Family: To Be or Not To Be

Family: To Be or Not To Be

i am part of the DNA that binds a family together
but a huge part of me is not connected though
a father i have not really from the same blood
but had me as his own ’till his dying dawn
a mother i have not the one who carried me into her womb
but loved me as her own even in days i am doomed
siblings i have, no binding DNA’s attached
but adored me as nobody else’ did
as you can see we can be family
minus the scientific description
of what a family should be.

A family isn’t limited to parents and their biological children. The word “family” is a big word. It covers many other types of loving Families who are closely bound by their love and concern for one another.

Some families have one parent—either a mom or a dad. Some have both a mom and a dad. Others have two moms or two dads.

Some kids live in families with foster parents. They care for children when their biological parents cannot. Other parents choose to adopt children to love and care for.

Lots of people consider good friends to be part of their family.
Family members are often close. They feel they can depend on one another for caring guidance and support.

For David’s Weekly Prompt


what does it really take, to be a family?

a mother?

a father?

a sister?

or a brother?

will that single scientific bond called DNA be enough?

or is it a requirement?

but what happens when apart  from that scientific bond called DNA

nothing binds you anymore?

what if that basic molecule contains nothing but the instructions an individual needs?

to develop? 

to live?

we need more than just DNA to belong

there is the need for someone to be loved unconditionally in spite of

there is the need for someone  be valued and cherished when things are not easy

to belong, to be one, that is family; for life, our forever, our promise