come sit with me
let’s talk
of how ’twas when
God seemed to rectify
the universe
the world stopped
colors changed
air didn’t move
sky was empty
sounds were muted
everything was the same
yet different

then, a new dawn came
the colors we see are vibrant
the air we breath is fresher
the sky is filled with joyful birds flying
the sounds we hear are hymns
of love and affection
and you can come sit with me

everything is the same
yet different

NaPowriMo Day 13

And now, on to our (optional) prompt. Today’s prompt comes from the Instagram account of Sundress Publications, which posts a writing prompt every day, all year long. This one is short and sweet: write a poem in the form of a news article you wish would come out tomorrow.

I would like to be a rebel poet today, as I will be reposting the poem I wrote and was published in the June 2020 edition of WomasWord Magazine; Imagining Life After Covid-19, because if there is anything I want the news to be right now, it would be about the end of the global pandemic.

Women In The Outbreak Of A Global Pandemic (Part 2 – IWD 2021)

The Perak Women for Women Society has played a vital role in shaping and molding the well-being of girls and women around Perak ( and in as far as their advocacy can reach). With the outbreak of a global pandemic, PWW once again proved to the people of Perak (Malaysia), that they are truly capable of helping women not only in terms of their struggles and battles but even when they combat the effects of Covid – 19.

PWW has made several remarkable and successful projects over the years to help victims of abuse and violence.

PWW is composed of amazing women who devoted their time and services for free to serve and help.

With Covid – 19, PWW launched its newest project last August 2020 called the “Food Pantry program”,”, which aimed to provide necessities to families affected by the outbreak of a global pandemic. PWW co-founder Yip Siew Keen said the organization had been deluged with calls from the people asking for help following the MCO.

They formed a committee, led by their president Sumathi Sivamany.
It started with perishable food, dry food, and toiletries. Until donations came pouring in that they slowly made additional items in the food pantry.
As long as there are donations, the program, will continue. PWW welcomes the donation of items such as rice, biscuits, bread, spices, cooking oil, milk powder, and dried goods.
The PWW shop is located at Market Street in Ipoh. For details, contact PWW at 011-65569715.

Amidst COVID – 19, PWW stood still, stronger as ever.

PWW is just an example of empowered women, facing Covid – 19 bravely.

As we celebrate Women’s Day, let us take a moment to salute the courageous women in our lives; our mothers, our sisters, our friends, our cousins, our aunts, our relatives, our lady government officials, and with Covid – 19, a double salute to our brave women frontliners – doctors, nurses, medical staff and our police officers.

How have women coped so far?

With a surge in the number of domestic violence cases and other forms of violence on women during the lockdown, women around the world are compelled to come up with the necessary guidelines to survive the abuse of any form.

Victims of abuse typically go through life feeling isolated, powerless, and hopeless. Victims need to know that they may be suffering through undue violence, but they are not alone. There are various ways that a victim can reach out for support and seek help, and their answer for relief is very near.

The immediate and first response that is always suggested to women experiencing abuse in their homes, or their workplace, or even individual instances of assault or abuse is to REPORT IT to the concerned authorities. While this is a difficult step to take, in the scenario that abuse is threatening the safety, security and is dangerous to the life of the women and children involved- the highest recommendation is to report the abuse.

Staying healthy amidst the lockdown is also another great concern, and it does not only mean having a gym membership. Women can think about some ways; they can adopt to help themselves feel rejuvenated, fresh, and calm.

They can follow a healthy diet, r, read the FACTS of COVID-19 and remain safe at this time.

They can also start and practice meditation and mindfulness to move their body, staying active helps to refocus their body and mind.

Women can also find ways to be connected and in touch with their friends, relatives, and everyone else outside their homes. Connection with others is essential to their well-being.

Many of them are feeling the effects of social distancing. They can list people who they can call, text, video chat, or write now and then. They can use technology like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or other video calling platforms. This can give them face-to-face time and can help maintain or strengthen relationships.

Together, we can!!!

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!!!

(photos from PWW FB page)




eight months in isolation
eight months
and still counting
it wasn’t easy
never easy at all
’twas scary
’twas blurry
it felt like standing on the edge
you have no way to go
no chance to run
no place to hide
no one to lean on
and you are left
with no one and nothing
but the edge
so you learn to keep still
keep still
amidst chaos and turmoil
all through the roaring thunder
and all through the rising tide
keep still
hold on
hush now

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Who Murders Halloween #spillwordshalloween

Who Murders Halloween? poetry by Michelle Ayon Navajas at
My Halloween poem out now in Spillwords

It wasn’t long ago that trick or treating
was so much fun, where kids gather hanging
around the streets with their specialized masks on
creatively made by their doting moms for this occasion
as their annoyed dads yelled over and complained
of a burnt cupcake in the oven or a dish uncooked

read more…

Who Murders Halloween?

Because You Love


I found the most brilliant stars
the gloriously bright sunshine
and the boldest colors of rainbows
in your eyes, in your smile
and in all that you do

you are my loveliest melody,
my sweetest poetry
and my warmest story

you glow, you shine
because you love


Let’s pause for a moment and think of our loved ones amidst the chaos and drama of the pandemic.