Is This How Trust Betrays? #writephoto#worn

Written for Sue: Thursday photo prompt: Worn #writephoto     how much of my generosity has made you the happiest that you are now? how much of my kindness has made you the confident that you are now? how much of my cheerfulness has made you the enthusiastic that you are now? how much of myContinue reading “Is This How Trust Betrays? #writephoto#worn”


I am no angel; I am no saint. But you made me wanna be one. I am best at words; worst at logic. But you made me wanna learn. You are antithetical of me. A rundown of what I loath. You give me tough love. Expressed sternly. But as one we loved, A love thatContinue reading “Antithesis”


                                             I                                       Felt your                      Continue reading “Sincerely”

Hello and Goodbye

We are about to to say goodbye to 2015 and say hello to 2016. What does hello and goodbye really mean to us? It means that we have to go through painful times – that moment of saying goodbye … moment when we felt pulled apart , moment when we knew the hurt of leavingContinue reading “Hello and Goodbye”

One Summer (David Baldacci)

One Summer A moment to care… a day to share… laughter to spare… a memory together… a father, whishing… A love to celebrate… a lifetime to partake… a forever to accumulate… a recollection to constellate… a wife, hoping….. A longing unclear… a loathing untrue… a grieving grudge… a loving sentiment….. a daughter, missing… A bidContinue reading “One Summer (David Baldacci)”