? Do they really need to see me bleeding for them to know that I am in terrible pain? What I needed more than anything else at that moment was medical care? Rather than a bullshit police investigation? And for what? Oh, they said for record purposes.

So what did I tell them?

I told them what my perpetrator said because that’s the only thing I remember. He said, “you are so charming and so pretty, and I would do anything, just anything to get my hands on you…anything, even for once.”

“And then?” The police officer wanted me to tell more

“He didn’t get his one time, and I am here to report a crime, and maybe a cup of coffee to calm me down, ‘cos right now, it feels like dying, though I know, dying may not even make me feel better”

I grabbed my things walked away, bought a coffee myself.

Hot coffee.

It calmed me, a bit.

Photo by Imani Bahati on Unsplash

Little Bleep (A Monologue Flash Fiction)

Little Bleep (A Monologue Flash Fiction)

If i could scream I’d scream of little bleeps. Yes, little, tiny…that’s what I am. A small innocent “bleep” wanting to grow, wanting to survive and  wishing to see the world outside.

From where I am is pure darkness. But I love it here. It’s warm and cozy. It feels so good just to be hovering wiggling around, so comfortable. I love it here, really. Oh, except when I hear loud thunderous screaming, yelling, shouting. I wanted it to stop. For each yelling feels like I’m dying. It has been like this for a while and it’s getting louder each day. I must say, today was the worst. Each loud scream was synonymous to a painful sharp cry.

I wonder when will this ever end.

Will I even make it out alive?

Please mom hang on there, we’ll make it together. I promise I’ll be your most loving little bleep ever.

And oh, dad…yes dad I can’t wait to see you. I only hear stories of you from mom. Those sweet lovely stories she’d tell me everynight. In between her sobs. Oh, I could feel how much she misses you.

So dear Lord I hope the thunder stops. I hope it ends soon. I fear I won’t make it out.

Mom, dad….please hang on guys, little bleep will be out soon. We’ll be together I promise.

Silent Scream {a flash fiction}

Silent Scream {a flash fiction}

“and what about the damage it caused me, I have to live with it my whole life?” This is what I would want to say. But no! I chose not to speak. I chose not to say a word. For what good would it bring if I speak when no one listens? No one understands? So, calmly, I gather myself up and take it from the start. From the bottom; me and my silent screams. I’m better off that way.

People believed you are in pain only when they see you bleeding. But not all pains have been cinematic and melodramatic.

It’s the silent scream that’s most painful of all.

And that’s why sometimes i wonder “can i just trade life with this little cute furry kitten, enjoying life with no complications?….just for once… for once…because i am really tired… ‘nakakapagod na’ [it’s tiring]”

I just need a moment to rest.

I am tired.

for Sadje’s WDY

Have You Seen the Butterflies Dancing? (Spoken poetry)

Have You Seen the Butterflies Dancing?

have you seen the butterflies dancing?
how their brightly unique colored wings create a perfect hue to accompany the aromatic spring air?
as colors blending, and swirling and the playful flower garden waits in great anticipation?
I haven’t.
But I, sure have seen your eyes dance in harmony with nature, glowing as brightly as the sun on a hot summer day
I’ ve seen that.
I’ve seen that dance in your eyes, that blissful afternoon, you looked at me with great admiration
perhaps, that was love
perhaps love

have you felt the feel of a snowflake trickle down your nose?
how it melts and turns into water as soon as it touches your skin?
its cool light and dry powdered feel?
I haven’t.
But I sure felt, that same cool touch
when you by chance, touched me by the face as we were exiting a full packed crowded place
I’ve felt that.
I felt your palm, so cold, so freezzing cold
perhaps, that was love
perhaps love

have you smelled the scent of a hyacinth flower?
with its intense green spring scent developing, buidling stronger as the flower blooms?
as a tight bud, with its scent lightly, ethereally floral, then opening up a gracious potent and intoxicating smell
I haven’t.
But I sure smelled that kind of scent in you
everytime you reach for my hand in a group
everytime you call my name for an afternoon chat, or a quick bench nap
I smelled that.
I smelled your intoxicating smell
perhaps, that was love
perhaps love

have you seen the butterflies dancing?
have you felt the feel of a snowflake trickle down your nose?
have you smelled the scent of a hyacinth flower?

yes I did
my memories of you
my memories of love
perhaps love

I Don’t Know How My New Year Would Be

I Don’t Know How My New Year Would Be

i don’t know how New Year would be
without striking display of fireworks to see
loud noise signaling a welcome celebration
endless list of what to be’s and what not to be’s new year’s resolution
i don’t know how New Year would be
without singing “Auld Lang Syne” with glee
eating black eyed peas for goodluck
or a mignight kiss honoring a year ahead full of love
but i don’t know how my new year would be without you baby

i wanna thank you baby what a wonderful year it was
i am eternally grateful, you have my deepest thanks
my heart is filled with nothing but respect and appreciation
with so much gratitude so it’s time for celebration
i can never thank you enough for the things that you do for me
your constant effort to make me happy is highly appreciated
but i don’t know how my new year would be without you baby

it felt like I should do something to stop the flow of time and pause
cos i’m afraid time would be unkind to me, to you and to us
’twas the best year i swear, both unprecedented and little ironic
a year that left us speechless, but made us dauntless in panic
but i don’t know how my new year would be without you baby

so i wanna thank you baby and please stay

HAPPY NEW YEAR dear WP friends and poets


who lights you up?


you’re my light
you’re my life
i need you by my side
as i sail on the distraught
troubled water in stride

let’s navigate
steady hands at stake
hearts prepared to brave
biggest storms greatest waves

you’re my light
you’re my life
i need you by my side

it has always been you
my light my life


For Sadje’s WDYS https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2021/12/27/what-do-you-see-114-december-27-2021/

Ode To Siargao (#PoetryFundRaising)

I am joining my fellow Filipino poets/writers in raising funds for the victims of typhoon Odette thru #HopeMatters #poemforacauseph #poetryfundraising

Ode To Siargao

regret filled me in as Odette destroyed your beauty within
you’ve been my dream for many moons and many suns
but i never really get the chance
i wonder if it’s true you’re a tear-dropped shape land
they say you have the post-card perfect spots
you are naturally breathtaking

now i can only imagine, your beauty is it still the same?
you’re only few hours away from where i am with some lay over
but i didn’t push hard enough to see you and make it happen
now i needed to wait for another chance to witness your beauty restored
regret indeed happens in the end

surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters and covered in coconut palm trees
you are no doubt a dream tropical destination for both local and international travelers
and what a local fool i am for not seeing you as tourists take their time
you are our “surfing capital” boasting some of the most influential surf breaks in the world

and with a heart full of regrets i swear to see you once and for all
for i know no amount of super typhoon could destroy you
no amount of disasters, or calamities can topple down the spirits
of those who love and adore you with all their hearts
and i am one being, for i have loved you even from a distance

your beauty is beyond compare and indestructible
together, with the rest of the world i say the sun will shine brightest upon you again
for hope matters even when there is little or even non at all

Note: Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines, recently hit by the super typhoon Odette (Rai)

Ode To The Philippines (#PoemForACausePH)

Ode To The Philippines

oh, my dearest Philippines, your rich and diverse heritage and culture
has made you the young yet dynamic country that you are
Manila is your heart, where the iconic Luneta park is located
it’s a hyperactive city, vibrant and vivacious
with its high temperature and high humidity, we get disconnected
your walls are adorned, screaming for freedom and equality
by these colorful graffitis reflective of the youth’s jubilant spirit
as your hope, says the great Dr. Jose Rizal

i too was once like these youths, yearning for change, simply change
back in the 90’s a young college student, I thought I was
going to be a lawyer defending the poor and the unfortunate
though a greater part of my youth screamed of pen and paper
in Mendiola, I trudged the University belt with a screaming mind
for change, though looking back 25 years after
no slightest idea of how that change may change
and today’s headline reminds me of how we were taught
to write news story straightforward with no running around the bush
it’s a different story now, as COVID 19 hits the headline
running over to more than twelve months
bringing our tally of infected patients to more than twenty thousand and counting

your economy is in jeopardy, it hit rock bottom recently
your exports of agricultural products have halted
not even your over 200 species of mammals and world’s longest discontinuous coastline
could be a remedy to your dying economy
oh, my dearest Philippines, you survived hundred years of Spanish colonization
followed by the Japanese invasion
not to mention the American occupation
you made it through many wars and through many disasters

today, i cry in silence from the farthest distance
i agonize in pain from a far away place
with my heart oh, my heart’s been battered
my heart oh, my heart’s been pounded

as Odette, yes the devastating Odette challenged you with another disaster
together we will stand victorious  for you
even when our eyes become bleak and gloomy
and our soul become dark and stormy

for hope matters, each passing day


i am joining my fellow Filipino poets/writers to raise funds for the victims of the recent super typhoon Odette (Rai) thru #poetryforacauseph #poetryfundraising #hopematters.

if you wish to donate or submit a poem for the live poetry reading kindly leave a comment below i will send you details.

thank you dear WP friends..


“I don’t wanna wait for December
because every day with you is Christmas
you are my Christmas magic.”

Every day with you is new and exciting and mysterious. There is color everywhere red, green, gold, the world is eye candy.

Love, passion, and romance, and there are aplenty everywhere. Couple this with decorations like snowflakes and glittery stars, and it just makes me feel like grabbing your hand.

Lovingly throwing snowballs at each other and making snow angels while star-gazing is indeed a romantic dream. We’ll have to go overseas for this one, or head to a nearby Snow City, or maybe no need at all, we can just revisit our inner child and have a pillow fight instead.

So, baby just sit beside me, let’s build our Christmas tree and fill it up with lights and gifts and decors, then sing me a Christmas carol.

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby, all I want for Christmas is you

I don’t wanna wait for Christmas magic, let’s make it happen.

Your love is my Christmas magic and it is my security blanket.

Nothing can harm me nor anyone can destroy me. Your love is what fills me in, and I am every day in the comfort and security of your loving arms.

So, I don’t wanna wait for December and I don’t wanna wait for Christmas to say
“you are the best Christmas present ever”, then maybe we can kiss under our make–believed mistletoe.

Let’s have a Merry Christmas, every day my love.