Dark Clouds #whatdoyousee


with a heart so heavy,

miserable, unhappy

weighed down with grief and sadness

and with a smile so bleak

full of sorrow

gloomy and somber

from a faraway distance

here is wishing you that we are both 

looking at the same dark clouds

in a brighter way

from a different perspective

and different point of view

because even the darkest of clouds

could clear at any minute

and reveal a hundred colored

weightless magically maneuvered

paper bag clouds, drifting under the sun

dancing through the wind

taking flight,

rising above life 


with a heart, so heavy here is wishing you that we are both

looking at the same dark clouds



hot air ballon

for Sadje’s


Without You #writephoto#cloud



I am a lonely

wandering cloud,

in an empty sky 

without you



for Sue’s



my ebook is still available, thank you all to those who pre-ordered and just purchased…my love and gratitude always and forever.


Songs of Love (triple haiku)



Kept among the clouds

Songs of my undying love

Waiting to be sung.

Let the angels sing

In joy, perfect harmony

Songs of love for you.

As you lay in bed

Sleep tight oh, my love so sweet

With my songs of love.