How Much More?

you lost your voice

in the roaring thunder

of his growing ego

as you lost your consciousness

under his vicious hands.

how much more of that sound do you need to bear,

deaf in the truth of torture and agony?

you lost your mind

with every scornful tone

from the blast

of his nasty outrage

and abomination.

how much more of the mockery do you need to take,

to run away and seek help?

you lost your glow

for every word

he utters is a knife

that cuts off the very essence

of your being

how much more of that smile will you hold,

to unfold the truth that you are suffering silently?


A poem included in my book “After Rain Skies”. I cannot think of any other piece fitted to the photo of Sadje for this week’s WDY, but this one.

The agony, the pain, the hurt and the hopelessness of an abused woman is so evident … so much so that it transcends beyond the photograph.

Let this be a reminder … a reminder to take part and help stop the culture of abuse and violence.

Six Months After

“you are beautiful amidst adversaries,

you are resilient amidst tragedies.”

it has been over six months since I last held your hands and kissed you goodnight; it was the longest six months of our lives. others have succumbed to the tragedy, a tragedy no man would ever wish to go through. a tragedy I never even thought I’d witnessed in this lifetime.

the world stopped.

in a snap of a finger and a blink of an eye, everything changed.

but you my dear never changed. you remained humble, resilient, and loving.

you never complained when everyone was complaining. you never rant when everyone was mad. you never questioned when everyone was in doubt.

you remained calm, even in chaos. you remained brave in the presence of fear.

you smiled when everyone else wasn’t.

you were grateful even when the whole world thought there is nothing to be thankful about.

you have kept your composure, your faith and, your cheerfulness.

my child, you possess an everlasting beauty – not even time nor old age can take away.

six months after, here we are my child with tears in our eyes and smiles on our faces – back in each other’s arms.

you are now back in my loving arms. your safest place. your greatest comfort.

for Kate and Eugi’s Weekley Challenge

I will also link this post to Sadje’s Weekly Challenge

We know that Baby pandas are amazingly small. Each cub weighs only about 3 ½ ounces (100 grams) at birth. And because of that, a panda mother must carry her baby around very gently and take care of it until it is big enough to move around on its own. Pandas are known for being very careful and protective mothers. I suppose with such tiny babies, they have to be! Just like a panda mom, I too was very protective of my children. I resigned from my job and took care of them full time. And for the longest time, I was always by their side. I was on a constant guard of them; on everything and anything – until pandemic happens. We were separated for a long while and yes, I was devastated and worried at first. Devastated, because I never thought, something terrible as the pandemic could happen and separate us. Worried, because I was never away from them for so long. But lo, and behold! I must have done something great for raising my children. I never thought they could actually live independently on their own ( without complaints). I never imagined they’d be able to feed themselves on their own ( without me having to prepare their meals. And I also never imagined they remain calm and joyful and optimistic (amidst the distance). The pandemic has made me the proudest mother that I am today. I raised mentally and emotionally stable daughters. They are generally happy children and they chose to remain the same.

Now, I am just like a panda mom. My then kids were like newborn pandas who cry for milk now and then in between feedings, a panda mother will rarely put her baby down. When sitting, the mother holds the tiny creature in her paw. When she is on the move, she carries the baby gently in her mouth. I was like that. But now with the pandemic, I realized my daughters have grown up just like panda cubs; the moment they learn to walk on their own panda mom, allows them to freely explore the world around them. 

My children are now ready to explore the world freely on their own. 


“You melt my heart in
A way no else has.”

It’s amazing how a single word can change a single thought, and a single word can melt a heart.

But you, my love, without a doubt, don’t need to say a word to change my mind or melt my heart.
Your presence is more than enough.

The smoothness of your arms tickled me; your strong jaw mesmerized me and, your broad shoulders made me feel so secured.

“You melt my heart in
A way no else has.”

for Sadje’s

The World As We Know It #whatdoyousee

i walk through the midst

of white fitted jungle

bone -dry, moisture less

desert land stretching eternally

for miles and miles

the intense heat of the sun

blazes on me, as the

blue sky watches me down,

time stood still

feeling the only

creature with heart beating

upon the heat,

i felt the warmth

of the world enveloping

my being,

i walk alone

alone no more.

the world as we know

may have turned into a desert,

barren, dull, dreary

bare, arid and dry

but with our hearts beating collectively as one,

one humanity, one soul

one spirit, one hope,

one love

the world as we know it

will be just right back


written for Sadje’s

Love Dance #whatdoyousee

how do you tell time,

in seconds, in minutes, in hours?

for when you move, it is of no essence

you can speed up and slow down

and in between, time stops

my breathing stops

I watch you in awe, in admiration

time stops.


I fall in love.


how do you move through space,

in specific lines, and specific space?

I can barely follow-through

as your body motions in perfection

I watch you in awe, in admiration

time stops.


I fall in love.


how do you exhibit force

in smooth and sharp movements

for you are strong even in

lightweight steps 

you tiptoed still, in precision

I watch you in awe, in admiration

time stops.


I fall in love.

with you.

over and over

in time, in space, and in full force

I love you

as I love you move your body

in harmony

with time, with space and with force.


For Sadje’s What Do You See?