Is This How Trust Betrays? #writephoto#worn


Written for Sue:



how much of my generosity has made you

the happiest that you are now?

how much of my kindness has made you

the confident that you are now?

how much of my cheerfulness has made you

the enthusiastic that you are now?

how much of my love has made you

the best that you are now?

you don’t need to say a word

your silence says it all

your achievement says it all

your well – being says it all

but why, oh dear, why

did I become the worn – out,

old – dilapidated steps 




is this how selfish you are?

is this how love ends?

is this how trust betrays?





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I am no angel; I am no saint.
But you made me wanna be one.
I am best at words; worst at logic.
But you made me wanna learn.

You are antithetical of me.
A rundown of what I loath.
You give me tough love.
Expressed sternly.

But as one we loved,

A love that cannot be broken,

Even when we part.




                                      Felt your
                                   Eyes on fire
                       Burned through my veins.
                         The touch of your skin,
                      Encroaching down my chin.
                       I savor your sweet kisses,
                       Zizzling I need to surrender.
              The enduring embrace swept oh dear.
          I longed for each, you’re sweet fondle of care,
            Wanting longer for more, you smile I gaze,
                    Moving gently I sigh like in daze.
                   The words unspoken I know dear.
                        Beating in great resonance,
                              I remembered at once.
                               These and all in there
                                    Sincerely yours
                                          You are


I read a poem written by a very talented Amit Raman, which according to him the form was inspired by another gifted blogger Geetha B (check out their sites too)…. and in return, I was inspired to write in the same form too. Amit and Geetha B, thanks so much for bringing up a very beautiful form like this.

I have been in the blogging world for a while and I am enjoying, at the same time learning a lot…


Hello and Goodbye

We are about to to say goodbye to 2015 and say hello to 2016.

What does hello and goodbye really mean to us? It means that we have to go through painful times – that moment of saying goodbye … moment when we felt pulled apart , moment when we knew the hurt of leaving behind, moment when we felt the emptiness that comes with deep loss… before we even experience the joy of “hello”.

We have been travelling the pattern of hello- goodbye human journey.

As we reflect on our journey over the past year, we too will relieve all of the significant pains we have experienced. Why pain? Human nature tells us that we remember the ones that made us cry… the ones that made us felt lonely and isolated… the ones we thought have caused us troubles…instead of usually remembering the ones that made us joyful.  It is the agonizing pain of remembering that made us move on slowly.  But once we had braved the sadness of goodbyes and understood fully the need to be strong to endure the deep emptiness that we would be able to walk the road of total abandonement. Anytime soon we have to finally face our own agony of 2015.  It may be the agony of finally forgetting that one goodbye kiss you had from a love one who betrayed you- it is a sledgehammer affront to your ego that rips apart your heart but you have to finally bid goodbye to that experience; it could be a goodbye to your most loved job… you were just let go, you were maybe also just fired, you may have also just been apprehended; it could be the last goodbye you had with a family member whi passed away; it could be the pain of the end of a wonderful friendship or relationship; it could be the goodbye of moving to new place and of meeting new friends and of building new realtionships. However bad the experience maybe still you have to just let it go and finally say goodbye to the pain you felt that day it happened. Goodbyes may come in different forms. Some maybe be bad but some goodbyes may also be for the best.

It is in goodbye that we appreciate hello.

2016 will be our next hello. May this be a wonderful and prosperous hello for all of us.

Happy New Year Everyone.



One Summer (David Baldacci)

One Summer

A moment to care…

a day to share…

laughter to spare…

a memory together…

a father, whishing…

A love to celebrate…

a lifetime to partake…

a forever to accumulate…

a recollection to constellate…

a wife, hoping…..

A longing unclear…

a loathing untrue…

a grieving grudge…

a loving sentiment…..

a daughter, missing…

A bid to hold…

a devotion to mold…

a fondness so cold…

a passion so bold…

a son, loving…

A point to reconnect…

a venue to reconcile…

a spot to relieve…

a place to regain…..

a summer, a second chance…


That is basically what the book is all about.  A story of a husband, a wife, a son and a daughter; and that one summer, a second chance in life and love for all of them…

I am a book shopper. I go for the traditional book buying. I love books, the smell of it…the texture …as I gently flip each page while reading. For some time. I have been ignoring this book.. (David, my apology)..well you know.. human as we are..we have our favorites …and we only want to dwell around our comfort zone. Sadly though, I thought the works of David are actually outside my comfort zone. Last month after the super Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines, I was left with nothing to do (since we don’t have electricity..) so I grab a copy of his book from the bookstore (well because I have finished reading the books published and written by those within my comfort zone..) So my mission….read it… to “pass the time ” (again, my apology David)…

I was surprised to see myself not wanting to put down the book. I wanted to finish it…I wanted to savor each word written…

And well..thanks Heaven…i grab a copy of this..this is one of the most well-written novels I’ve ever read…Why?


1. It is visually beautiful

Although books (novels) don’t provide pictures, others will do but very minimal; David was able to create vivid pictures of the scenery in his book, Even if the places in which we will take you were all hypothetically created, still he can bring you exactly to that point.


2. Real – Life insights (reality in fantasy)

This novel actually carries an element of “make-believe”….however, insights were all true- to life or real-life…Something that was not made out of the blue. The wife (Lizzie) for instance believing in heaven when she was a little girl, was presented in such a way that even if you don’t believe in the concept of Heaven, you will somehow reconsider it.

He was able to combine reality and fantasy without having to sacrifice one.


3. He makes you feel better.

The story evolves in a husband’s struggle to fight for his life with his loving wife beside him. Unfortunately for some twisted fate, his wife died of a car – accident while on her way buying for his medicines.

The idea alone of having to lose someone is unbearable much more losing someone who you have been worried upon when you die yourself.  The point is, despite its totally heartbreaking twists of events, he always makes sure you feel better just after a particularly heartbreaking moment. You don’t need to wait for the last page to have a sigh of relief. And then of course at the end of the story, it makes you feel a lot better. It makes you appreciate life even more. It makes you wanna celebrate Christmas every day. It makes you wanna take care of your loved ones even more. It makes you wanna fall in love again. It makes you wanna learn music (if you’re not a fan of music). It makes you wanna go to the beach (even if you are not a fan of the water). It makes you wanna do things for the first time. And above all, it makes you believe in the “Power of Love”…even more

Contrary to some really sad novels when you can’t seem to get over with the emotional impact of the story; this one is different. Other sentimental novels make you feel so sad for even sometimes; this one makes you smile as you flip through the last page.

Next Mission…Book shopping. Absolute Power, Wish you Well… Total Control….all by David Baldacci