I Died a Sudden Death

      i used to be the only one people are usually afraid of i carry on with me for centuries viruses that kill hundreds of people children and old alike rich or poor science has found a cure for one of the viruses i carried but little did they know i was upContinue reading “I Died a Sudden Death”

My Saga Continuous Part 2

The afternoon train ride, reminds me of the young boys and girls  who are victims of abuse and violence. Once again, my heart bleeds and my words came pouring down.   Mama, I Remember   I was young and innocent didn’t know what’s goin’ on but i heard him call you a whore for wearingContinue reading “My Saga Continuous Part 2”

Summer on a Rainy Day

  Not long after you were born summer arrives, flowers bloom as nature prepares itself for a month long of sunshine…. You are dependable, friendly and happier than others; “the happier you are the more joy you will share with the world around you” that’s what you always say. You never wanna be famous orContinue reading “Summer on a Rainy Day”

In the Silence of my Heart

In the silence of my heart and from a distance my prayer today goes out to a really dear friend who’s son passed away. “Every man’s life ends the same way. It is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another.” ―Ernest Hemingway

Goodbye Zoe (Poem for Zoe )

Originally posted on michnavs:
I have a very heartbreaking story to tell. My youngest daughter who is 12 years old has a bestfriend of 6 years. Her name is Zoe. Zoe has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer (yes a 12 year old girl with an ovarian cancer).. she underwent surgery last February 2016. Unfortunately, her…

That Summer Morning

That Summer Morning On a cold summer morning I got my phone ringing. Thinking twas a prank I ignored and stared at a blank. A return call message i received I dialed, hoping i am not deceived. I heard someone on the other line Sobbing, crying, weeping in thine. “He’s gone”, was all i canContinue reading “That Summer Morning”