I Don’t Wanna Wait for Christmas #magic #security

  “I don’t wanna wait for December because every day with you is Christmas you are my Christmas magic. “     Every day with you, is new and exciting and mysterious. There is color everywhere red, green, gold, the world is eye candy. Love, passion and romance, and there’s aplenty everywhere. Couple this withContinue reading “I Don’t Wanna Wait for Christmas #magic #security”

One December Night (etheree)

photo credit: my own   One December Night (etheree) I don’t know how deeply I miss you ’till one December night when bright lights and carols became pitch darkness and noise December without you once more how lonely my nights be over again.

Perfect Christmas Kiss

    I like peanut butter; you  prefer mayo     I eat everything but beef; while you enjoy a meal of steak             And I like quiet dinner together but you said conversation is what makes it better I hate cracking jokes but it is your life I guess      Continue reading “Perfect Christmas Kiss”

One Summer (David Baldacci)

One Summer A moment to care… a day to share… laughter to spare… a memory together… a father, whishing… A love to celebrate… a lifetime to partake… a forever to accumulate… a recollection to constellate… a wife, hoping….. A longing unclear… a loathing untrue… a grieving grudge… a loving sentiment….. a daughter, missing… A bidContinue reading “One Summer (David Baldacci)”

The Guest & Typhoon Yolanda …On Christmas

The Guest & Typhoon Yolanda …On Christmas Typhoon Yolanda hit (and I mean it, really HIT) the Philippines last Nov. 8, 2013. Who never heard of its devastating effects? Who never helped? Who never prayed? Who never cried? Who never mourned? ….We all did…The whole World did…The typhoon brought us all together as one BIGContinue reading “The Guest & Typhoon Yolanda …On Christmas”

Hark the Herald Angel – the musicale

Henry van Dyke said, “Use what talents you possess; the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those who sang the best.” On an ordinary October afternoon, a group of Mazzarellians, after a casting audition, were chosen to play the roles of singing angels for St. Mary Mazzarello School’s first-ever ChristmasContinue reading “Hark the Herald Angel – the musicale”

Shopping Spree

When others travel abroad they are excited about seeing new places…eating new dishes…experiencing new adventures…meeting new people…learning new languages…. (my list could actually go a long long way..) BUT ME? when I travel abroad..(which I always do with my family) I am excited about only one thing…SHOPPING… a hundred colored choices filling my sight inContinue reading “Shopping Spree”