It’s Been Ten Years

how does one forget a love so real, so pure so endearing? the kind only you, and you alone can give? tell me as I struggle to understand, I struggle to accept I struggle to move on tell me how do I start over? it’s been years, 10 years to be exact and they sayContinue reading “It’s Been Ten Years”

I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Know

nothing beats the painof you leavingand me grievingwithout knowing whywhy? because you leftyou simply walked awayno wordsno goodbyesnothing at alland it hurtsi wanted to curse youhate you, and be mad at youdamn it! didn’t i deserve to know?didn’t i deserve to walk you through,all through the days of your painof your agony and of yourContinue reading “I’m Sorry, I Didn’t Know”