Breathe, I tell myself to breathe
I can’t afford to cry
In front of those who don’t know
The reason why

I lie

About how I feel.

Please don’t be real
Be a figment of my dreams
Don’t have a face

I lie

About what I see
Blinded by the chaos of this city.



In response to NovemberNotes challenge by Sarah of Heartstring Eulogies and Rosema of A Reading Writer


celebrating life in poetry

life as we know it is a migraine-inducing thing (it’s not even a thing)…to celebrate its joys and sorrows, its triumphs and defeats,… it’s amazing….after all, ONE LIFE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world

so …to kick off my day and make my life beautiful as it has always been, I would have (i mean it every day) a cup (a mug….actually) of coffee every morning…but I cannot have cappuccinos at home…you know this thing when you go to Starbucks to get one…non – fat, decaff…less here’s how I miss my cappuccino…



Secrets of silver swirly dreams
moments of silence, frosty screams
stronger visions of soft, sweet, irreplaceable joys.

Remain pure, light, alluring;
beautifully crafted in a whipped snow – white
heavenly cream.

Choco – colored clear reflections
warm, unstirred, floating hopes
sweet, hot bits of serenity
delicious criss-cross fantasies.

lovingly blended by delicate
stored in a cup, freshly designed,
classically adorned.

window panes, soaking with rain
against the ivory painted walls
rhythm blues played again
around cozy, midnight blue couches.

millions of thoughts wondering about
soothing, empowering, mirrorball of the soul.

ahhh! how I longed for my savory cappuccino…


in case your wondering..yes this is true to the one man I always miss;… the man who put butterflies on my stomach, the man who put my heart on my mouth, the man-made me fabled trembling knees….the LOVE OF MY LIFE …my cappuccino…