“I don’t wanna wait for December
because every day with you is Christmas
you are my Christmas magic.”

Every day with you is new and exciting and mysterious. There is color everywhere red, green, gold, the world is eye candy.

Love, passion, and romance, and there are aplenty everywhere. Couple this with decorations like snowflakes and glittery stars, and it just makes me feel like grabbing your hand.

Lovingly throwing snowballs at each other and making snow angels while star-gazing is indeed a romantic dream. We’ll have to go overseas for this one, or head to a nearby Snow City, or maybe no need at all, we can just revisit our inner child and have a pillow fight instead.

So, baby just sit beside me, let’s build our Christmas tree and fill it up with lights and gifts and decors, then sing me a Christmas carol.

I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby, all I want for Christmas is you

I don’t wanna wait for Christmas magic, let’s make it happen.

Your love is my Christmas magic and it is my security blanket.

Nothing can harm me nor anyone can destroy me. Your love is what fills me in, and I am every day in the comfort and security of your loving arms.

So, I don’t wanna wait for December and I don’t wanna wait for Christmas to say
“you are the best Christmas present ever”, then maybe we can kiss under our make–believed mistletoe.

Let’s have a Merry Christmas, every day my love.

December Morn’

My Christmas poem “December Morn” is now up in Spillwords as part of their annual tradition “Christmas at Spillwords”. Click this link to read the full poem. And when you’re there please click the heart ❤ button for me .

“the rain danced merrily along with the sun.
like a beautifully performed piano sonata.
upon that day. a Monday our roads foretold a melody
in late summer in early December.”


My Santa Claus

My Santa Claus

giant socks hanging at our window pane. the night before Christmas you asked me “please my little princess Santa’s coming I need your socks hanging before Christmas eve”.

Christmas day, I ran underneath the tree. wanna see how many gifts you had for me, but you said “please, my little princess, check your socks I think Santa dropped by last night”.

Christmas gifts from you were made up, of toys and clothes and I would be disappointed somehow for I want something else. then you’d say “please my little princess check what Santa had for you”.

my giant sock hanging on the windowpane was filled with books and drawing materials, then you said and smiled, “please, my little princess go check carefully if these were exactly what you asked from Santa”.

I was twelve years old. my twelfth Christmas. I stopped hanging socks. you said: “please my little princess bear with Santa, he only drops gifts on the socks of little girls; he will have yours wrapped underneath the Christmas tree”.

that same Christmas day, I ran underneath the tree, the biggest and most beautiful box was for me; then you said “please my little princess read what the card has to say”.

Santa wrote, “this is the beginning of your gifts underneath the Christmas tree, you’re a big girl now my little princess, love, Santa forever”.

it’s been many years and many Christmases Dad. Christmas will never be the same without you. 

My most vivid childhood memory was undoubtedly Christmas. Christmas was always a big event in my family. As a child, my favorite part about Christmas was the presents, food, and family around. Each day my brother would announce the number of days left. As a tradition, on Christmas eve, we would gather for a Christmas dinner.

I would barely sleep throughout the night because at every little noise I would want to get up and catch Santa in the act; although, my parents especially my papa, were very good at hiding his identity and it took me many years to finally catch “Santa”. I was 12. In the morning, when the sun would finally start peaking over Sunrise mountain, my younger brother would run and jump on me in excitement, it was something I looked forward to. My brother made the holidays the best experiences. He would tell me a story on how Santa was just there and how I missed him, then we would proceed to look through our stockings and try to guess what the presents were. The hardest part was trying to wait for my parents to wake up, I would sneak in the room and make little sounds to slightly wake them, without them knowing it was me or on purpose. It took me many years to finally figure out that my papa was Santa, and that they had stayed up all night wrapping and setting up Christmas so, consequently, they were exhausted the day after. Nevertheless, they’d manage to wake up on Christmas day knowing that we will all be enthusiastically waiting for them to say “it’s Christmas day, time to unwrap your gifts”.

How time flies by so fast, I’m no longer a child and of course, I knew who Santa is but he will always be part of my childhood Christmas memory.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my beloved WP friends and a BLESSED 2022.