eight months in isolationeight monthsand still countingit wasn’t easynever easy at all’twas scary’twas blurryit felt like standing on the edgeyou have no way to gono chance to runno place to hideno one to lean onand you are leftwith no one and nothingnothingbut the edgeso you learn to keep stillkeep stillamidst chaos and turmoilall through theContinue reading “Still”

Who Murders Halloween #spillwordshalloween

It wasn’t long ago that trick or treatingwas so much fun, where kids gather hangingaround the streets with their specialized masks oncreatively made by their doting moms for this occasionas their annoyed dads yelled over and complainedof a burnt cupcake in the oven or a dish uncooked read more… Who Murders Halloween?

Because You Love

I found the most brilliant starsthe gloriously bright sunshineand the boldest colors of rainbowsin your eyes, in your smileand in all that you do you are my loveliest melody,my sweetest poetryand my warmest story you glow, you shinebecause you lovecompletely P.S. Let’s pause for a moment and think of our loved ones amidst the chaosContinue reading “Because You Love”