I Miss YOU More

Oblivious of the time and around; I longed for your hold so tight. Your hold that keeps my steady gaze in place. Your hold that once made a better me. Incognizant of how i felt, wanting how much of you i can take. I never imagined it would be this dark without you. the darknessContinue reading “I Miss YOU More”


I am torn to do what I have to. I am saddened by how much that would be. A million times, a thousand moments… I shouldn’t stopped… I shouldn’t cried… In those moments of gloomy days; in those times of darkness… I got you hold out of me. I wanted more, I couldn’t be sure…Continue reading “TOUGHER”

Boredom….How to Get Over it

  Listlessness…restlessness…weariness…. nothing with spark, everything’s dark, all through the park. doldrums in a cold storage provocation…incitation…instigation… ardent affection, deeper passion, greater sensation. fervor love awaiting. Boredom according to Merriam – Webster Dictionary means the state of being weary and restless through lack of interest. Question is… have you been feeling bored lately? I did…Continue reading “Boredom….How to Get Over it”


Waking up every morning is quite a struggle especially if ….well…we’re getting a little older. Waking with a cup of coffee. .latte or cappuccino. .is another thing especially if you go to a fancy coffee shop where you can splurge over gourmet coffees We live in a province. .a little farther from the capital city.Continue reading “Starbucks”

celebrating life in poetry

life as we know it is a migraine-inducing thing (it’s not even a thing)…to celebrate its joys and sorrows, its triumphs and defeats,… it’s amazing….after all, ONE LIFE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world so …to kick off my day and make my life beautiful as it has always been, I would have (iContinue reading “celebrating life in poetry”