you’re the one
who crippled me
‘cos my choices
my ideas
my dreams
my hopes
were never
ever good
enough for you
not even
the simplest
color of my nails
to the most
house decor
so, yeah
it’s all on you
you’re always
the one
the only

but i tell you
gone are those
days when men
rule the world
when husbands
have more power
than wives
when men are
the only voice
when their minds
bear the
sovereign truth
when men
are given
ample rights
and opportunities
than women.


For David’s Weekly Prompt:

Ehsan’s Story


Some people would say that children bear the consequences of their parents’ actions. Those people would be wrong. Children are the consequences of their parents’ actions. Everything they become is a direct result of everything their parents have done.

Ehsan had both of his parents growing up. This wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

From one of them, Ehsan learned cruelty. From the other, martyrdom. Watching them together taught him from a very young age that sometimes tearing a family apart is the only way to save the people in it. That, even so, there are people who would rather suffer every day than leave behind their children to break all alone.


And that there were children who, no matter how much pain they received in the past, managed to teach themselves to never give the same pain back to its source.


The last one Ehsan learned from himself.


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I salute all the wonderful MOMS for patiently and painstakingly providing and making a home where good people can grow.

And as we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us remember and include in our prayers, the children who were not lucky enough to have mothers and who are victims of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE